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Works of Charles and Mary Lamb. VI-VII. Letters
Charles Lamb to William Hazlitt, 2 October 1811

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DEAR Hazlitt,

I cannot help accompanying my sister’s congratulations to Sarah with some of my own to you on this happy occasion of a man child being born—

Delighted Fancy already sees him some future rich alderman or opulent merchant; painting perhaps a little in his leisure hours for amusement like the late H. Bunbury, Esq.

Pray, are the Winterslow Estates entailed? I am afraid lest the young dog when he grows up should cut down the woods, and leave no groves for widows to take their lonesome solace in. The Wem Estate of course can only devolve on him, in case of your brother leaving no male issue.

Well, my blessing and heaven’s be upon him, and make him like his father, with something a better temper and a smoother head of hair, and then all the men and women must love him.

Martin and the Card-boys join in congratulations. Love to Sarah. Sorry we are not within Caudle-shot.

C. Lamb.

If the widow be assistant on this notable occasion, give our due respects and kind remembrances to her.