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Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, Bart.
Walter Scott to John Ballantyne, 24 July [1813]

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Chapter II 1771-78
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Chapter IV 1783-86
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“Abbotsford, Saturday, 24th July.
“Dear John,

“I sent you the order, and have only to hope it arrived safe and in good time. I waked the boy at three o’clock myself, having slept little, less on account of the money than of the time. Surely you should have written, three or four days before, the probable amount of the deficit, and, as on former occasions, I would have furnished you with means of meeting it.

* Mrs Thomas Scott had met Burns frequently in early life at Dumfries. Her brother, the late Mr David MacCulloch, was a great favourite with the poet, and the best singer of his songs that I ever heard.

These expresses, besides every other inconvenience, excite surprise in my family and in the neighbourhood. I know no justifiable occasion for them but the unexpected return of a bill. I do not consider you as answerable for the success of plans, but I do and must hold you responsible for giving me, in distinct and plain terms, your opinion as to any difficulties which may occur, and that in such time that I may make arrangements to obviate them if possible.

“Of course if any thing has gone wrong you will come out here to-morrow. But if, as I hope and trust, the cash arrived safe, you will write to me, under cover to the Duke of Buccleuch, Drumlanrig Castle, Dumfries-shire. I shall set out for that place on Monday morning early.

W. S.”