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The “Pope” of Holland House
John Whishaw to Thomas Smith, 6 April 1816

Chapter I: 1813
Chapter II: 1814
Chapter III: 1815
Chapter IV: 1816
Chapter V: 1817
Chapter VI: 1818
Chapter VII: 1819
Chapter VIII: 1820
Chapter IX: 1821
Chapter X: 1822
Chapter XI: 1824-33
Chapter XII: 1833-35
Chapter XIII: 1806-40
Chapter XIV: Appendix
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April 6, 1816.

The Princess Charlotte’s household is said to be arranged. The appointments have all been made at Carlton House. The Duchess Dowager of Leeds is supposed to be at the head, Lady Jane Thynne and Lady Emily Murray, Ladies of the Bedchamber, Colonel Addenbrooke and Mr. Percy (son of Lord Lovaine), the male attendants. I do not suppose that this will interest you; but perhaps some of your neighbours may be pleased with this Court gossip. The country residence is a great house of Sir Joseph Mawbey’s in Surrey,1 unpleasantly situated, not far from St. Anne’s Hill and Lord King’s, but there is to be a strict charge against receiving Opposition visitors. How long this injunction will be observed must be considered very doubtful. Already some marks of ill-temper have appeared. They are not to have the Royal liveries, but those of Saxe-Coburg. The title of Duke of Kendal has been declined by the young prince, on the ground that he

1 The proposed purchase of this house was dropped.

does not wish to interfere or commit himself in politics, which an English peerage would make it necessary for him to do. This is very sensible, and seems to show that the Princess has some good secret adviser.