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Astarte: a Fragment of Truth
Augusta Leigh to Lady Byron, 22 June [1816]

I. Byron Characteristics
II. Three Stages of Lord Byron’s Life
III. Manfred
IV. Correspondence of Augusta Byron
V. Anne Isabella Byron
VI. Lady Byron’s Policy of Silence
VII. Informers and Defamers
VIII. “When We Dead Awake”
IX. Lady Byron and Mrs. Leigh (I)
X. Lady Byron and Mrs. Leigh (II)
XI. Byron and Augusta
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6 Mile Bottom. Saturday June 22 (1816).2
My dear Annabella

Your letter is very acceptable—& more like comfort than any thing in any shape I have had this long time—for one word of kindness from you is I assure you of more value than many from others—I rejoice to hear so good an acct of dear little A—— has she more than the 2 teeth of which I heard from Lady Noel? I wish you could tell me anything as favourable of your own health. [Here comes a long passage about her children’s health and her domestic troubles.—Ed.] Now my dear A— here is a sheet of paper as usual full of

1 See Appendix D.

2 All Mrs. Leigh’s letters are endorsed with full dates by Lady Byron.

myself—Of course you received my answer to yr last—since which I have written you 3 others—all unsent—& all my hope & wish is to see you once more—I fancied my last letter might perhaps appear written pettishly—& to you I could not bear the thought of this—so I intended to have dispatched one today if only to say that I was persuaded you thought you were acting right by me & that even considering what you must think of me I owe you gratitude—putting the present out of the question—yr past kindness can never be forgotten—perhaps—& I earnestly hope it—that as I have often told you you once thought too well of me, you may some day discover you now think too ill—God bless you my dear

Ever yr grateful & affte
A. L.

If I am not alone don’t allude to this subject as I wd not add such a grievance to those which already abound.