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In Whig Society 1775-1818
Lady Melbourne to Daniel Giles, MP, September 1811

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Sepr. 1811.

Ever since I have been informed of the discussion, for I will not call it dispute, going on between you & Wm. respecting St. Albans, it has been my determination to keep myself entirely aloof & not to give any opinion on the subject—but since you have chosen to bring me forward in yr. last letter to William I think it only fair to state to you what I must say to anyone who questions me, respecting the compliments you say I paid you upon yr. great strength & great popularity at St. Albans. I must in fairness answer that I have not the least recollection of having done so. I don’t mean to say that it is
not true, because I now think it very probable that you may recall it to my memory by some circumstances connected with it, but really at the present I cannot remember it or anything like it. [“& I have been in the way of knowing so little about St. Albans except from you”—struck out] that it appears odd to me how such a fact [“circumstance” “the only thing”—struck out]. The last time I recollect having mentioned St. Albans to you was when I told you that I had heard you found fault with Jedmund [?] having given voters an Election Dinner, & yr. answer to me was that it was a difficult thing to do as some of those who thought they had a right to partake of it, were not thought proper company for the others & I [“then” struck out] sd. then you ought to give two dinners. I mention this as the only thing I can remember except that at the time of the Election you often stated tht. you had no intention of making an interest for yourself, & that what you were then doing William would profit by at some time, & you never have since yt. hinted to me that you had changed your intentions in this respect. This last part I have mentioned to no-one [“but yourself” struck out] but I thought it fair to tell you what I must say if I am in any way referr’d to. I hate any dispute & hope you will both settle this amicably.