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Memoirs of the Rev. Samuel Parr


Ch. I. 1747-1752
Ch. II. 1752-1761
Ch. III. 1761-1765
Ch. IV. 1765-1766
Ch. V. 1767-1771
Ch. VI. 1771
Ch. VII. 1771-1776
Ch. VIII. 1771-1776
Ch. IX. 1776-1777
Ch. X. 1779-1786
Ch. XI. 1779-1786
Ch. XII. 1779-1786
Ch. XIII. 1780-1782
Ch. XIV. 1786-1789
Ch. XV. 1786-1790
Ch. XVI. 1776-1790
Ch. XVII. 1787
Ch. XVIII. 1789
Ch. XIX. 1790-1792
Ch. XX. 1791-1792
Ch. XXI. 1791-1796
Ch. XXII. 1794-1795
Ch. XXIII. 1794
Ch. XXIV. 1794-1800
Ch. XXV. 1794-1800
Ch. XXVI. 1800-1803
Ch. XXVII. 1801-1803
Ch. XXVIII. 1800-1807
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Ch I. 1800-1807
Ch II. 1807-1810
Ch III. 1809
Ch IV. 1809-1812
Ch V. 1810-1813
Ch VI. 1811-1815
Ch VII. 1812-1815
Ch VIII. 1816-1820
Ch IX. 1816-1820
Ch X. 1816-1820
Ch XI. 1816-1820
Ch XII. 1816-1820
Ch XIII. 1816-1820
Ch XIV. 1819
Ch XV. 1820-1821
Ch XVI. 1816-1820
Ch XVII. 1820-1824
Ch XVIII. 1820-1824
Ch XIX. 1820-1824
Ch XX. 1820-1825

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Bagshaw, Edward, Dissertationes duæ anti-Socinianæ.
Volume II,  Ch XXI.  ¶ n2
Bagot, Lewis, bishop of St Asaph, A Charge delivered to the Clergy at the Primary Visitation of Lewis, Lord Bishop of Norwich, MDCCLXXXIV.
Volume I,  Ch. XXI. 1791-1796  ¶ n2
Baillet, Adrien, Auteurs deguisez. Sous des noms etrangers; empruntez, supposez, feints à plaisir, chiffrez, renversez, retournez, ou changez d'une langue en une autre.
Volume I,  Ch. XV. 1786-1790  ¶ n1
Baker, Henry, Medulla Poetarum Romanorum, or, the most Beautiful and Instructive Passages of the Roman Poets.
Volume I,  Ch. II. 1752-1761  ¶ n1
Barker, Edmund Henry, Thesaurus graecae linguae ab H. Stephano constructus.
Volume II,  Ch X. 1816-1820  ¶ 8
Volume II,  Ch XXIV.  ¶ 11
Baron, Richard, The Pillars of Priestcraft and Orthodoxy Shaken.
Volume I,  Ch. XXVIII. 1800-1807  ¶ n2
Beadon, Richard, bishop of Bath and Wells, A Sermon preached before the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, in the Abbey Church of St. Peter, Westminster, on Friday, April 19, 1793.
Volume I,  Ch. XIII. 1780-1782  ¶ n1
Bell, William, An Attempt to ascertain and illustrate the Authority, Nature and Design of the Institution of Christ commonly called the Communion and the Lord's supper.
Volume I,  Ch. XI. 1779-1786  ¶ n1
Bellenden, William, Ciceronis consul, senator, senatúsq romanus: Illustratus publici obseruatione iuris, grauissimi vsus disciplina, administrandi temperata ratione: notatis inclinationibus temporum in rep. & actis rerum in senatu.
Volume I,  Ch. XVII. 1787  ¶ 2
Bellenden, William, Ciceronis Princeps, rationes et consilia bene gerendi firmandique imperii: ex iis repetita, quae ex Ciceronianis defluxere fontibus: in libros 16 de statu rerum Rom., qui nondum lucem acceperunt.
Volume I,  Ch. XVII. 1787  ¶ 2
Bellenden, William, De statu prisci orbis in religione, re politica.
Volume I,  Ch. XVII. 1787  ¶ 2
Bellenden, William, De statu libri tres.
Volume I,  Ch. XVII. 1787  ¶ 2
Volume I,  Ch. XVII. 1787  ¶ 8
Volume I,  Ch. XVII. 1787  ¶ n1
Bellenden, William, De tribus luminibus Romanorum libri sexdecim.
Volume I,  Ch. XVII. 1787  ¶ 5
Volume I,  Ch. XVII. 1787  ¶ 9
Volume I,  Ch. XVII. 1787  ¶ 12
Volume I,  Ch. XVII. 1787  ¶ n1
Beloe, William, Anecdotes of Literature and Scarce Books.
Volume II,  Ch XXII.  ¶ 25
Beloe, William, The Attic Nights of Aulus Gellius.
Volume II,  Ch XXII.  ¶ 25
Beloe, William, A Free Translation of the Preface to Bellendenus, containing Animated Strictures on the Great Political Characters of the Present Time.
Volume I,  Ch. XVII. 1787  ¶ n1
Beloe, William, The History of Herodotus, translated from the Greek, with Notes.
Volume II,  Ch XXII.  ¶ 25
Beloe, William, The Sexagenarian; or, the Recollections of a Literary Life.
Volume I,  Ch. VII. 1771-1776  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. VII. 1771-1776  ¶ n2
Volume I,  Ch. VII. 1771-1776  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. VII. 1771-1776  ¶ n4
Volume I,  Ch. VIII. 1771-1776  ¶ n3
Volume I,  Ch. XXII. 1794-1795  ¶ n1
Volume II,  Ch XXII.  ¶ 17
Volume II,  Ch XXII.  ¶ 25
Volume II,  Ch XXII.  ¶ n4
Volume II,  Ch XXII.  ¶ n1
Volume II,  Ch XXII.  ¶ n1
Volume II,  Ch XXII.  ¶ n1
Volume II,  Ch XXII.  ¶ n1
Volume II,  Ch XXIII.  ¶ 17
Volume II,  Ch XXIII.  ¶ n1
Volume II,  Ch XXIII.  ¶ n1
Belsham, Thomas, The Epistles of Paul the Apostle translated, with an Exposition and Notes.
Volume I,  Ch. XIX. 1790-1792  ¶ 20
Volume I,  Ch. XIX. 1790-1792  ¶ n1
Belsham, Thomas, Letters addressed to the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of London, in Vindication of the Unitarians from the Allegations of His Lordship in the Charge delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of London at His Lordship's Primary Visitation.
Volume I,  Ch. XIX. 1790-1792  ¶ 21
Bentley, Richard, A Dissertation upon the Epistles of Phalaris, Themistocles, Socrates, Euripides, and others, and the Fables of Æsop.
Volume I,  Ch. XII. 1779-1786  ¶ 31
Bentley, RichardBurney the younger, Charles, Richardi Bentleii et doctorum virorum Epistolæ: partim mutuæ.
Volume II,  Ch XIII. 1816-1820  ¶ 15
Best, Henry Digby, “Conversations of Paley, communicated by the author of Four Years in France” in New Monthly Magazine.
Volume I,  Ch. XIV. 1786-1789  ¶ n1
Birch, Thomas, The Life of the most Reverend Dr. John Tillotson, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. Compiled chiefly from his Original Papers and Letters.
Volume I,  Ch. XIX. 1790-1792  ¶ n2
Blomefield, Francis, An Essay towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk.
Volume I,  Ch. X. 1779-1786  ¶ n2
Boerhaave, Herman, Aphorisms concerning the Knowledge and Cure of Diseases.
Volume I,  Ch. I. 1747-1752  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. III. 1761-1765  ¶ n1
Boswell, James, The Life of Samuel Johnson.
Volume I,  Ch. XII. 1779-1786  ¶ 32
Volume I,  Ch. XII. 1779-1786  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. XII. 1779-1786  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ n3
Bowyer, William, Conjectures on the New Testament collected from Various Authors, as well in regard to Words as Pointing: with the Reasons on which both are founded.
Volume I,  Ch. VIII. 1771-1776  ¶ n3
Bramhall, John, archbishop of Armagh, Bishop Bramhall's Vindication of himself and the Episcopal Clergy, from the Presbyterian Charge of Popery, as it is managed by Mr. Baxter in his Treatise of the Grotian Religion.
Volume II,  Ch XXI.  ¶ 35
Brokesby, Francis, An History of the Government of the Primitive Church: for the Three First Centuries, and the Beginning of the Fourth.
Volume I,  Ch. I. 1747-1752  ¶ n1
Brokesby, Francis, The Life of Mr Henry Dodwell: with an Account of his Works, and an Abridgment of them that are published, and of Several of his Manuscripts.
Volume I,  Ch. I. 1747-1752  ¶ 1
Volume I,  Ch. I. 1747-1752  ¶ n2
Bromley, William, Remarks in the Grand Tour of France and Italy. Perform'd by a Person of Quality.
Volume II,  Ch XVI. 1816-1820  ¶ n1
Brougham, Henry Peter, first baron Brougham and Vaux, “Junius” in Edinburgh Review.
Volume II,  Ch XIII. 1816-1820  ¶ 23
Brown, John, Essays on the Characteristics.
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ n2
Browne, Sir Thomas, Religio medici.
Volume II,  Ch XI. 1816-1820  ¶ 1
Brown, Thomas, Lectures on the Philosophy of the Human Mind.
Volume II,  Ch XIV. 1819  ¶ 19
Brown, Thomas, Observations on the Nature and Tendency of the Doctrine of Mr. Hume, concerning the Relation of Cause and Effect.
Volume II,  Ch XIV. 1819  ¶ 19
Burges, George, Aeschyli, quae supersunt, fabulae et fragmenta: Eumenides.
Volume II,  Ch VIII. 1816-1820  ¶ n1
Burges, George, Æschyli quae supersunt: Fabulæ et fragmenta supplices.
Volume II,  Ch VIII. 1816-1820  ¶ n1
Burges, George, The Son of Erin, or the Cause of the Greeks. A Play in Five Acts.
Volume II,  Ch X. 1816-1820  ¶ 28
Burney the younger, Charles, Tentamen de metris ab Aeschylo in choricis cantibus adhibitis.
Volume II,  Ch XIII. 1816-1820  ¶ 15
Volume II,  Ch XIII. 1816-1820  ¶ n1
Burgess, Thomas, bishop of Salisbury, The Divinity of Christ, proved from his own Declarations, attested and interpreted by his Living Witnesses, the Jews: a Sermon preached before the University of Oxford at St. Peter's, February XXVIII, MDCCXC.
Volume I,  Ch. XIX. 1790-1792  ¶ n2
Burke, Edmund, A Letter from the Rt. Honourable Edmund Burke to His Grace the Duke of Portland on the Conduct of the Minority in Parliament: containing Fifty-four Articles of Impeachment against the Rt. Hon. C. J. Fox.
Volume II,  Ch III. 1809  ¶ 21
Burke, Edmund, Reflections on the Revolution in France, and on the Proceedings in certain Societies in London relative to that Event. In a Letter intended to have been sent to a Gentleman in Paris.
Volume I,  Ch. XX. 1791-1792  ¶ 10
Volume I,  Ch. XX. 1791-1792  ¶ 12
Butler, Charles, Reminiscences of Charles Butler, Esq., of Lincoln's-Inn.
Volume I,  Ch. VIII. 1771-1776  ¶ n2
Volume I,  Ch. IX. 1776-1777  ¶ n2
Volume I,  Ch. XI. 1779-1786  ¶ n1
Volume II,  Ch II. 1807-1810  ¶ n1
Volume II,  Ch XI. 1816-1820  ¶ 11
Volume II,  Ch XI. 1816-1820  ¶ n1
Volume II,  Ch XIII. 1816-1820  ¶ n1
Volume II,  Ch XIII. 1816-1820  ¶ n1
Volume II,  Ch XVII. 1820-1824  ¶ n1
Volume II,  Ch XXI.  ¶ n1
Volume II,  Ch XXI.  ¶ n3
Volume II,  Ch XXI.  ¶ n1
Butler, George, “Beloe's Sexagenarian” in Monthly Review.
Volume II,  Ch XXII.  ¶ n2
Volume II,  Ch XXII.  ¶ n1
Volume II,  Ch XXII.  ¶ n2
Butler, Joseph, bishop of Durham, The Analogy of Religion, Natural and Revealed, to the Constitution and Course of Nature.
Volume I,  Ch. XIII. 1780-1782  ¶ 3
Butler, Samuel, bishop of Lichfield, Sermon preached in the Church of Hatton, near Warwick, at the Funeral of the Rev. Samuel Parr, LL.D., in obedience to his own Request, March 14, 1825, etc..
Volume II,  Ch XXI.  ¶ n1
Byron, George Gordon, sixth Baron Byron, Childe Harold's Pilgrimage: a Romaunt.
Volume II,  Ch X. 1816-1820  ¶ 29