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William Field:
Memoirs of the Rev. Samuel Parr


Ch. I. 1747-1752
Ch. II. 1752-1761
Ch. III. 1761-1765
Ch. IV. 1765-1766
Ch. V. 1767-1771
Ch. VI. 1771
Ch. VII. 1771-1776
Ch. VIII. 1771-1776
Ch. IX. 1776-1777
Ch. X. 1779-1786
Ch. XI. 1779-1786
Ch. XII. 1779-1786
Ch. XIII. 1780-1782
Ch. XIV. 1786-1789
Ch. XV. 1786-1790
Ch. XVI. 1776-1790
Ch. XVII. 1787
Ch. XVIII. 1789
Ch. XIX. 1790-1792
Ch. XX. 1791-1792
Ch. XXI. 1791-1796
Ch. XXII. 1794-1795
Ch. XXIII. 1794
Ch. XXIV. 1794-1800
Ch. XXV. 1794-1800
Ch. XXVI. 1800-1803
Ch. XXVII. 1801-1803
Ch. XXVIII. 1800-1807
Vol. II Contents
Ch I. 1800-1807
Ch II. 1807-1810
Ch III. 1809
Ch IV. 1809-1812
Ch V. 1810-1813
Ch VI. 1811-1815
Ch VII. 1812-1815
Ch VIII. 1816-1820
Ch IX. 1816-1820
Ch X. 1816-1820
Ch XI. 1816-1820
Ch XII. 1816-1820
Ch XIII. 1816-1820
Ch XIV. 1819
Ch XV. 1820-1821
Ch XVI. 1816-1820
Ch XVII. 1820-1824
Ch XVIII. 1820-1824
Ch XIX. 1820-1824
Ch XX. 1820-1825

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Halhed, Nathaniel Brassey, A Grammar of the Bengal Language.
Volume I,  Ch. II. 1752-1761  ¶ n2
Hall, Robert, Modern Infidelity considered with respect to its Influence on Society: in a Sermon, preached at the Baptist Meeting, Cambridge.
Volume II,  Ch XVI. 1816-1820  ¶ 9
Hargrave, Francis Albany James, “Recollections of Dr. Parr, by a Pupil” in New Monthly Magazine.
Volume I,  Ch. VIII. 1771-1776  ¶ n2
Volume I,  Ch. VIII. 1771-1776  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. XIV. 1786-1789  ¶ n2
Volume I,  Ch. XIX. 1790-1792  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. XXIV. 1794-1800  ¶ 
Volume I,  Ch. XXV. 1794-1800  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. XXVIII. 1800-1807  ¶ n1
Samuel Parr to William Roscoe, 17 December 1797  ¶ 1
Samuel Parr to William Roscoe, 17 December 1797  ¶ n1
Volume II,  Ch I. 1800-1807  ¶ n1
Volume II,  Ch X. 1816-1820  ¶ n1
Volume II,  Ch X. 1816-1820  ¶ n1
Volume II,  Ch X. 1816-1820  ¶ n2
Samuel Parr to Hannah Edwards, 11 June 1813  ¶ 1
Samuel Parr to Hannah Edwards, 11 June 1813  ¶ n1
Volume II,  Ch XIII. 1816-1820  ¶ n1
Volume II,  Ch XV. 1820-1821  ¶ 17
Volume II,  Ch XV. 1820-1821  ¶ n2
Hartley, David, De lithontriptico a Joanna Stephens nuper invento dissertatio epistolaris. Cui adjicitur Methodus exhibendi lithontripticum sub formâ commodiore. Accedunt etiam Conjecturae quaedam de sensu, motu, et idearum generatione.
Volume II,  Ch III. 1809  ¶ 43
Volume II,  Ch XIV. 1819  ¶ 18
Hartley, David, Observations on Man, his Frame, his Duty, and his Expectations: in Two Parts.
Volume II,  Ch XIV. 1819  ¶ 18
Haygarth, William, Greece, a Poem, in Three Parts; with Notes, Classical Illustrations, and Sketches of the Scenery.
Volume II,  Ch XXIII.  (verse)
Headley, Henry, Select Beauties of Ancient English Poetry: with Remarks.
Volume II,  Ch XXIII.  ¶ 3
Heberden, William, Commentaries on the History and Cure of Diseases.
Volume II,  Ch XI. 1816-1820  ¶ 4
Helvetius, Claude-Adrien, De l'Esprit.
Volume II,  Ch XXV.  ¶ 5
Hermann, Gottfried, Dissertationes de legibus quibusdam subtilior sermonibus Homerici.
Volume II,  Ch XVII. 1820-1824  ¶ 23
Hermann, Gottfried, Orphica.
Volume II,  Ch XVII. 1820-1824  ¶ 23
Hervey, James, Meditations among the Tombs in a Letter to a Lady.
Volume I,  Ch. II. 1752-1761  ¶ 14
Volume I,  Ch. II. 1752-1761  ¶ n1
Hesiod, Works and Days.
Volume I,  Ch. II. 1752-1761  ¶ 13
Hey, John, Lectures in Divinity: delivered in the University of Cambridge.
Volume I,  Ch. XI. 1779-1786  ¶ 5
Volume I,  Ch. XI. 1779-1786  ¶ n1
Heywood, Samuel, The Right of Protestant Dissenters to a Compleat Toleration asserted: containing an Historical Account of the Test Laws, and shewing the Injustice, Expediency, and Folly of the Sacramental Test, as now imposed, with respect to Protestant Dissenters.
Volume I,  Ch. XVI. 1776-1790  ¶ 23
Hollis, John, An Apology for the Disbelief of Revealed Religion: being a Sequel to Sober and Serious Reasons for Scepticism, &c..
Volume II,  Ch XVII. 1820-1824  ¶ 18
Homer, The Odyssey.
Volume I,  Ch. XII. 1779-1786  ¶ n1
Howes, Francis, Miscellaneous Poetical Translations, to which are added, a Latin Prize-essay.
Volume II,  Ch XXIII.  ¶ 25
Howes, Francis, The Satires of A. Persius Flaccus.
Volume II,  Ch XXIII.  ¶ 25
Hume, David, The History of England: from the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Revolution in 1688.
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ n1
Volume II,  Ch XIV. 1819  ¶ 21
Hume, David, The Life of David Hume, Esq..
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ 4
Hurd, Richard, bishop of Worcester, A Letter to Mr. Mason; on the Marks of Imitation.
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ n2
Hurd, Richard, bishop of Worcester, A Letter to the Rev. Dr. Thomas Leland: Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin: in which His late Dissertation on the Principles of Human Eloquence is criticized.
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ 13
Volume II,  Ch XXV.  ¶ 12
Hurd, Richard, bishop of Worcester, “The Life of William Warburton” in The Works of the Right Reverend William Warburton, D.D., Lord Bishop of Gloucester: to which is prefixed a Discourse by way of General Preface, containing some Account of the Life, Writings, and Character of the Author.
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ 43
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ 45
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ n2
Hurd, Richard, bishop of Worcester, Moral and Political Dialogues: being the Substance of several Conversations between divers Eminent Persons of the Past and Present Age; digested by the Parties themselves.
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ 46
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ n3
Hurd, Richard, bishop of Worcester, On the Delicacy of Friendship. A Seventh Dissertation. Address'd to the Author of the Sixth.
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ 10
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ 11
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ n2
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ n1
Hurd, Richard, bishop of Worcester, “Some Occurrences in my Life” in The Works of Richard Hurd, Lord Bishop of Worcester.
Volume I,  Ch. IV. 1765-1766  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ 43
Hurd, Richard, bishop of Worcester, The Works of Richard Hurd, Lord Bishop of Worcester.
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ n2
Volume I,  Ch. XXIII. 1794  ¶ n1
Hutchinson, John, The Use of Reason recovered.
Volume I,  Ch. XIV. 1786-1789  ¶ n1
Huxham, John, An Essay on Fevers, and their Various Kinds, as depending on different Constitutions of the Blood.
Volume I,  Ch. III. 1761-1765  ¶ n1