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Memoirs of the Rev. Samuel Parr


Ch. I. 1747-1752
Ch. II. 1752-1761
Ch. III. 1761-1765
Ch. IV. 1765-1766
Ch. V. 1767-1771
Ch. VI. 1771
Ch. VII. 1771-1776
Ch. VIII. 1771-1776
Ch. IX. 1776-1777
Ch. X. 1779-1786
Ch. XI. 1779-1786
Ch. XII. 1779-1786
Ch. XIII. 1780-1782
Ch. XIV. 1786-1789
Ch. XV. 1786-1790
Ch. XVI. 1776-1790
Ch. XVII. 1787
Ch. XVIII. 1789
Ch. XIX. 1790-1792
Ch. XX. 1791-1792
Ch. XXI. 1791-1796
Ch. XXII. 1794-1795
Ch. XXIII. 1794
Ch. XXIV. 1794-1800
Ch. XXV. 1794-1800
Ch. XXVI. 1800-1803
Ch. XXVII. 1801-1803
Ch. XXVIII. 1800-1807
Vol. II Contents
Ch I. 1800-1807
Ch II. 1807-1810
Ch III. 1809
Ch IV. 1809-1812
Ch V. 1810-1813
Ch VI. 1811-1815
Ch VII. 1812-1815
Ch VIII. 1816-1820
Ch IX. 1816-1820
Ch X. 1816-1820
Ch XI. 1816-1820
Ch XII. 1816-1820
Ch XIII. 1816-1820
Ch XIV. 1819
Ch XV. 1820-1821
Ch XVI. 1816-1820
Ch XVII. 1820-1824
Ch XVIII. 1820-1824
Ch XIX. 1820-1824
Ch XX. 1820-1825

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Landor, Walter Savage, Gebir: a Poem, in Seven Books.
Volume II,  Ch X. 1816-1820  ¶ 5
Landor, Walter Savage, Idyllia nova quinque heroum atque heroidum, &c..
Landor, Walter Savage, Idyllia heroica decem, librum Phaleuciorum unum partim jam primo, partim iterum atq. tertio.
Volume II,  Ch X. 1816-1820  ¶ 5
Landor, Walter Savage, Imaginary Conversations of Literary Men and Statesmen.
Volume II,  Ch X. 1816-1820  ¶ 5
Lardner, Nathaniel, The Credibility of the Gospel History.
Volume II,  Ch XVI. 1816-1820  ¶ 14
Lardner, Nathaniel, The Works of Nathaniel Lardner, D.D..
Volume II,  Ch VII. 1812-1815  ¶ n1
Las Cases, Emmanuel, comte de, Memorial de Sainte Héléne: Journal of the Private Life and Conversations of the Emperor Napoleon at Sainte Helena.
Volume II,  Ch XII. 1816-1820  ¶ n1
Le Clerc, Jean, Democracy and Liberty.
Volume I,  Ch. XII. 1779-1786  ¶ n2
Leigh, Chandos, baron Leigh, Juvenile Poems.
Volume II,  Ch X. 1816-1820  ¶ n1
Leigh, Chandos, baron Leigh, Tracts, Religious and Political.
Volume II,  Ch X. 1816-1820  ¶ n1
Leland, John, The Itinerary of John Leland the Antiquary.
Volume I,  Ch. I. 1747-1752  ¶ n1
Leland, Thomas, All the Orations for Demosthenes, pronounced to excite the Athenians against Philip King of Macedon.
Volume II,  Ch XXV.  ¶ 13
Leland, Thomas, An Answer to a Letter to the Reverend Doctor Thomas Leland, containing, an Examination of the Criticism on a late Dissertation on the Principles of Eloquence.
Volume II,  Ch XXV.  ¶ 13
Leland, Thomas, A Dissertation on the Principles of Human Eloquence with particular regard to the Style and Composition of the New Testament in which the Observations on this Subject by the Lord Bishop of Gloucester in his Discourse on the Doctrine of Grace are distinctly considered; being the Substance of Several Lectures read in the Oratory School of Trinity-College, Dublin.
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ 12
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ 44
Volume II,  Ch XXV.  ¶ 13
Leland, Thomas, The History of Ireland from the Invasion of Henry II., with a preliminary Discourse on the antient State of that Kingdom.
Volume II,  Ch XXV.  ¶ 13
Leland, Thomas, The History of Philip, King of Macedon; the Father of Alexander.
Volume II,  Ch XXV.  ¶ 13
Lemon, George William, English Etymology: or, a Derivative Dictionary of the English Language.
Volume I,  Ch. X. 1779-1786  ¶ 1
Lemon, George William, “The Voyage of Æneas from Troy to Italy” in Two tracts on the following subjects: I. Additional Observations on the Greek Accents: by the late Edward Spelman, Esq. II. The Voyage of Æneas from Troy to Italy: by the Rev. Mr. Lemon.
Volume I,  Ch. X. 1779-1786  ¶ n1
Lennox, Charles, third duke of Richmond, A Letter from His Grace the Duke of Richmond, to Lieutenant Colonel Sharman, Chairman of the Committee of Correspondence appointed by the Delegates of Forty-five Corps of Volunteers, assembled at Lisburn, in Ireland: with Notes by a Member of the Society for Constitutional Information.
Volume I,  Ch. XXV. 1794-1800  ¶ n1
Lindsay, James, Sermons on Various Subjects.
Volume II,  Ch XVI. 1816-1820  ¶ 21
Locke, John, A Letter concerning Toleration humbly submitted, etc..
Volume II,  Ch XXI.  ¶ n1
Lowth, Robert, bishop of London, A Letter to the Right Reverend Dr. Warburton, Bishop of Gloucester.
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ n3
Lowth, Robert, bishop of London, De sacra poesi Hebræorum: Prælectiones Academicæ Oxonii habitæ.
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ n2
Lowth, Robert, bishop of London, A Short Introduction to English Grammar: with Critical Notes.
Volume I,  Ch. VII. 1771-1776  ¶ 21
Volume II,  Ch XXV.  ¶ 1
Lucas, Robert, A Letter to the Reverend Doctor Parr, occasioned by his re-publication of Tracts by Warburton and a Warburtonian.
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ 44
LucretiusWakefield, Gilbert, T. Lucretii Cari de Rerum Natura libros sex, ad exemplarium MSS. fidem recensitos, longe emendatiores reddidit, commentariis perpetuis illustravit, indicibus instruxit.
Volume I,  Ch. XXVIII. 1800-1807  ¶ n2
Samuel Parr to an unnamed correspondent, [September? 1801]  ¶ 1
Samuel Parr to an unnamed correspondent, [September? 1801]  ¶ n2