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William Field:
Memoirs of the Rev. Samuel Parr


Ch. I. 1747-1752
Ch. II. 1752-1761
Ch. III. 1761-1765
Ch. IV. 1765-1766
Ch. V. 1767-1771
Ch. VI. 1771
Ch. VII. 1771-1776
Ch. VIII. 1771-1776
Ch. IX. 1776-1777
Ch. X. 1779-1786
Ch. XI. 1779-1786
Ch. XII. 1779-1786
Ch. XIII. 1780-1782
Ch. XIV. 1786-1789
Ch. XV. 1786-1790
Ch. XVI. 1776-1790
Ch. XVII. 1787
Ch. XVIII. 1789
Ch. XIX. 1790-1792
Ch. XX. 1791-1792
Ch. XXI. 1791-1796
Ch. XXII. 1794-1795
Ch. XXIII. 1794
Ch. XXIV. 1794-1800
Ch. XXV. 1794-1800
Ch. XXVI. 1800-1803
Ch. XXVII. 1801-1803
Ch. XXVIII. 1800-1807
Vol. II Contents
Ch I. 1800-1807
Ch II. 1807-1810
Ch III. 1809
Ch IV. 1809-1812
Ch V. 1810-1813
Ch VI. 1811-1815
Ch VII. 1812-1815
Ch VIII. 1816-1820
Ch IX. 1816-1820
Ch X. 1816-1820
Ch XI. 1816-1820
Ch XII. 1816-1820
Ch XIII. 1816-1820
Ch XIV. 1819
Ch XV. 1820-1821
Ch XVI. 1816-1820
Ch XVII. 1820-1824
Ch XVIII. 1820-1824
Ch XIX. 1820-1824
Ch XX. 1820-1825

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Mackenna, Theobald, Political Essays relative to the Affairs of Ireland, in 1791, 1792 and 1793: with Remarks on the Present State of that Country.
Volume II,  Ch XVII. 1820-1824  ¶ 2
Mackintosh, Sir James, Vindiciæ Gallicæ. Defence of the French Revolution and its English Admirers, against the Accusations of the Right Hon. Edmund Burke.
Volume I,  Ch. XX. 1791-1792  ¶ 14
Macpherson, James, The Works of Ossian, the Son of Fingal: translated from the Galic Language.
Volume I,  Ch. II. 1752-1761  ¶ n2
Madan, Martin, Thelyphthora; or, a Treatise on Female Ruin: in its Causes, Effects, Consequences, Prevention, and Remedy; considered on the basis of the Divine Law.
Volume II,  Ch XXII.  ¶ 29
Maggi, Girolamo, Hieronymi Magii De Tintinnabulis liber postumus.
Volume II,  Ch XVIII. 1820-1824  ¶ 9
Malone, Edmond, An Inquiry into the Authenticity of certain Miscellaneous Papers and Legal Instruments, published Dec. 24, MDCCXCV. and attributed to Shakspeare, Queen Elizabeth, and Henry, Earl of Southampton.
Volume I,  Ch. XXIV. 1794-1800  ¶ 16
Maltby, Edward, bishop of Durham, Illustrations of the Truth of the Christian Religion.
Volume II,  Ch XXIII.  ¶ 23
Volume II,  Ch XXIII.  ¶ 24
Maltby, Edward, bishop of Durham, Sermons.
Volume II,  Ch XXIII.  ¶ 23
Volume II,  Ch XXIII.  ¶ 24
Markland, Jeremiah, Epistola critica ad eruditissimum virum Franciscum Hare, decanum Vigorniensem: in qua Horatii loca aliquot et aliorum veterum emendantur.
Volume I,  Ch. V. 1767-1771  ¶ n2
Markland, Jeremiah, Remarks on the Epistles of Cicero to Brutus, and of Brutus to Cicero: in a Letter to a Friend. With a Dissertation upon Four Orations ascribed to M. Tullius Cicero.
Volume I,  Ch. X. 1779-1786  ¶ n1
Marsh, Charles, “Parriana” in New Monthly Magazine.
Volume I,  Ch. VII. 1771-1776  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. XXIV. 1794-1800  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. XXIV. 1794-1800  ¶ n1
Volume II,  Ch IX. 1816-1820  ¶ n2
Volume II,  Ch X. 1816-1820  ¶ n1
Volume II,  Ch XXI.  ¶ n1
Mathias, Thomas James, The Pursuits of Literature, or what you will: a Satirical Poem in Dialogue.
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ 30
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ n3
Volume I,  Ch. XXI. 1791-1796  ¶ 12
Volume II,  Ch X. 1816-1820  ¶ 30
Maurice, Thomas, The History of Hindostan, its Arts and its Sciences, as connected with the History of the other Great Empires of Asia, during the most Ancient Periods of the World.
Volume II,  Ch XXII.  ¶ 14
Maurice, Thomas, Indian Antiquities: or Dissertations relative to the ancient geographical Divisions, the pure System of primeval Theology, the grand Code of Civil Laws, the original Form of Government, and the various and profound Literature, of Hindostan.
Volume I,  Ch. V. 1767-1771  ¶ 10
Volume II,  Ch XXII.  ¶ 14
Volume II,  Ch XXII.  ¶ 15
Maurice, Thomas, Memoirs of the Author of Indian Antiquities: comprehending the History of the Progress of Indian Literature, in Britain, during a period of Thirty Years.
Volume I,  Ch. III. 1761-1765  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. V. 1767-1771  ¶ 10
Volume I,  Ch. V. 1767-1771  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. VI. 1771  ¶ n2
Volume I,  Ch. VI. 1771  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. VI. 1771  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. VII. 1771-1776  ¶ n2
Volume I,  Ch. VII. 1771-1776  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. VII. 1771-1776  ¶ n2
Volume I,  Ch. VII. 1771-1776  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. VII. 1771-1776  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. VII. 1771-1776  ¶ n4
Volume I,  Ch. VIII. 1771-1776  ¶ 15
Volume I,  Ch. VIII. 1771-1776  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. VIII. 1771-1776  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. VIII. 1771-1776  ¶ n2
Volume I,  Ch. VIII. 1771-1776  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. VIII. 1771-1776  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. IX. 1776-1777  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. XXII. 1794-1795  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. XXII. 1794-1795  ¶ n1
Volume II,  Ch XXII.  ¶ n1
Volume II,  Ch XXII.  ¶ n1
Maurice, Thomas, The Schoolboy, a Poem in imitation of Mr. Phillip's. Splendid Shilling.
Volume I,  Ch. VII. 1771-1776  ¶ n3
Meadley, George Wilson, Memoirs of William Paley..
Volume I,  Ch. IX. 1776-1777  ¶ n2
Volume I,  Ch. XIV. 1786-1789  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. XXIII. 1794  ¶ n2
Middleton, Conyers, The History of the Life of Marcus Tullius Cicero.
Volume I,  Ch. VII. 1771-1776  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. XVII. 1787  ¶ 6
Milner, John, The End of Religious Controversy, in a Friendly Correspondence between a Religious Society of Protestants and a Roman Catholic divine; addressed to the Lord Bishop of St. David's, in answer to his Lordship's Protestant's Catechism.
Volume II,  Ch II. 1807-1810  ¶ n2
Milton, John, Of Education. To Master Samuel Hartlib.
Volume I,  Ch. VII. 1771-1776  ¶ n1
Moltzer, Jakob, De Re metrica: libri tres.
Volume I,  Ch. XIV. 1786-1789  ¶ n1
Beloe, WilliamMonro, Thomas, Alciphron's Epistles: in which are described the Domestic Manners, the Courtesans, and Parasites of Greece.
Volume II,  Ch XXIII.  ¶ 16
Monro, Thomas, Essays on Various Subjects.
Volume II,  Ch XXIII.  ¶ 16
Monro, Thomas, Spring, in London. A Poem.
Volume II,  Ch XXIII.  ¶ 16
Monro, Thomas, Modern Britons: a Poem.
Volume II,  Ch XXIII.  ¶ 16
Montagu, William, bishop of Norwich, Apparatus ad origines ecclesiasticas collectore.
Volume II,  Ch XXI.  ¶ 35
Moore, James Carrick, The History of the Small Pox.
Volume II,  Ch II. 1807-1810  ¶ n1
Moore, James Carrick, The History and Practice of Vaccination.
Volume II,  Ch II. 1807-1810  ¶ n1
Moore, James Carrick, A Narrative of the Campaign of the British Army in Spain, commanded by His Excellency Sir John Moore.
Volume II,  Ch II. 1807-1810  ¶ 28
Moore, Thomas, The Fudge Family in Paris.
Volume II,  Ch XIII. 1816-1820  ¶ 8
Moore, Thomas, Memoirs of the Life of the Right Honourable Richard Brinsley Sheridan.
Volume I,  Ch. V. 1767-1771  ¶ n2
Volume I,  Ch. VII. 1771-1776  ¶ n2
Volume I,  Ch. VIII. 1771-1776  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. XX. 1791-1792  ¶ n1
Volume II,  Ch VII. 1812-1815  ¶ n1
Volume II,  Ch X. 1816-1820  ¶ n2
Volume II,  Ch XIII. 1816-1820  ¶ 7
Volume II,  Ch XIII. 1816-1820  ¶ n1
Morcelli, Stefano Antonio, Inscriptiones commentariis svbiectis.
Volume II,  Ch X. 1816-1820  ¶ n2
Morell, Thomas, Thesaurus Græcæ poeseōs; sive, lexicon Græco-prosodiacum; versus, et synonyma.
Volume II,  Ch XXIII.  ¶ 23
Volume II,  Ch XXIV.  ¶ 11
Morgan, George Cadogan, Lectures on Electricity.
Volume I,  Ch. XI. 1779-1786  ¶ 12
Morhof, Daniel Georg, Polyhistor sive de notitia auctorum et rerum commentarii: quibus praeterea varia ad omnes disciplinas consilia et subsidia proponuntur.
Volume I,  Ch. XII. 1779-1786  ¶ n2
Morley, John, “Samuel Parr” in  Public Characters.
Volume I,  Ch. XV. 1786-1790  ¶ 25
Volume I,  Ch. XXIV. 1794-1800  ¶ n1