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Memoirs of the Rev. Samuel Parr


Ch. I. 1747-1752
Ch. II. 1752-1761
Ch. III. 1761-1765
Ch. IV. 1765-1766
Ch. V. 1767-1771
Ch. VI. 1771
Ch. VII. 1771-1776
Ch. VIII. 1771-1776
Ch. IX. 1776-1777
Ch. X. 1779-1786
Ch. XI. 1779-1786
Ch. XII. 1779-1786
Ch. XIII. 1780-1782
Ch. XIV. 1786-1789
Ch. XV. 1786-1790
Ch. XVI. 1776-1790
Ch. XVII. 1787
Ch. XVIII. 1789
Ch. XIX. 1790-1792
Ch. XX. 1791-1792
Ch. XXI. 1791-1796
Ch. XXII. 1794-1795
Ch. XXIII. 1794
Ch. XXIV. 1794-1800
Ch. XXV. 1794-1800
Ch. XXVI. 1800-1803
Ch. XXVII. 1801-1803
Ch. XXVIII. 1800-1807
Vol. II Contents
Ch I. 1800-1807
Ch II. 1807-1810
Ch III. 1809
Ch IV. 1809-1812
Ch V. 1810-1813
Ch VI. 1811-1815
Ch VII. 1812-1815
Ch VIII. 1816-1820
Ch IX. 1816-1820
Ch X. 1816-1820
Ch XI. 1816-1820
Ch XII. 1816-1820
Ch XIII. 1816-1820
Ch XIV. 1819
Ch XV. 1820-1821
Ch XVI. 1816-1820
Ch XVII. 1820-1824
Ch XVIII. 1820-1824
Ch XIX. 1820-1824
Ch XX. 1820-1825

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Hawkes, William, Sermons.
Volume II,  Ch XVI. 1816-1820  ¶ 22
Wade, Arthur Savage, A Letter addressed to the Right Hon. George Canning, First Lord of the Treasury, &c. &c. intended as an Humble Vindication of the Present Ministry.
Volume II,  Ch X. 1816-1820  ¶ n2
Wakefield, Gilbert, An Address to the Right Reverend Dr. Samuel Horsley, Bishop of St. David's, on the Subject of An Apology for the Liturgy and Clergy of the Church of England.
Volume I,  Ch. XXVIII. 1800-1807  ¶ n2
Samuel Parr to an unnamed correspondent, [September? 1801]  ¶ 1
Samuel Parr to an unnamed correspondent, [September? 1801]  ¶ n2
Wakefield, Gilbert, Noctes Carcerariae: sive De legibus metricis poetarum Graecorum qui versibus hexametris scripserunt, disputatio.
Volume I,  Ch. XXVIII. 1800-1807  ¶ n1
Samuel Parr to an unnamed correspondent, [September? 1801]  ¶ 1
Samuel Parr to an unnamed correspondent, [September? 1801]  ¶ n1
Wakefield, Gilbert, Silva critica: sive in auctores sacros profanosque commentarius philologus.
Volume I,  Ch. XXVIII. 1800-1807  ¶ n1
Walpole, Horace, fourth earl of Orford, Anecdotes of Painting in England: with some Account of the Principal Artists: and Incidental Notes on other Arts.
Volume I,  Ch. I. 1747-1752  ¶ 8
Warburton, William, The Alliance between Church and State or, the Necessity and Equity of an Established Religion and a Test-law demonstrated.
Volume II,  Ch XXV.  ¶ 1
Warburton, William, A Critical and Philosophical Enquiry into the Causes of Prodigies and Miracles, as related by Historians: with an Essay towards restoring a Method and Purity in History.
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ 15
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ 18
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ 19
Warburton, William, The Divine Legation of Moses demonstrated, on the Principles of a Religious Deist, from the Omission of the Doctrine of a future State of Reward and Punishment in the Jewish Dispensation. In Six Books.
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ 7
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ n2
Warburton, William, The Doctrine of Grace, or, the Office and Operations of the Holy Spirit vindicated from the Insults of Infidelity, and the Abuses of Fanaticism.
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ 12
Warburton, William, Letters from an Eminent Prelate to one of his Friends.
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ 3
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ 26
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ 43
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ n1
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ n2
Warburton, William, Miscellaneous Translations, in Prose and Verse from Roman Poets, Orators, and Historians.
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ 15
Warburton, William, The Works of the Right Reverend William Warburton.
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ 17
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ 20
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ 45
Volume I,  Ch. XVIII. 1789  ¶ n2
Ward, John, Ad viri reverendi Conier. Middletoni S.T.P. de medicorum apud veteres romanos degentium conditione dissertationem, qua servilem atque ignobilem eam fuisse contendit, responsio.
Volume II,  Ch XI. 1816-1820  ¶ n1
Warton, Thomas, “No. 33. Journal of a Fellow of a College” in The Idler.
Volume I,  Ch. IV. 1765-1766  ¶ 22
Watelet, Claude-Henri, Dictionnaire des arts de peinture, sculpture et gravure.
Volume I,  Ch. I. 1747-1752  ¶ 7
Waterland, Daniel, The Christian Sacrifice explained: in a Charge delivered in part to the Middlesex Clergy at St. Clement-Danes, April the 20th, 1738. To which is added an Appendix.
Volume II,  Ch XXI.  ¶ n1
Watson, Richard, bishop of Llandaff, Anecdotes of the Life of Richard Watson, Bishop of Landaff.
Volume I,  Ch. XXIII. 1794  ¶ n2
Volume II,  Ch II. 1807-1810  ¶ 15
Volume II,  Ch II. 1807-1810  ¶ n1
Volume II,  Ch XIII. 1816-1820  ¶ 2
Volume II,  Ch XIII. 1816-1820  ¶ n1
Watson, Richard, bishop of Llandaff, An Apology for Christianity, in a Series of Letters, addressed to Edward Gibbon, Esq; Author of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.
Volume I,  Ch. XXIII. 1794  ¶ 13
Watson, Richard, bishop of Llandaff, A Collection of Theological Tracts.
Volume I,  Ch. XI. 1779-1786  ¶ 5
Volume I,  Ch. XI. 1779-1786  ¶ n1
Volume II,  Ch XVI. 1816-1820  ¶ n2
Watson, Richard, bishop of Llandaff, Considerations on the Expediency of revising the Liturgy and Articles of the Church of England.
Volume II,  Ch XXI.  ¶ n4
White, Joseph, Sermons preached before the University of Oxford, in the year 1784 at the Lecture founded by the Rev. John Bampton.
Volume II,  Ch VI. 1811-1815  ¶ 9
Volume II,  Ch VI. 1811-1815  ¶ 12
White, Joseph, A Statement of Dr. White's Literary Obligations to the late Rev. Mr. Samuel Badcock, and the Rev. Samuel Parr, L.L.D..
Volume II,  Ch VI. 1811-1815  ¶ n2
Wrangham, Francis, The Holy Land: a Poem.
Volume II,  Ch XXIII.  (verse)
Wyvill, Christopher, A More Extended Discussion in favour of Liberty of Conscience.
Volume II,  Ch II. 1807-1810  ¶ 15