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Thomas Medwin:
Journal of the Conversations of Lord Byron



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Mackenzie, Henry, The Man of Feeling.
 Byron's Werner  ¶ 3
Mackenzie, Henry, “The Story of La Roche” in The Mirror.
 Byron's Werner  ¶ 3
Marlowe, Christopher, The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus.
 Elder dramatists; Goethe's Faust  ¶ 6
Massinger, Philip, A New Way to Pay Old Debts.
 On the drama; on superstition  ¶ 3
Mathias, Thomas James, The Pursuits of Literature, or what you will: a Satirical Poem in Dialogue.
 Matthew Gregory Lewis  ¶ 5
 Sir Walter Scott  ¶ 13
Maturin, Charles Robert, Bertram, or, the Castle of St. Aldobrand: a Tragedy in Five Acts.
 On the drama; on superstition  ¶ 9
Medwin, Thomas, Ahasuerus, the Wanderer: a Dramatic Legend, in Six Parts.
 John Murray, bookseller  ¶ 11
Milman, Henry Hart, The Fall of Jerusalem: a Dramatic Poem.
 Shelley and Keats  ¶ 2
Milman, Henry Hart, Fazio, a Tragedy.
 On the drama; on superstition  ¶ 11
 Shelley and Keats  ¶ 2
Milton, John, On Christian Doctrine.
 On religion and religious epics  ¶ n1
Milton, John, Paradise Lost. A Poem written in Ten Books.
 On religion and religious epics  ¶ 4
 On religion and religious epics  ¶ 6
 Byron's Cain  ¶ n3
Milton, John, Paradise Regained. A Poem written in Four Books.
 On religion and religious epics  ¶ 6
Moore, Thomas, “Epitaph on a well-known Poet” in Journal of the Conversations of Lord Byron.
 English Bards; Robert Southey  ¶ 22
Moore, Thomas, The Fudge Family in Paris.
 Thomas Moore and Lord Strangford  ¶ 7
Moore, Thomas, A Selection of Irish Melodies.
 Lyric poets; Wolfe's Ode  ¶ 1
 Thomas Moore and Lord Strangford  ¶ 8
Moore, Thomas, Lalla Rookh, an Oriental Romance.
 Byron's Heaven and Hell; Prophecy of Dante  ¶ 4
 Thomas Moore and Lord Strangford  ¶ 1
Moore, Thomas, The Loves of the Angels, a Poem.
 Byron's Heaven and Hell; Prophecy of Dante  ¶ 4
Moore, Thomas, Memoirs of the Life of the Right Honourable Richard Brinsley Sheridan.
 Matthew Gregory Lewis  ¶ 8
More, Hannah, Coelebs in Search of a Wife, comprehending Observations on Domestic Habits and Manners, Religion and Morals.
 Byron's family; his indiscretions  ¶ 6
Morgan [née Owenson], Lady Sydney, Italy.
 Samuel Rogers  ¶ 3