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[William Hazlitt]
The Lion's Head.
London Magazine  Vol. 3  No. 15  (March 1821)  243.
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No XV.MARCH, 1821.Vol. III.


The spirit which animates the Lion's Head being necessarily absent this month, its mouth must be closed. But the tidings will be received with as much satisfaction as they are announced,—that the danger which was at first apprehended is considerably diminished.

The occurrence alluded to above will account to the Correspondents of this Work for the non-notice of their favours; and to the readers, if they should observe any deficiency in the following pages:—for the circumstances, which led to the event, occurred quite unexpectedly; and at that particular period of the month, when it was the most difficult to obviate the consequences arising from them—not to mention, that those parties who could obviate them, were too much interested about the final result, to think of any thing else.

Lest any of the readers of this work should be unacquainted with the circumstances here alluded to, it may be proper to state, that on Friday, February the 16th, a meeting took place between Mr. Scott and the friend of Mr. Lockhart; the result of which was, that Mr. Scott received a dangerous wound, under the effects of which he is still lying, in a very precarious state—though it is hoped that the imminent danger, which attended the wound during the first few days, has now, in some degree, subsided. This meeting took place in consequence of some expressions intentionally offensive to his feelings; and he called for a disavowal of such intention.—This was refused, and the parties met the same day.

Copies of Mr. Scott's Second Statement, relative to his difference with Mr. Lockhart, had been prepared, with the intention of stitching them up with the Magazine this Month; but the above circumstances seem to render this unnecessary.

Feb. 26, 1821.