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The Life and Letters of John Gibson Lockhart
Chapter 18: 1837-43
John Gibson Lockhart to Maria Edgeworth, 12 April 1837

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London, April 12, 1837.

Dear Miss Edgeworth,—I am sure you will be very sorry, in the midst of your own distresses, to hear that my wife, so far from answering your
kind letter, has not been for many weeks able to read one. She has gone through a six weeks’ severe treatment for a liver complaint, and, though the doctors think she has now overcome the disease, the utter prostration of strength in which the cure has left her is most deplorable to witness. I had not heard till I read your letter of the grievous affliction you have sustained in the loss of
Mrs. Fox. Indeed, for a long while I have been hardly in the world or in the way of hearing anything. I shall inform you of Sophia’s progress by-and-by; and meantime beg you to believe that your approbation of my book, should it be so fortunate as to receive it when completed, will afford me far greater satisfaction than I could draw from all the applauses of all the world that did not, like you, know and love Sir Walter Scott.—Ever, my dear Miss Edgeworth, yours most truly,

J. G. Lockhart.”