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Memoir of Francis Hodgson
Cecil Jenkinson to Francis Hodgson, [1799]

Vol. 1 Contents
Chapter I.
Chapter II. 1794-1807.
Chapter III. 1807-1808.
Chapter IV. 1808.
Chapter V. 1808-1809.
Chapter VI. 1810.
Chapter VII. 1811.
Chapter VIII. 1811.
Chapter IX. 1811.
Chapter X. 1811-12.
Chapter XI. 1812.
Chapter XII. 1812-13.
Chapter XIII. 1813-14.
Vol. 2 Contents
Chapter XIV. 1815-16.
Chapter XV. 1816-18.
Chapter XVI. 1815-22.
Chapter XVII. 1820.
Chapter XVIII. 1824-27.
Chapter XIX. 1827-1830
Chapter XX. 1830-36.
Chapter XXI. 1837-40.
Chapter XXII. 1840-47.
Chapter XXIII. 1840-52.
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My dear Frank,—I must make you a great many apologies for not having written before, which I assure you I have not had time to do. We have gone on in the old way since I saw you, and have finished the ‘Life of Agricola’ and the third book of Xenophon’sAnabasis.’ I was glad to hear you were so fortunate as to meet with some of your friends in the stage-coach in which you returned to Cambridge. I hope you do not find the college very empty and dull. I have, since you left Croydon, read that novel you were so much pleased with, ‘Castle St. Donats.’ I like it very much, except the last volume. Is Bacon returned to college? if he is, pray remember me to him. Your father has begun to make preparations for his
departure hence; we next week remove to the dining-room, and prosecute our studies there, as the library is to be totally gutted. Pray write to me soon and let me know how ‘
Josephus’ goes on, which Mr. H. informs me you have begun. I have been but once a-shooting since I saw you; I shot one snipe, the first I ever killed in my life. Have you been after the hounds lately?

I am, dear Frank,
Yours sincerely,
C. Jenkinson.