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Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, Bart.
Vol VII Appendix

Vol I Preface
Vol. I Contents.
Chapter I
Chapter II 1771-78
Chapter III 1778-83
Chapter IV 1783-86
Chapter V 1786-90
Chapter VI 1790-92
Chapter VII 1792-96
Chapter VIII 1796-97
Chapter IX 1798-99
Chapter X 1800-02
Chapter XI 1802-03
Chapter XII 1803-04
Vol. II Contents.
Chapter I 1804-05
Chapter II 1805
Chapter III 1806
Chapter IV 1806-08
Chapter V 1808
Chapter VI 1808-09
Chapter VII 1809-10
Chapter VIII 1810
Chapter IX 1810
Chapter X 1810-11
Chapter XI 1811
Chapter XII 1811-12
Vol. III Contents.
Chapter I 1812-13
Chapter II 1813
Chapter III 1814
Chapter IV 1814
Chapter V 1814
Chapter VI 1814
Chapter VII 1814
Chapter VIII 1814
Chapter IX 1814
Chapter X 1814-15
Chapter XI 1815
Chapter XII 1815
Vol III Appendix
Vol. IV Contents.
Chapter I 1816
Chapter II 1817
Chapter III 1817
Chapter IV 1818
Chapter V 1818
Chapter VI 1818
Chapter VII 1818-19
Chapter VIII 1819
Chapter IX 1819
Chapter X 1819
Chapter XI 1820
Chapter XII 1820
Vol. V Contents.
Chapter I 1820
Chapter II 1820-21
Chapter III 1821
Chapter IV 1821
Chapter V 1821
Chapter VI 1821
Chapter VII 1822
Chapter VIII 1822
Chapter IX 1822-23
Chapter X 1823
Chapter XI 1823
Chapter XII 1824
Chapter XIII 1824-25
Vol. VI Contents.
Chapter I 1825
Chapter II 1825
Chapter III 1825
Chapter IV 1825
Chapter V 1826
Chapter VI 1826
Chapter VII 1826
Chapter VIII 1826
Chapter IX 1826
Chapter X 1826
Chapter XI 1826
Vol. VII Contents.
Vol VII Preface
Chapter I 1826-27
Chapter II 1827
Chapter III 1828
Chapter IV 1828
Chapter V 1829
Chapter VI 1830
Chapter VII 1830-31
Chapter VIII 1831
Chapter IX 1831
Chapter X 1831-32
Chapter XI 1832
Chapter XII
‣ Vol VII Appendix
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For Miscellaneous References to these Works in the preceding Volumes, see the accompanying Index of Proper Names. This list is by no means presented as a complete one.

1796—(Ætat 23.)
Translations from the German of Bürger—William and Helen, and The Wild Huntsman, &c., Vol. I., pp. 235, 246, 316
Goetz Von Berlichingen, a Tragedy from the German of Goethe, 8vo, I. 294—297
The House of Aspen, a Tragedy, I. 299, 337. II. 113
Ballad of Glenfinlas, I. 303
———Eve of St John, ib.
———The Grey Brothers, I. 304
———The Fire King, from the German, I. 304, 316
Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border, vols. I & II, 8vo,
I. 31-2
1803—(Ætat 32.)
Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border, vol. III, I. 371, 378
Review of Southey’s Amadis of Gaul, I. 383
———Sibbald’s Chronicle of Scottish Poetry, ib.
———Godwin’s Life of Chaucer, ib.
———Ellis’s Ancient English Poetry, ib.
———Life and Works of Chatterton, ib.
Sir Tristrem, the Metrical Romance of, by Thomas the Rhymer, I. 415
The Lay of the Last Minstrel, 4to, II. 22 36
Review of Todd’s Edition of Spenser, II. 51
———Godwin’s Fleetwood, ib.
———Report concerning Ossian, II. 52
———Johnes’ Translation of Froissart, ib.
———Colonel Thornton’s Sporting Tour, ib.
———Works on Cookery, ib.
Song, The Bard’s Incantation, II. 72
Review of Herbert’s Poems and Translations, II. 112
———Selections of Metrical Romances, ib.
———The Miseries of Human Life, ib.
Ballads and Lyrical Pieces, 8vo, ib.
Sir Henry Slingsby’s and Captain Hodgson’s Memoirs, with Notes, 8vo, II. 113
Marmion, 4to, II. 136—159
Life and Works of John Dryden, with Notes, 18 vols. 8vo, II. 160—169
Strutt’s Queenhoo Hall, a Romance, 4 vols. 12mo, II. 171
Captain George Carleton’s Memoirs, 8vo, II. 171, 2
Sir Robert Cary, Earl of Monmouth’s, Memoirs, 8vo, ib.
1809—(Ætat 38.)
Somer’s Collection of Tracts, 13 vols. 4to, (completed in 1812), II. 170, 256
Review of Cromek’s Reliques of Burns, II. 247
———Southey’s Chronicle of the Cid, ib.
———Sir John Carr’s Tour in Scotland, ib.
Sir Ralph Sadler’s Life, Letters, and State Papers, 3 vols. 4to, II. 255, 6
English Minstrelsy, 2 vols. 12mo, II. 287
The Lady of the Lake, 4to, II. 290—305
Miss Seward’s Life and Poetical Works, 3 vols. post 8vo, II. 328
Essay on Scottish Judicature, II, 333—336
Vision of Don Roderick, 4to, II. 341 351
Imitations—The Inferno of AltisidoraThe PoachersThe Resolve, &c. II. 351, 353
Secret History of the Court of King James I., 2 vols., 8vo, II. 353
Rokeby, 4to, III. 33—45
The Bridal of Triermain, 12mo, III. 45—53
Account of the Eyrbiggia Saga, III. 114
Life and Works of Jonathan Swift, D.D., 19 vols., 8vo, III. 120
Waverley, 3 vols., 12mo, III. 124, 296—306
Essay on Chivalry, III. 125
———The Drama, ib.
Memorie of the Sommervilles, 2 vols., 8vo, III. 316
Rowlands’ “The letting of humours blood in the head vaine,” small 4to, ib.
1815—(Ætat 44.)
The Lord of the Isles, 4to, III. 295—325
Guy Mannering, 3 vols. 12mo, III. 321—333
The Field of Waterloo, 8vo, III. 379—386
Song, On lifting up the Banner, &c. III. 391—399
1816 (45.)
Paul’s Letters to his Kinsfolk, 8vo, IV. 1
The Antiquary, 3 vols. 12mo, IV. 5—15
Edinburgh Annual Register for 1814, Historical department, IV. 26
Tales of my Landlord, First Series, 4 vols, 12mo. The Black Dwarf and Old Mortality, IV. 30—39
Harold the Dauntless, 12mo, IV. 40
The Sultan of Serendib, IV. 41
Kemble’s Farewell Address, IV. 61
Edinburgh Annual Register, 1815, Historical department, IV. 80
Introduction to “The Border Antiquities, 2 vols.4to,” IV. 80
Song, “The Sun upon the Weirdlaw Hill,” IV. 83
Rob Roy, 3 vols. 12mo, IV. 106—109
Account of the Scottish Regalia, IV. 115
Review of Kirkton’s Church History, IV. 121
———Shelley’s Frankenstein, IV. 121
Ballad, “The Battle of Sempach,” ib.
Tales of my Landlord, Second Series, 4 vols. 12mo. The Heart of Mid-Lothian, IV. 176
Review of Gourgaud’s Narrative, IV. 209
———Maturin’s “Women, or Pour et Contre,” IV. 209
———Childe Harold, Canto IV. 210
Article for Jamieson’s edition of Capt. Burt’s Letters, IV. 220
Provincial Antiquities of Scotland, 4to, ib.
1819—(Ætat 48.)
Ballad of “The Noble Moringer,” IV. 260
Sketch of the Character of Charles Duke of Buccleuch, IV. 270
Tales of my Landlord, Third Series, 4 vols. 12mo, the Bride of Lammermoor, and Legend of Montrose, IV. 257, 272
Memorials of the Haliburtons, 4to, IV. 297
Patrick Carey’s Trivial Poems and Triolets, 4to, ib.
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The Visionary, 3 Nos. 12mo, IV. 345
The Monastery, 3 vols. 12mo, IV. 360
The Abbot, 3 vols. 12mo, V. 19—26
Lives of the Novelists, V. 30, 135
Kenilworth, 3 vols. post 8vo, V. 28, 49
Account of the Coronation of King George IV. V. 88
Franck’s Northern Memoirs—The Contemplative Angler, V. 134
Chronological Notes on Scottish Affairs, 1680—1701, from the Diary of Lord Fountainhall, 4to, V. 134
The Pirate, 3 vols. post 8vo, V. 150
Gwynne’s Memoirs of the Civil Wars, 1653—4, V. 69
Halidon Hill, V. 159, 168, 174, 286
Macduff’s Cross, V. 168, 286
The Fortunes of Nigel, 3 vols post 8vo. V. 138, 143, 169
Poetry contained in the Waverley Novels, V. 172
Peveril of the Peak, 4 vols. post 8vo, V. 245—253
Quentin Durward, 3 vols. post 8vo, V. 253, 279
Essay on Romance, V. 284
St Ronan’s Well, 3 vols. post 8vo, V. 315
1824—(Ætat 53).
Redgauntlet, 3 vols. post 8vo, V. 319
Swift’s Life and Works, 19 vols. Second edition, V. 320
Tribute to the Memory of Lord Byron, ib.
Tales of the Crusaders, 4 vols. post 8vo. The Betrothed. The Talisman, VI. 33
Introduction and Notes to Memoirs of Madame Larochejaquelin, VI. 179
Review of Pepys’ Diary, VI. 179, 215
Letters of Malachi Malagrowther, VI. 242, passim, 266
Woodstock, 3 vols. post 8vo, VI. 283, 308—312. VII. 44
Review of the Life of J. P. Kemble and Kelly’s Reminiscences, VI. 294
———Galt’s Omen, VI. 263, 307, 323
Review of Mackenzie’s Life and Works of John Home, VII. 12, 29, 30
———Hoffman’s Novels, ib.
Life of Napoleon Buonaparte, 9 vols. post 8vo. VII. 39, 42, 44
Chronicles of the Canongate, First Series, 2 vols. post 8vo. The Two Drovers, the Highland Widow, and the Surgeon’s Daughter, VII. 82, 87
Miscellaneous Prose Works, first collected, 6 vols. 8vo, VII. 46
Essay on the Planting of Waste Lands, VII. 47
Reply to General Gourgaud, VII. 63
Essay on Ornamental Gardening, VII. 89
Memoir of George Bannatyne, ib.
Tales of a Grandfather, First Series, 3 vols. 18mo, VII. 92
1828—(Ætat 57.)
Essay on Moliere. VII. 98
Two Religious Discourses, ib. 107
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Review of Southey’s Life of John Bunyan, ib. 205
Tales of my Landlord, Fourth Series, 4 vols. post 8vo. Count Robert of Paris, and Castle Dangerous, VII. 310