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The “Pope” of Holland House
John Whishaw to Thomas Smith, 9 August 1814

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Aug. 9, 1814.

I do not know whether it is worth while to send you the names of the persons whom I take to be the writers of several of the articles in the last number of the Edinburgh Review. But as I believe you take some interest in these matters, I send you the best information in my power—

State of Europe Jeffrey
Galt’s Travels Brougham
Appert on FoodLeslie?
Language of Indian Islands Hamilton?
Account of Retreat near York Sydney Smith
Lord Byron’s “Corsair” Jeffrey
French Politics

The article on the Slave Trade from its subject should be Brougham’s, but from internal evidence I think it is not his; perhaps Allen’s, of Holland House.

The present number does not seem to be a particularly good one. The first article on the State of Europe is particularly objectionable. It is too favourable to the present order of things, and far too complimentary to the Ministers, being written throughout in the tone of an advocate, and not of a calm, reasonable man. Lord Byron, too, is overpraised in the same sort of strain. The article on the Slave Trade is very good, so is that on Norway, except that it is too unqualified; protesting in effect against all cessions of territory whatever, which is contrary to all reason and experience. It is a question of degree, and must depend in each case upon its own circumstances.