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The “Pope” of Holland House
John Whishaw to Thomas Smith, 5 August 1817

Chapter I: 1813
Chapter II: 1814
Chapter III: 1815
Chapter IV: 1816
Chapter V: 1817
Chapter VI: 1818
Chapter VII: 1819
Chapter VIII: 1820
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Chapter XIII: 1806-40
Chapter XIV: Appendix
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Dover, Aug. 5, 1817.

Just before I left London1 I saw a letter from Mr. Ward2 whom you saw at Bowood, mentioning a report, which he seems to believe, that Madame de Staël conformed before her death to the Roman Catholic religion, principally through the influence of her friend M. Schlegel, who became a convert

1 During the autumn of 1817 Mr. Whishaw was on the Continent for some months.

2 John William Ward, afterwards Viscount Dudley and Ward by succession. Created Earl Dudley in 1827.

Ugo Foscolo
some time ago. It is not a very unnatural sequel of her conduct and opinions.

Without making any positive engagements I hope to write to you occasionally during my journey. You will be glad to hear that my commencement has been very auspicious; the carriage performs capitally, besides being very convenient and the motion very agreeable. I came to Rochester with my own horses, who brought it (stopping an hour at Dartford) in less than six hours. We are now in the act of putting the carriage on board the Antwerp packet. William,1 as you know, is very active and intelligent, and I am glad to find that he has a great taste for the journey. He asked me this morning, with some earnestness, whether “it was really true that we should see those grand mountains the Alps.”

I send Mrs. Smith a letter received from poor Foscolo,2 which may perhaps be worth adding to her

1 His servant.

2 Ugo Foscolo, 1777-1827, distinguished refugee and writer, a contributor to the Edinburgh Review.

From Ugo Foscolo to Mr. Whishaw.
collection. He is abundantly grateful for a few slight civilities which I have shown him; and is in his nature generous and kind, but very jealous and irritable.