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Astarte: a Fragment of Truth
Lady Byron to Augusta Leigh, [September? 1816]

I. Byron Characteristics
II. Three Stages of Lord Byron’s Life
III. Manfred
IV. Correspondence of Augusta Byron
V. Anne Isabella Byron
VI. Lady Byron’s Policy of Silence
VII. Informers and Defamers
VIII. “When We Dead Awake”
IX. Lady Byron and Mrs. Leigh (I)
X. Lady Byron and Mrs. Leigh (II)
XI. Byron and Augusta
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Undated [September ? 1816.]
My dearest A——

Mrs. Villiers has just left me—I was not mistaken as to the subject of our conversation—She had attached no credit to the report but after you left Town before, had received detailed information which originated with Lord B—— from an authority she could not doubt—This she asserted upon her honour, though she requests not to be questioned as to the Informant, who was actuated by no other motive than to prevent her from precipitating you into greater dangers by her imprudent & ignorant zeal—She has since acted the part she thought most friendly towards you, avoiding the duplicity of appearing to have any feeling towards him but horror, which was much increased by his treachery—I need not dwell upon her feelings towards you—Grief is the pre-

1 Probably Lady Granville.

2 Sophia Byron.

dominant one—She wished to consult with me, and also to make me the medium of this communication to you, being herself too ill at present to undertake a conversation with you upon it—She wishes to be spared in this respect, but will see you before you leave Town or not as you are inclined, and desires you to consider her as a friend whom in any emergency you may turn to, & consult—as you have formerly done—and that she will write to you unreservedly when
Col: L—— is absent—

This is the substance of what past—I hope I said for you all that you would think right—and I trust it is better that I should have been consulted by her—Believe me she is truly kind (though her feeling is very deep)—More to-morrow—Pray come early—God bless & protect you & yours—


I have read the lines1 to you—& think they ought not to be seen by any one—