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Astarte: a Fragment of Truth
Lord Byron to Augusta Leigh, 4 March 1822

I. Byron Characteristics
II. Three Stages of Lord Byron’s Life
III. Manfred
IV. Correspondence of Augusta Byron
V. Anne Isabella Byron
VI. Lady Byron’s Policy of Silence
VII. Informers and Defamers
VIII. “When We Dead Awake”
IX. Lady Byron and Mrs. Leigh (I)
X. Lady Byron and Mrs. Leigh (II)
XI. Byron and Augusta
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Pisa. March 4th 1822.
My dearest Augusta,

I write two words to acknowledge your letter. I certainly felt a good deal surprized that you did not write immediately to announce that event,1 but it was probably for some good nursery reason, that you did not. I regret the pain which the privation must occasion to Sir R. N. and to Ly B., but I shall not pretend to any violent grief for one with whom my acquaintance was neither long nor agreeable. Still I bear her memory no malice. I am a little disappointed that Georgy should not write, it is proper that my nephews and nieces should cultivate some acquaintance with me, otherwise the interest I feel for them may diminish unavoidably from total estrangement. It has ever been my object (if I live long enough) to provide as far as I can for your children, as my daughter by Ly. B is rich enough already, and my natural daughter also will have a decent provision. I shall try what I can to save or accumulate some funds for this purpose (if Fortune be favourable) and should therefore like to hear now and then from my “residee legatoos” as I am not likely to see much of them for the present. If it should seem odd that I do nor prefer my own family, I think there are some reasons which will suggest themselves to you however, as it is quite impossible that any thing which reminds me of that unhappy connection with Ly B’s family can excite the same unmixed feeling which exists where there are no divisions.

yrs ever & truly
Noel Byron2