LORD  BYRON  and  his  TIMES
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In Whig Society 1775-1818
Lady Melbourne to Lord Byron, [October 1814]

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“So at last yr. Agent condescends to fix some time when he will meet my Brs. people. I know tht. all those sort of personages who have had the Management of an Estate, & of course of the owner of it, are displeased, when they think it likely they may lose a portion of their power, by its being transferr’d to a Wife—I mean power over their employer, & mostly dupe. They are enemies to matrimony, as much as you see I am to them; in truth I never knew a Man who had not the cleverest & honestest agent in the World & if ever I have become acquainted with them or their actions, I have seldom found them honest, sometimes sinning from stupidity, but invariably turning everything to their own advantage & selfish to the highest degree, and always enriching themselves. Mr. Hansom may be an exception to this rule—I certainly have no acquaintance with him, & never heard his Name but from you—so I do not say this from any knowledge I have either of him or his character but were I to judge from appearances I should say he has been unpardonably dilatory in this business from the beginning & were I Annabella I should never forget him. And indeed it may be well for yr. Lordship that I am not for you would come in for your share of blame too—but we’ll say no more about it. On this occasion I should wish the whole to be concluded speedily, & as I am well acquainted with the dilatoriness, puzzleheadedness &c., &c., of my Brother’s Agents if I were you I would try & be married upon Articles. If you laugh at this at least acknow-
ledge tht. I am eager to sign myself yr. affte. Aunt. I have entered on this dry subject in a Letter knowing tht. I never should have got you to listen even to twenty words of it in a conversation.”