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A Memoir of the Reverend Sydney Smith
Letters 1821
Sydney Smith to Francis Jeffrey, 2 February 1821

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February 2nd, 1821.
My dear Jeffrey,

I have read Southey, and think it so fair and reason-
able a
book, that I have little or nothing to say about it; so that I follow your advice, and abandon it to any one who may undertake it. What I should say, if I undertook it, would be very unfavourable to Methodism, which you object to, though upon what grounds I know not. Of course Methodists, when attacked, cry out, “Infidel! Atheist!”—these are the weapons with which all fanatics and bigots fight; but should we be intimidated by this, if we do not deserve it? And does it follow that any examination of the faults of Dissenters is a panegyric upon the Church of England? But these are idle questions, as I do not mean to review it. I have written an article upon Dissenters’ marriages, which I will send the moment I get some books from town. On other points I am stopped for books.

I purpose sending you a short article upon the savage and illegal practice of setting spring-guns and traps for poachers.

God bless you! Your sincere friend,
Sydney Smith.