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A Memoir of the Reverend Sydney Smith
Letters 1822
Sydney Smith to Francis Jeffrey, 17 March 1822

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March 17th, 1822.
My dear Jeffrey,

I had written three parts in four of the review I promised you of Miss Wright’s book on America, and could have put it in your hands ten days since; but your letter restricts me so on the subject of raillery, that I find it impossible to comply with your conditions. There are many passages in my review which would make the Americans very angry, and—which is more to my immediate purpose—make you very loath to publish it; and therefore, to avoid putting you in the awkward predicament of printing what you disapprove, or disappointing me, I withdraw my pretensions. I admire the Americans, and in treating of America, should praise her great institutions, and laugh at her little defects. The reasons for your extreme prudery I do not understand, nor is it necessary I should do so. I am satisfied that you are a good pilot of our literary vessel, and give you credit when I do not perceive your motives.

I am at York. Brougham is here; I have not seen him yet. Your affectionate friend,

Sydney Smith.