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A Memoir of the Reverend Sydney Smith
Letters 1831
Sydney Smith to Lady Grey, 27 February 1831

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Combe Florey, Feb. 27th, 1831.
My dear Lady Grey,

I cannot help thinking of your new state. When I am very nervous I always do sums in arithmetic, and take camphor-julep. Don’t be afraid,—I am sure, from several signs, it will do; and don’t pretend to say you don’t care, the truth being that you do care, from the very bottom of your heart. I meant to come to town, to afford you my spiritual consolation during the crisis, but I had an alarm about my daughter; she had a very severe attack, and her recovery for some time was so slow that I was frightened; she is now recovered. I hope to see you in the spring, where you are. If Lord Bathurst is there, I shall break the windows.

Brougham’s speech will make a great impression, and be very useful to the Administration. The world seems to be improving decidedly; I thought it would
have come to an end before now. I have been exhorting my little friend Jeffrey to make a great speech on Reform. Pray perceive his worth and great talents.

Give my kind regards to my Lord. Your sincere friend,

Sydney Smith.