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Lord Byron to Samuel Bolton, 12 August 1811

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“Newstead Abbey, August 12th, 1811.

“I enclose a rough draft of my intended Will, which I beg to have drawn up as soon as possible in the firmest manner. The alterations are principally made in consequence of the death of Mrs. Byron. I have only to request that it may be got ready in a short time, and have the honour to be,

“Your most obedient, humble servant,
280 NOTICES OF THE A. D. 1811.
“Newstead Abbey, August 12th, 1811.


“The estate of Newstead to be entailed (subject to certain deductions) on George Anson Byron, heir at law, or whoever may be the heir at law on the death of Lord B. The Rochdale property to be sold in part or the whole, according to the debts and legacies of the present Lord B.

“To Nicolo Giraud of Athens, subject of France but born in Greece, the sum of seven thousand pounds sterling, to be paid from the sale of such parts of Rochdale, Newstead, or elsewhere, as may enable the said Nicolo Giraud (resident at Athens and Malta in the year 1810) to receive the above sum on his attaining the age of twenty-one years.

“To William Fletcher, Joseph Murray, and Demetrius Zograffo* (native of Greece), servants, the sum of fifty pounds pr. ann. each, for their natural lives. To Wm. Fletcher the Mill at Newstead, on condition that he payeth rent, but not subject to the caprice of the landlord. To Rt. Rushton the sum of fifty pounds per ann. for life, and a further sum of one thousand pounds on attaining the age of twenty-five years.

“To Jn. Hanson, Esq. the sum of two thousand pounds sterling.

“The claims of S. B. Davies, Esq. to be satisfied on proving the amount of the same.

“The body of Lord B. to be buried in the vault of the garden of Newstead, without any ceremony or burial-service whatever, or any inscription, save his name and age. His dog not to be removed from the said vault.

“My library and furniture of every description to my friends

* “If the papers lie not (which they generally do), Demetrius Zograffo of Athens is at the head of the Athenian part of the Greek insurrection. He was my servant in 1809, 1810, 1811, 1812, at different intervals in those years (for I left him in Greece when I went to Constantinople), and accompanied me to England in 1811; he returned to Greece, spring, 1812. He was a clever, but not apparently an enterprising man; but circumstances make men. His two sons (then infants) were named Miltiades and Alcibiades: may the omen be happy!”—MS. Journal.

A. D. 1811. LIFE OF LORD BYRON. 281
Jn. Cam Hobhouse, Esq., and S. B. Davies, Esq., my executors. In case of their decease, the Rev. J. Becher, of Southwell, Notts., and R. C. Dallas, Esq., of Mortlake, Surrey, to be executors.

“The produce of the sale of Wymondham in Norfolk, and the late Mrs. B.’s Scotch property*, to be appropriated in aid of the payment of debts and legacies.”