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Lord Byron to William Sotheby, 25 September 1815

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September 25th, 1815.

“I think it would be advisable for you to see the acting-managers when convenient, as these must be points on which you will want to confer: the objection I stated was merely on the part of the performers, and is general and not particular to this instance. I thought it as well to mention it at once—and some of the rehearsals you will doubtless see, notwithstanding.

Rae, I rather think, has his eye on Naritzin for himself. He is a more popular performer than Bartley, and certainly, the cast will be stronger with him in it; besides, he is one of the managers, and will feel doubly interested if he can act in both capacities. Mrs. Bartley will be Petrowna;—as to the Empress, I know not what to say or think. The truth is, we are not amply furnished with tragic women; but make the best of those we have, you can take your choice of them. We have all great hopes of the success—on which, setting aside other considerations, we are particularly anxious; as being the first tragedy to be brought out since the old Committee.

“By the way—I have a charge against you. As the great Mr. Dennis roared out on a similar occasion—‘By G—d, that is my thunder” so do I exclaim ‘This is my lightning! I allude to a speech of Ivan’s, in the scene, with Potrowna and the Empress, where the thought and
A. D. 1815. LIFE OF LORD BYRON. 627
almost expression are similar to Conrad’s in the 3d Canto of the ‘
Corsair.’ I, however, do not say this to accuse you, but to exempt myself from suspicion*, as there is a priority of six months’ publication, on my part, between the appearance of that composition and of your tragedies.

George Lambe meant to have written to you. If you don’t like to confer with the managers at present, I will attend to your wishes—so state them.

“Yours very truly,