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Letters and Journals of Lord Byron
Lord Byron to John Murray, 5 October 1816

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“Diodati, Oct. 5, 1818.
* * * * * *

“Save me a copy of ‘Buck’s Richard III.’ republished by Longman; but do not send out more books, I have too many.

“The ‘Monody’ is in too many paragraphs, which makes it unintelligible to me; if any one else understands it in the present form, they are wiser; however, as it cannot be rectified till my return, and has been already published, even publish it on in the collection—it will fill up the place of the omitted epistle.

“Strike out ‘by request of a friend,’ which is sad trash, and must have been done to make it ridiculous.

“Be careful in the printing the stanzas beginning,
‘Though the day of my destiny’s, &c’
which I think well of as a composition.

“‘The Antiquary’ is not the best of the three, but much above all the last twenty years, saving its elder brothers. Holcroft’s Memoirs are valuable as showing strength of endurance in the man, which is worth more than all the talent in the world.

“And so you have been publishing ‘Margaret of Anjou’ and an Assyrian tale, and refusing W. W.’s Waterloo, and the ‘Hue and Cry.’ I know not which most to admire, your rejections or acceptances. I
A. D. 1816. LIFE OF LORD BYRON. 43
believe that prose is, after all, the most reputable, for certes, if one could foresee—but I won’t go on—that is, with this sentence; but poetry is, I fear, incurable. God help me! if I proceed in this scribbling, I shall have frittered away my mind before I am thirty, but it is at times a real relief to me. For the present—good evening.”