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Lord Byron to John Murray, 14 April 1817

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“Venice, April 14th, 1817.

“The present proofs (of the whole) begin only at the 17th page; but as I had corrected and sent back the First Act, it does not signify.

“The Third Act is certainly d—d bad, and, like the Archbishop of Grenada’s homily (which savoured of the palsy), has the dregs of my fever, during which it was written. It must on no account be published in its present state. I will try and reform it, or re-write it altogether; but the impulse is gone, and I have no chance of making any thing out of it. I would not have it published as it is on any account. The speech of Manfred to the Sun is the only part of this act I thought good myself; the rest is certainly as bad as bad can be, and I wonder what the devil possessed me.

“I am very glad indeed that you sent me Mr. Gifford’s opinion without deduction. Do you suppose me such a booby as not to be very
A. D. 1817. LIFE OF LORD BYRON. 105
much obliged to him? or that in fact I was not, and am not, convinced and convicted in my conscience of this same overt act of nonsense?

“I shall try at it again: in the mean time, lay it upon the shelf (the whole Drama, I mean); but pray correct your copies of the First and Second Act from the original MS.

“I am not coming to England; but going to Rome in a few days. I return to Venice in June; so, pray, address all letters, &c. to me here, as usual, that is, to Venice. Dr. Polidori this day left this city with Lord G * * for England. He is charged with some books to your care (from me), and two miniatures also to the same address, both for my sister.

“Recollect not to publish, upon pain of I know not what, until I have tried again at the Third Act. I am not sure that I shall try, and still less that I shall succeed, if I do; but I am very sure, that (as it is) it is unfit for publication or perusal; and unless I can make it out to my own satisfaction, I won’t have any part published.

“I write in haste, and after having lately written very often.

“Yours, &c.