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Lord Byron to Lady Byron, 1 March 1821

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“Ravenna, Marza 1mo, 1821.

I have received your message, through my sister’s letter, about English security, &c. &c. It is considerate (and true, even), that such is to be found—but not that I shall find it. Mr. * *, for his own views and purposes, will thwart all such attempts till he has accomplished his own, viz. to make me lend my fortune to some client of his choosing.

“At this distance—after this absence, and with my utter ignorance of affairs and business—with my temper and impatience, I have neither the means nor the mind to resist * * * * * * * Thinking of the funds as I do, and wishing to secure a reversion to my sister and her children, I should jump at most expedients.

“What I told you is come to pass—the Neapolitan war is declared. Your funds will fail, and I shall be in consequence ruined. That’s nothing—but my blood relations will be so. You and your child are provided for. Live and prosper—I wish so much to both. Live and
540 NOTICES OF THE A. D. 1821.
prosper—you have the means. I think but of my real kin and kindred, who may be the victims of this accursed bubble.

“You neither know nor dream of the consequences of this war. It is a war of men with monarchs, and will spread like a spark on the dry, rank grass of the vegetable desert. What it is with you and your English, you do not know, for ye sleep. What it is with us here, I know, for it is before, and around, and within us.

“Judge of my detestation of England and of all that it inherits, when I avoid returning to your country at a time when not only my pecuniary interests, but, it may be, even my personal security, require it. I can say no more, for all letters are opened. A short time will decide upon what is to be done here, and then you will learn it without being more troubled with me or my correspondence. Whatever happens, an individual is little, so the cause is forwarded.

“I have no more to say to you on the score of affairs, or on any other subject.”