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William Godwin: his Friends and Contemporaries
Ch. XII. 1799
Elizabeth Inchbald to William Godwin, 4 December 1799

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Leicester Square, Wednesday morning, 4th Dec. 1799.

“. . In respect to the other subject, you judged perfectly right that I could not have expressed any resentment against you, for I have long ago felt none. I also assure you that it will always give me great pleasure to meet you in company with others, but to receive satisfaction in your society as a familiar visitor at my own house I never can.

“Impressions made on me are lasting. Your conversation and manners were once agreeable to me, and will ever be so. But while I retain the memory of all your good qualities, I trust you will allow me not to forget your bad ones; but warily to guard against those painful and humiliating effects, which the event of my singular circumstances might once again produce.—Your admirer and friend,

E. Inchbald.”