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William Godwin: his Friends and Contemporaries
Ch. III. 1788-1792
Elizabeth Inchbald to William Godwin, 3 November 1792

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“3rd Nov. 1792.

Sir,—There is so much tenderness mixed with the justice of your criticism, that, while I submit to the greatest part of it as unanswerable, I feel anxious to exculpate myself in those points where I believe it is in my power.

“You accuse me of trusting to newspapers for my authority. I have no other authority (no more, I believe, has half England) for any occurrence which I do not see: it is by newspapers that I am told that the French are at present victorious; and I have no doubt but you will allow that (in this particular, at least) they speak truth.

“2ndly. There appears an inconsistency in my having said to you, ‘I have no view to any public good in this piece,’ and afterwards alluding to its preventing future massacres: to this I reply that it was your hinting to me that it might do harm which gave me the first idea that it might do good.

“3rdly. I do not shrink from Labour, but I shrink from ill-health, low spirits, disappointment, and a long train of evils which attend on Laborious Literary work. I was ten months, unceasingly,
finishing my
novel, notwithstanding the plan (such as you saw it) was formed, and many pages written. My health suffered much during this confinement, my spirits suffered more on publication; for though many gentlemen of the first abilities have said to me things high in its favour, it never was liked by those people who are the readers and consumers of novels; and I have frequently obtained more pecuniary advantage by ten days’ labour in the dramatic way than by the labour of this ten months.—Your very much obliged humble servant,

E. Inchbald.
Leicester Square, 24th.”