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William Godwin: his Friends and Contemporaries
Ch. IX. 1797
William Godwin, Journal, June 1797

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June 3, Sa.—Tour w. Montagu: sleep at Beaconsfield.

„ 4, Su.—Wycombe: breakfast at Tetsworth: dine at Horseman’s, Oxford, w. Porter, Mossop, and 3 Swans: Woodstock: sleep at Chapel House.

„ 5, M.—Shipston: Welsburn: breakfast at Morley’s, Hampton Lucy, w. C. Parr; dine at Boot’s, Atherston nr. Stratford, w. Parr, Morley, Bradley, and Philips: Henley: sleep at Hochley House.

„ 6, Tu.—Breakfast at Birmingham: Walsal: dine at Caunoc: Stafford: tea, Stone: sup at Etruria, w. Br. Allen and ladies.

„ 7, W.Hobbes’sHuman Nature’ p. 14. Dine at Mrs Wedgwood’s, w. Miss Ja. Willet: ride to Chesterton w. Montagu.

„ 8, Th.Hobbes, p. 26. View the Pottery: Theatre, Stobe, ‘School for Scandal’ and ‘Catherine.’

„ 9, F.Hobbes, p. 32, fin. Navigate the Tunnel: ladies dine.

„ 10, Sa.—‘Life of Hobbse’ pp. 20. Ladies dine: ride to Newcastle and Burslem w. Montagu.

„ 11, Su.—‘Leviathan’ p. 14: ‘Logique par Condillac,’ p. 30: Bailly, ‘Sur les Sciences,’ p. 50: Ride to Trentham w. J. & T. Wedgwoods and Montagu.

„ 12, M.—‘Leviathan,’ p. 24, (chap. 6.): Bailly, p. 76. Dine at Mrs Wedgwood’s w. Miss Willet junior.


June 13, Tu.—Breakfast at Uttoxeter: dine at Derby; call on Mrs Darwin: sleep at Burton-upon-Trent.

„ 14, W.—Elford, walk w. Bage: dine at Tamworth: Bage calls: sup at Bage’s w. Davis.

„ 15, Th.—Coleshil: breakfast at George in Tree: dine at Hatton w. Wynns: walk to Kennilworth w. Montagu.

„ 16, F.—Guy’s Cliff: Coventry Fair: dine at Dunchurch: Daventry: sleep at Northampton.

„ 17, Sa.—Wellingborough: breakfast at Thrapston: dine at Mr Robt. Montagu’s, Brampton: tea, Holworthy’s w. Miss Wants.

„ 18, Su.—Breakfast and dine at Mrs Montagu’s: see Hinchinbrooke House: Huntingdon: sup at Jones’s, Cambridge, w. Woodhouse.

„ 19, M.—Breakfast at Otter’s: dine at Gunnings Ichleton: sleep at Sawbridgeworth.

„ 20, Tu.—Breakfast on Epping Forest: Polygon; Fenwick calls: A. Pinkerton at tea.