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William Godwin: his Friends and Contemporaries
Ch. VIII. 1811-1814
William Godwin, Diary, 9-25 September 1812

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Sep. 9, W. Twice to Bagley’s banker: coach Gerards Hall: sup at Slough. Write to Place.

“10, Th. Breakfast at Thatcham: lunch Beckhampton: cyder, Bath: sleep at Bristol, Bush. Fellow travellers; Mrs Major Wms (Picton) rev. Gibbs, spouter, and Mrs Harwood. Write to M. J. [Mrs Godwin.]

“11, F. Call on Gutch: New Passage to Chepstow: Black Rock Inn, Mr and Mrs Griffiths: dine w. Vivian, Beaufort Arms; walk to the Castle. Write to M. J.

“12, Sa. Boat to Tintern; St Peter’s Thumb, Twelve Apostles, Lover’s Leap: dine at Chepstow: walk to Black Rock; adv. Griffiths (al Lewis) and Yescomb. Write to M. J.

“13, Su. Passage, with 12 horses, &c .: return chaise to Bristol: call on Dr Kentish, deceased. Write to Shelley.

“14, M. Call on Gutch, and w. him on Cottle: meet Vivian: w. him Cathedral and Redcliffe: dine at Gutch’s w. Dr Pritchard. Write to M. J.
French enter Moscow.


Sep. 15, Tu. Breakfast at Gutch’s: walk w. him to St Vincent’s: tea Cottle’s: Bradbury’s theatre. Write to M. J., sent Wednesday.

“16, W. Call on Gutch and Shephard: Jane, Capt. Edwards, w. Lawrence and son, Capt. Cotham, Miss Fisher, Mrs Kirkby, &c.

“17, Th. Rainy morning: pass Minehead: turned back by a squall, to Penarth, one mile from Cardiff, where it was proposed by the Captain we should sleep on shore, I believe in a barn. Deliquium.

“18, F. Lynmouth, three in afternoon: eat nothing from Wednesday’s dinner: walk to the Valley of Stones. Deliquium, in bed-chamber.

“19, Sa. Call on Mrs Hooper; see Mrs Sandford: horses to Barnstaple; mall and fair.

“20, Su. Coach w. East-Indian and wife, Capt. Burke, Major Hatherley, Lyndon cripple, &c.: South Molton: dine at Tiverton: Peverel; Wellington: sleep at Taunton. Write to M. J.

“21, M. Breakfast at Somerton: walk and prospect at Castle Carey: Wincaunton; Mere: dine at Hindon: sleep at Salisbury: call on Dowding: Cathedral, moonlight. Write to M. J.

“22, Tu. Del. impm. Call on Dowding, and w. Luxford on Jeffery, picture-dealer: meet Tinney: Cathedral and Close: dine at Luxford’s: sup on Welch Rabbit.

“23, W. Deliquia impa. Call on Dowding and Jeffery: Cathedral, charity-sermon, Bp. &c.: dine at Jeffery’s w. Coates, Finches, Miss Noyes, Long and Luxford: adv. Bushel and Mitty. Write to M. J. Darmany calls.

“24, Th. Call on Dowding and Luxford, Jeffery n. and Coates: chaise to Stonehenge and Amesbury: return do. to Andover; call on Godden, tanner. Write to M. J.


Sep. 25, F. Coach, outside; w. postmaster, Jew, and 2 daughters, D. Hayter of Whitchurch, mechanist: dine at Staines: tea Skinner Street.”