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William Godwin: his Friends and Contemporaries
Ch. IX. 1812-1819
William Godwin, Diary, 7 April-3 May 1816

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April 7, Su. Call on Lambert. Mail for York; Adey from Ware.


April 8, M. Breakfast at Huntingdon, smuggling old woman: dine at Newark: tea Doncaster, ex-captain of Militia: sleep, Tavern, York.

“9, Tu. Call on Wolstenholme, Todd and Nicol: walk w. Nicol on the walls (Clifford’s Tower and Jail), Minster and St Mary’s Abbey: Paterson dines. Write to M. J., Fanny, Davison, and Fairley.

“10, W. Dine at Darlington: pass Durham: sleep at Newcastle, intelligent bailiff, pleasing gentleman, Cumberland farmer.

“11, Th. Miss Farkison fr. Mrs Waters: Morpeth: breakfast at Alnwick: dine at Berwick: Pease Bridge: Dunglas: Dunbar: Edinburgh: Fairley sups.

“12, F. Call on Constable; adv. Leslie, Napier, Evanses, Cadel: Castle Hill, Writers’ Library: dinner Mathews, R. Miller, Wrench, Ballantine, Downie, Playfair, Wilson, Buchanan, Thomson, Cadel, and Russell, player.

“13, Sa. Explanation; write to M. J. Shop adv. Forster (clouds), Jeffrey, &c.: walk w. Leslie, Calton Hill and Holyrood House: dinner Matthews, Wrench, Evanses, Leslie, Peter Hill, and G. H. Walker: Buchan’s card.

“14, Su. Write to M. J. Jeffrey and Boswell call: meet Ballantine: Matthews, Wench, Foster, Willison and 2 Cadels dine. Invited by Buchan.

“15, M. Call on Buchan, Fletchers and Murray (w. Fairley), Ferguson, Macdonald, Nairn and Cadel: Holyrood House and Hume w. Mathews: shop, Dalzel, Duncan and Yaniewiczes: dine at Napier’s w. Bruntons, Playfair, Leslie, Pellings.

“16, Tu. Write to M. J. Shop, Morrit, and Boswell: chaise to Kinneal w. Constable and Dr Miller: visit Linlithgow: adv. Miss Cruickshank; sleep.


April 17, W. Ferrier, on Apparitions, pp. 139. Parisina: Knox v. Crosraguel ça la. Sleep.

“18, Th. Return; see Hopetoun House, Roseberry and Barnton Parks: dine at Ballantine’s w. Belcours, Douglases, Leslie, Fraser, and Constable: adv. Ainslie. Deep snow.

“19, F. Write to M. J. Shop, Hepburn and Crawford: call on Raeburn w. R. Miller and Yaniewicz (W. C.): dine at Boswell’s w. Mackenzie and fille, Jeffrey, Brewster, Coventry, L. and C.: invite Cranston.

“20, Sa. Breakfast at Murray’s w. Dewar, Ritchie, Fairley, &c., sit: Heriot’s Hospital: dine at Fletcher’s w. Brown, Craigs, Mr Miller, Miss Miller, and Miss Wilks.

“21, Su. Call on Jeffrey: Playfair calls n. Nicholsons and Jas. Ballantine’s w. Ballantine: Hugh Murray, Jamieson, Willison, and G. H. Walker dine.

“22, M. Breakfast at Ainslie’s w. Dr Ainslie and wife, Mr and Mrs Gray, Clarinda, Constable, &c.: meet Mrs Fletcher: call on Playfair and Dewar: sit: Yaniewiczes, Duncans, Ainslies and Leslie dine.

“23, Tu. Dine at Hepburn’s, Barfoot, w. Macallum, Walker, Hope, Inglis and family: sleep at Oman’s.

“24. W. Breakfast, Yaniewicz’s: shop, Dr Jamieson: Advocates’ Library: meet W. Erskine and R. Miller: call with Mrs Y. on Sir W. D. Gray, Campbell, Dewar, Ritchie, Fairley, &c., dine: Theatre w. Y’s, Duncan, Gordon, &c., sup: sleep at Oman’s, call on Gregoryn.

“25. Th. Breakfast at Brodies, w. Moore and Hepburn: call on Forster: meet Fleming: chaise w. Constable and Ballantine: dine at Abbotsford: sleep.

“26. F. Constable and Ballantine depart: Melrose w. Scott; adv. Buchann. Chas. Erskine and wife dine: take coach at Selkirk.


April 27. Sa. Breakfast at Carlisle: coach to Penrith: chaise along Ulswater: dine at Wordsworth’s: call w. him on Jackson; adv. Wakefield: circuit of Grasmere: Derwent Coleridge dines: write to M. J. and Thos. Moore.

“28. Su. Derwent dines: horse to Kendal: sleep.

“29. M. Coach: breakfast at Lancaster: dine at Preston with Dilworth and Latham: sleep at Manchester.

“30. Tu. Call on Reddish, Dean and Jackson; adv. Kershaw: chaise w. Jackson and Kershaw: dine at Walker’s, Longford, w. do., Mrs Walker, Charles and 2 sisters.

May 1. W. Call on Jackson and Dean, and (w. Kershaw) at Church, College and Hawkes. Coach evening; Stockport, Macclesfield; tea at Leek: sleep at Ashbourne.

“2. Th. Call on Mooren. seek Boothby. Coach: dine at Derby: sleep at Leicester. Write to M. J. grocer from Perth, settled in Leicestershire. Coburg Marriage.

“3. F. Coach: dine at Woburn, w. squirrel-hunt: sleep in Skinner St. H. Robinson calls.”