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Literary Life of the Rev. William Harness
William Harness to A. G. K. L'Estrange, 31 August 1869

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“Worting, Basingstoke,
“Aug. 31, 1869.
“My dear L’Estrange,

“I hasten to answer your question as well as I can. ‘The Revenge’ is a very popular tragedy, by Young (Edward, I think), and the principal character is Zanga. The ‘Bellario’ you want I can’t tell. There are at least fifty Bellarios in the old English Drama; but I can’t guess, from the slight hint you give me, which this alluded to by Miss Mitford may be, unless it be the young lady in disguise who is the heroine in ‘Philaster,’ a celebrated play of Beaumont and Fletcher’s. George Darnley wrote two plays, very good, on English history, about thirty years ago. I have them both, but can’t remember the names of them. He was a very studious literary person, and well nigh stone-deaf. I could help you, if I could see the text in full and had my books at hand; but here, except scientific books, we have nothing but ‘Crabb Robinson’s Life’ and a few novels.

“About ‘Clarissa’s’ work I can’t make a guess. I suppose it has some reference to Mademoiselle D’Arblay’s novel. You must not forget to put a note on Hugh Pearson when you insert his letters from Miss Mitford. He is a very able and accomplished man, and from the time of
being appointed Rector of Sonning, which happened when he was quite young in orders, a kindred taste for literature attracted him to the companionship of Miss Mitford, to whom he eventually became a most invaluable friend. If you look his name out in
Crockford’s Clerical Guide, you will find the dates of his preferment.

“If you go to Sandwich again, do try to get me some seeds or cuttings of the Trumpet tree. I shall be here till the 28th, if I don’t leave on Friday. Adieu! I’m going to Basingstoke for letters.

“Yours ever affectionately,
“W. H.”