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The Life of William Roscoe
Chapter V. 1795
Marquess of Hamilton to William Roscoe, [1799?]

Vol I. Contents
Chapter I. 1753-1781
Chapter II. 1781-1787
Chapter III. 1787-1792
Chapter IV. 1788-1796
Chapter V. 1795
Chapter VI. 1796-1799
Chapter VII. 1799-1805
Chapter IX. 1806-1807
Chapter X. 1808
Chapter XI. 1809-1810
Vol II. Contents
Chapter XII. 1811-1812
Chapter XIII. 1812-1815
Chapter XIV. 1816
Chapter XV. 1817-1818
Chapter XVI. 1819
Chapter XVII. 1820-1823
Chapter XVIII. 1824
Chapter XIX. 1825-1827
Chapter XX. 1827-1831
Chapter XXI.
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“It is with particular pleasure that I address myself to a man whose extensive information and literary abilities have ensured him the esteem of the public. Nor is his reputation confined to his own country. I have been not a little gratified in hearing the ‘Life of Lorenzo de’ Medici’ most highly commended in Tuscany; and, as a proof of the estimation it is there held in, I am desired, by a friend of mine, to transmit the enclosed letter to Liverpool. I should tell you, Sir, that the translation of your work, which ought to accompany it, is not yet conveyed to England. It is packed up in a box of books of mine now at Leghorn. As soon as the case gets to England, I will forward your translation to Lancashire without delay. I shall say nothing of the young author who has so industriously sought to make known your work in Italy. He is a young man, a friend of Monsignor Fabroni, and one of the literary society at Pisa; and, being attached to the history of his country, naturally

* Illustrations of the Life of Lorenzo, Appendix, p. 82.

felt a lively sense of gratitude towards one who has investigated so interesting a period of it with so much ingenuity. In any communication, or in any thing that can testify my personal esteem for you, I shall most willingly assist you.”