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Benjamin Disraeli, earl of Beaconsfield

LOC:    Disraeli, Benjamin, Earl of Beaconsfield, 1804-1881
NRA:    Disraeli, Benjamin (1804-1881) Earl of Beaconsfield, statesman
DNB:    Disraeli, Benjamin, earl of Beaconsfield (1804-1881), prime minister and novelist
LBT ID: BeDisra1881    VIAF ID: 49233448    LOC ID: n78095587
B/BAP:   1804-12-21
DIED:   1881-04-19
SOURCES: DNB; Virtual International Authority File; LOC Name Authority File
The son of Isaac D'Israeli, English novelist and prime minister (1867, 1874).
REFERENCES TO WORKS BY Benjamin Disraeli, earl of Beaconsfield:
Coningsby; or the New Generation.
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Contarini Fleming: a Psychological Auto-biography.
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England and France; or, a Cure for the Ministerial Gallomania.
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Henrietta Temple: a Love Story.
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Home Letters written by the late Earl of Beaconsfield in 1830 and 1831.
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An Inquiry into the Plans, Progress, and Policy of the American Mining Companies.
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Lawyers and Legislators, or, Notes on the American Mining Companies.
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The Life of Paul Jones, from Original Documents in the Possession of John Henry Sherburne.
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Lord Beaconsfield's Letters 1830-1852: New edition of 'Home Letters' and 'Correspondence with his Sister' with additional Letters and Notes.
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Lord George Bentinck: a Political Biography.
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The Present State of Mexico: as detailed in a Report presented to the General Congress by the Secretary of State for the Home Department and Foreign Affairs, at the Opening of the Session in 1825.
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The Revolutionary Epick.
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Vivian Grey.
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