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Charles Knight

LOC:    Knight, Charles, 1791-1873
NRA:    Knight Charles (1791-1873) Author and Publisher
DNB:    Knight, Charles (1791-1873), publisher and writer
LBT ID: ChKnigh1873    VIAF ID: 22279835    LOC ID: n50043466
B/BAP:   1791-03-15
DIED:   1873-03-09
SOURCES: DNB; Virtual International Authority File; LOC Name Authority File
London publisher, originally of Windsor where he produced The Etonian; Dallas's Recollections of Lord Byron was one of his first ventures. He wrote Passages of a Working Life during half a Century, 3 vols (1864-65).
Godfrey of Bulloigne; or, The Recovery of Jerusalem: done into English Heroical Verse, from the Italian of Tasso.
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“The Anniversary” in Knight's Quarterly Review.
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Arminius: or, the Deliverance of Germany; a Tragedy.
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The Bridal of the Isles: a Mask.
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“Education of the People” in London Magazine.
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The English Cyclopaedia: a new Dictionary of Universal Knowledge.
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Half-Hours with the Best Authors: selected and arranged with Short Biographical and Critical Notices.
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Knowledge is Power: a View of the Productive Forces of Modern Society, and the Results of Labour, Capital, and Skill.
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“Life of William Shakespeare” in The Pictorial Edition of the Works of Shakspere.
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The Land we live in: a Pictorial and Literary Sketch-book of the British Empire.
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“The Literary Newspapers” in The Printing Machine, or Companion to the Library, and Register of Progressive Knowledge.
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The Menageries. Quadrupeds, described and drawn from Living Subjects.
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Mind amongst the Spindles: a Selection from the Lowell Offering.
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Old England: a Pictorial Museum of Regal, Ecclesiastical, Baronial, Municipal, and Popular Antiquities.
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The Old Printer and the Modern Press.
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“On the Idleness of Authors” in Knight's Quarterly Review.
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Once upon a Time.
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“Pauperism and Education” in The Quarterly Journal of Education.
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The Pictorial Edition of the Works of Shakspere.
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The Pictorial Gallery of Arts.
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The Pictorial Museum of Animated Nature.
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The Popular History of England: an Illustrated History of Society and Government from the Earliest Period to our own Times.
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The Results of Machinery, namely, Cheap Production and Increased Employment, exhibited: being an Address to the Working-men of the United Kingdom.
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The Rights of Industry: addressed to the Working-men of the United Kingdom. I. Capital and Labour.
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The Struggles of a Book against Excessive Taxation.
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“Typhus and Cholera.—an Eclogue” in The Times.
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“An Unpublished Episode of Vathek” in Knight's Quarterly Review.
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William Caxton, the first English Printer: a Biography.
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