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William Lisle Bowles

LOC:    Bowles, William Lisle, 1762-1850
NRA:    Bowles, William Lisle (1762-1850) Canon of Salisbury Poet Antiquary
DNB:    Bowles, William Lisle (1762-1850), Church of England clergyman and poet
LBT ID: WiBowle1850    VIAF ID: 696177    LOC ID: n50042857
B/BAP:   1762-09-24
DIED:   1850-04-07
SOURCES: DNB; Prance, Companion to Charles Lamb (1983); Virtual International Authority File; LOC Name Authority File
English poet and critic; author of Fourteen Sonnets, elegiac and descriptive, written during a Tour (1789), editor of the Works of Alexander Pope, 10 vols (1806), and writer of pamphlets contributing to the subsequent Pope controversy.
REFERENCES TO WORKS BY William Lisle Bowles:
“The African” in Sonnets, and Other Poems.
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“Childe Harold's Last Pilgrimage” in  Literary Souvenir, or Cabinet of Poetry and Romance.
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Elegiac Stanzas, written during Sickness at Bath, December 1795.
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Elegy written at the Hot-Wells, Bristol.
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A Final Appeal to the Literary Public relative to Pope, in reply to certain Observations of Mr. Roscoe, in his edition of that Poet's works: to which are added some Remarks on Lord Byron's Conversations as far as they relate to the same Subject and the Author.
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Fourteen Sonnets, Elegiac and Descriptive, written during a Tour.
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The Grave of Howard. A Poem.
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Hope, an Allegorical Sketch, on recovering slowly from Sickness.
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The Grave of the Last Saxon; or, the Legend of the Curfew. A Poem.
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The Invariable Principles of Poetry, in a Letter addressed to Thomas Campbell, Esq.; occasioned by some Critical Observations in his Specimens of British Poets, particularly relating to the poetical Character of Pope.
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The Missionary: a Poem.
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Lessons in Criticism to William Roscoe, Esq., F.R.S., member of the Della Crusca Society of Florence, F.R.S.L. in answer to his Letter to the Reverend W. L. Bowles on the Character and Poetry of Pope: with further Lessons in Criticism to a Quarterly Reviewer.
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“Sonnet XIX. At Oxford, 1786” in Sonnets, and Other Poems.
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“Sonnet XXVI. On revisiting Oxford, 1786” in Sonnets, and Other Poems.
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“Sonnet XIX” in Sonnets, and Other Poems.
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“Sonnet XXV” in Sonnets, and Other Poems.
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The Spirit of Discovery; or, the Conquest of Ocean. A Poem, in Five Books: with Notes, historical and illustrative.
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St. John in Patmos: a Poem.
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Two Letters to the Right Honourable Lord Byron, in answer to His Lordships's Letter to **** ******, on the Rev. Wm. L. Bowles's Strictures on the Life and Writings of Pope.
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Verses to John Howard, F.R.S. on his State of Prisons and Lazarettos.
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“On hearing a Young Lady sing Haydn’s Benedictus.” in The Early Life of Samuel Rogers.
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The Works of Alexander Pope, esq., in Verse and Prose, containing the principal Notes of Drs. Warburton and Warton.
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