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Lord Byron and his Times
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The Academy of Complements   (1639)
Adonais. An Elegy   (8 December 1821)
The Age: a Poem; in Eight Books   (1829)
Agnes: or, The Triumph of Principle   (1822)
Albania: a Poem, addressed to the Genius of Scotland   (1737)
Amadis of Gaul   (1300 c.)
Ancient Ballads and Songs of the North of Scotland   (1828)
Les animaux savants ou exercices des chevaux de MM. Franconi, du cerf Coco, du cerf Azor, de l'éléphant Baba, des serins hollandais, du singe militaire, etc., etc.   (1816)
l’Année Littéraire: Année 1772   (1772)
The Arabian Nights   (1705-08 English trans.)
Arundines cami, sive, Musarum Cantabrigiensium lusus canoris   (1841)
Authentic Memoirs of our Late Venerable and Beloved Monarch, George the Third   (1820)
Authentic Memoirs of the Life and Death of the Right Honourable R.B. Sheridan. With an Estimate of his Character and Talents   (1816)
Barbarorum leges antiquae: cum notis et glossariis : accedunt formularum fasciculi et selectae constitutiones medii aevi Vol. V. et postremum seu varii generis additamenta   (1792)
The Beauties of the Anti-Jacobin, or Weekly Examiner: Containing every Article of permanent utility in that valuable and highly esteemed Paper, literary and political, the whole of the excellent Poetry, together with explanatory Notes, biographical Anecdotes, and a prefatory Advertisement by the Editor   (1799)
Bevis of Hampton   (1300 c.)
La Bibliothèque bleue, entièrement refondue et considérablement augmentée   (1787)
Biographia Presbyteriana   (1827)
Biographia Britannica: or, the Lives of the most eminent Persons who have flourished in Great Britain and Ireland, from the earliest Ages, to the present Times   (1778-93)
Biographical Dictionary of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge   (1842-1844)
The Biography of the British Stage   (1824)
Book of Job   (400 BC c.)
Le Cabinet des fees; ou, Collection choisie des contes des fees et autres contes merveilleux, ornes de figures   (1785-1789)
Character of the late Charles James Fox: a Posthumous Sketch   (1826)
The Chronicle of Charles, the Young Man   ([1745])
Clavis Campanalogia, or, a Key to the Art of Ringing: dedicated to the Lovers of the Art in general   (1788)
A Collection of Poems in Four Volumes   (1770)
A Compendious and Impartial Account of the Election at Liverpool, which commenced on the first and closed on the eighth of November, 1806   ([1806])
A Compendious or Briefe Examination of certayne ordinary Complaints of diuers of our Country Men in these our Dayes   (1581)
Copies of the Original Letters and Despatches of the Generals, Ministers, Grand Officers of State, &c., at Paris, to the Emperor Napoleon, at Dresden; intercepted by the advanced Troops of the Allies in the North of Germany   (1814)
Criticisms on the Rolliad   (1785)
A Critique on the Address written by Lord Byron which was spoken at the opening of the New Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, October 10, 1812   (1812)
Cromwelliana. A Chronological Detail of Events in which Oliver Cromwell was engaged; from the Year 1642 to his death, 1658: with a Continuation of other Transactions to the Restoration   (1810)
The Crusaders, or, the Minstrels of Acre: a Poem, in Six Cantos   (1808)
Dates and Distances: showing what may be done in a Tour of Sixteen Months through various Parts of Europe, as performed in the Years 1829 and 1830   (1831)
The Death of Captain Cook: a Grand Serious-Pantomimic-Ballet, in Three Parts   (1789)
Dejected Addresses   (1812)
A Dictionary of Literary Conversation   ([1795])
Dictionary of National Biography   (1885-1901)
The Dramatic Scorpion: a Satire, in Three Cantos, with Explanatory Notes   (1818)
Guy Mannering, or, the Astrologer   (1815)
An Effectual Shove to the Heavy-arse Christian: By William Bunyan   (1768)
Electa ex Ovidio, Tibullo, et Propertio usui scholæ Etonensis   (1697)
Elegans, illustris, et facilis rerum, præsertim Britannicarum, et aliarum obiter, notatu dignarum, a mundi exordio ad annum Domini. 1307. narratio: quam Matthæus Westmonasteriensis monachus, eius author, vir in vtraque literature eruditus, Flores historiarum scripsit   (1567)
Encyclopædia Britannica; or, a Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, compiled upon a new plan   (1771)
Encyclopædia Perthensis; or Universal Dictionary of Knowledge   ([1796-1806])
L'Encyclopédie   (1751-1772)
The Engagement: a Novel   (1841)
Englands Parnassus: or the Choysest Flowers of our Moderne Poets   (1600)
An Enquiry into the Origin of the Human Appetites and Affections: shewing how each arises from Association, with an Account of the Entrance of Moral Evil into the World   (1747)
An Essay on the Nature and Existence of a Material World   (1781)
The Fall of Constantinople: a Poem   (1823)
Fantasmagoriana, ou recueil d'histoires d'apparitions de spectres, revenans, fantômes, etc.   (1812)
The Female Revolutionary Plutarch containing biographical, historical and revolutionary Sketches, Characters and Anecdotes   (1806)
The Florence Miscellany   (1785)
The Floure and the Leafe   (1470 c.)
The Floure and the Leaf   (1400 c.)
The Gallery of Portraits: with Memoirs   (1833-1837)
Gammer Gurton's Nedle   (1575)
Gazetteer of Scotland: containing a particular Description of the Counties, Parishes, Islands   (1806)
The Genuine Rejected Addresses: presented to the Committee of Management for the Drury-Lane Theater: preceded by that written by Lord Byron and adopted by the Committee   (1812)
The Renowned History of Giles Gingerbread: a Little Boy who lived upon Learning   (1766)
Guérin de Montglave   (1502 c.)
The Harleian Miscellany or, a Collection of rare, curious, and entertaining Pamphlets and Tracts, as well in Manuscript as in Print, found in the late Earl of Oxford’s Library   (1744-46)
Hau Kiou Choaan, or the Pleasing History. A Translation from the Chinese Language   (1761)
The Hector of Germany. Or the Palsgraue   (1615)
The History of Heraldry: containing Inquiries into its Origin, with an Account of its Rise and Progress in England, and of the various Institutions connected therewith; to which is added a complete Glossary of the Terms used in the Science of Heraldry, with explanatory Engravings   (1830)
Herban, a Poem. In Four Cantos   (1825)
The Hermit, or, the Unparalled Sufferings and Surprising Adventures of Mr. Philip Quarll, an Englishman   (1727)
Historia von D. Johann Fausten, dem weitbeschreyten Zauberer unnd Schwartzkünstler   (1587)
The History of Little Goody Two-Shoes   (1765)
History of Holland, from the Beginning of the Tenth to the End of the Eighteenth Century   (1841-1844)
History of the Political Life and Public Services, as a Senator and a Statesman, of the Right Honourable Charles James Fox   (1783)
Husbandry Moralized or, Pleasant Sunday Reading for a Farmer's Kitchen   ([1795])
Isabel; or, the Orphan of Valdarno; a Florentine Romance. Founded during the Civil War in Italy   (1802)
The Journey of Dr. Robert Bongout, and his Lady, to Bath. Performed in the Year 177-   (1817)
Killing Noe Murder. Briefly discoursed in three Questions   (1657)
Knight's Store of Knowledge for all Readers: being a Collection of Treatises, in Various Departments of Knowledge   ([1841])
Lacunar Strevelinense. A Collection of Heads, etched and engraved after the Carved Work which formerly decorated the Roof of the King's Room in Stirling Castle   (1817)
Laou-seng-urh, or, “An Heir in his Old Age.” A Chinese Drama   (1817)
La vida de Lazarillo de Tormes, y de sus fortunas y aduersidades   (1554)
Le Beau Monde, or, Literary and Fashionable Magazine   (1806-09)
A Letter to Mr. John Murray, of Albemarle Street, occasioned by his having undertaken the publication, in London, of Blackwood's Magazine   (1818)
A Letter to Sir Walter Scott, bart. in answer to the Remonstrance of Oxoniensis on the Publication of Cain, a Mystery, by Lord Byron   (1822)
Letters from the Lake Poets: Samuel Taylor Coleridge, William Wordsworth, Robert Southey, to Daniel Stuart, editor of the Morning Post and the Courier, 1800-1838   (1889)
Letters writ by a Turkish Spy   (1687)
Life of Robert Southey   (July 1814)
The Life, Writings, Opinions, and Times of the Right Hon. George Gordon Noel Byron, Lord Byron   (1825)
Lord Byron's Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. A Poem. In Two Cantos. To which is added, The Tempest. A Fragment   (1816)
Mabinogion   (1300 c.)
Memoirs of C. M. Talleyrand de Périgord   (1805)
Memoirs of the Life of Sir John Moore; with historical Details of the various Campaigns in which he was engaged and a circumstantial Narrative of the battle of Corunna   (1811)
Memorials of old Haileybury College   (1894)
Michael's Dinner; or, Staunch Friends to Reform   (1818?)
Mocedades de Rodrigo   (1360 c.)
Musæ Etonenses: seu carminum delectus nunc primum in lucem editus   (1795)
Narrative of a Ten Years' Residence at Tripoli in Africa: from the Original Correspondence in the possession of the Family of the late Richard Tully, Esq., the British Consul   (1816)
Narrative of Lord Byron's Voyage to Corsica and Sardinia, during the Summer and Autumn of the Year 1821   (1824)
New Joe Miller; or, the Tickler. Containing five hundred good things, many of which are original, and the others selected from the best Authors   (1800)
The New Statistical Account of Scotland   (1834-36)
Nibelungenlied   (1200 c.)
Pacata Hibernia: Ireland appeased and Redvced. Or, An Historie of the Late Warres of Ireland, especially within the Province of Movnster, under the Government of Sir George Carew, Knight, then Lord President of that Province   (1633)
Pedis admiranda   (1619)
Penny Cyclopaedia of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge   (1833-1843)
The Pictorial Bible; being the Old and new testaments according to the authorized version   (1836-1838)
Poems for Youth   (1820-1821)
A Poetical Epistle, from Delia; addressed to Lord Byron; transmitted from Lauzanne by an unknown Hand   (1817)
Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin   (1799)
Poetry of the College Magazine   (1819)
Post Office Reform: its Importance and Practicability   (1837)
The Povverfull Fauorite, or, the Life of Ælius Seianus   (1628)
Probationary Odes for the Laureatship: with a Preliminary Discourse, by Sir John Hawkins, Knt   (1785)
The Provincial Antiquities and Picturesque Scenery of Scotland: with Descriptive Illustrations   (1826)
Public Education. Plans for the Government and Liberal Instruction of boys in Large Numbers; as practised at Hazelwood School   (1825)
Remarks on Madame de Staël's Work on Germany: in Four Letters addressed to Sir James Mackintosh, Bart. M.P.   (1814)
Report from the Select Committee of the House of Commons on the Earl of Elgin's Collection of Sculptured Marbles; &c.   (1816)
A Review of Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, for October 1817   (1817)
The Revolutionary Plutarch: exhibiting the most distinguished Characters, literary, military, and political, in the recent Annals of the French Republic   (1804)
Sabrinae Corolla in Hortulis Regiae Scholae Salopiensis   (1850)
A Selection of Psalms and Hymns for Public and Private Worship   (1818)
Seven Wise Masters of Rome   (1493)
The Staff Officer: or, the Soldier of Fortune: a Tale of Real Life   (1831)
Synopsis of the Arrangement of the Preparations: in the Gallery of the Museum, of the Royal College of Surgeons   (1818)
The Tauroboliad, or, the Sacrifice of the Constitution: a Satire   (1831)
The Theological Library   (1832-1848)
Thesaurus Cornucopae et horti Adonidis   (1496)
New Monthly Magazine   (1815)
Three Months in Ireland. By an English Protestant   (1827)
The Travels and Adventures of William Bingfield, Esq.: containing, as surprizing a Fluctation of Circumstances, both by Sea and Land, as ever befel one Man   (1753)
New Monthly Magazine   (April 1825)
The Trial of Colonel Quentin, of the Tenth, or, Prince of Wales's Own, Hussars, by a general Court-martial   (1814)
True and Wonderfull: a Discourse relating a Strange and Monstrous Serpent, or Dragon, lately discovered and yet living to the great Annoyance and divers Slaughters both Men and Cattel by his strong and violent Poyson. In Sussex, two Miles from Horsam, in a Woode called St. Leonards Forrest   (1614)
A True Relation of the Dreadful Combate between More of More-Hall, and the Dragon of Wantley   (1685)
Valoé: conte; suivi du Récit de Mr. B**, ou, La poule blanche   (1817)
Voyage de Madame Clairvoyante de Londres à Paris, en 1815, par le port de Brighton. Ecrit par elle-même, sans profiter du droit de mentir   (1817)
Wanderings of Childe Harolde: a Romance of Real Life. Interspersed with Memoirs of the English Wife, the Foreign Mistress, and various other Characters   (1825)
The World Displayed, or, a Curious Collection of Voyages and Travels: selected from the Writers of all Nations, in which the Conjectures and Interpolations of several vain Editors and Translators are expunged, every Relation is made concise and plain, and the Divisions of Countries and Kingdoms are clearly and distinctly noted   (1759-61)