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Lord Byron and his Times
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The Academy   (1869-1915)
The Adventurer   (1752-1754)
The Age   (1825-1843)
Ainsworth's Magazine: a Miscellany of Romance, general Literature, & Art   (1842-54)
The Albion, and Evening Advertiser   (1799-1807)
The Alfred; West of England Journal, and General Advertiser   (1815-1831)
All the Year round   (1859-1895)
The American Monthly Magazine and Critical Review   (1817-1819)
The American Quarterly Review   (1827-1837)
The Analytical Review   (1788-1799)
The Annals of Philosophy: or Magazine of Chemistry, Mineralogy, Mechanics, Natural History, Agriculture and the Arts   (1813-1820)
The Annual Register, or, a View of the History, Politics, and Literature   (1758-1837)
The Annual Review, and History of Literature   (1803-1808)
Anthologia Hibernica: or, Monthly Collections of Science, Belles-lettres, and History: illustrated with Beautiful Engravings   (1793-1794)
The Anti-Gallican and Anti-Corsican Chronicle   (1811-1818)
The Anti-Jacobin   (1797-1798)
The Anti-Jacobin Review and Magazine   (1798-1821)
Archaeologia, or Miscellaneous Tracts, relating to Antiquity   (1770-1992)
The Argus or London review'd in Paris   (1802-1810)
The Art-Union   (1839-1843)
The Asiatic Journal   (1816-1845)
Asiatic Researches   (1799-1839)
The Athenaeum, a Magazine of Literary and Miscellaneous Information   (1807-09)
The Athenaeum. London Literary and Critical Journal   (1828-1921)
The Athenian Gazette: resolving Weekly all the most nice and curious Questions propos'd by the Ingenious   (1691-1696)
The Atlas   (1826-1869)
The Attic Miscellany.   (1824)
The Aurora and British Imperial Reporter   (1807)
The Bath and Bristol Magazine; or, Western Miscellany   (1832-1834)
The Beacon   (1821)
Belfast News-letter   (1737-)
Bell's Weekly Messenger   (1796-1896)
La Belle Assemblée   (1806-1837)
Bentley's Miscellany   (1837-1868)
The Black Dwarf   (1817-1824)
Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine   (1817-1980)
Boston Courier   (1826-1898)
The Brazen Head   (1826)
The British Critic   (1793-1825)
The British Friend   (1843-1913)
The British Lady's Magazine   (1815-1819)
The British Magazine   (1830)
The British Mercury; or, historical and critical Views of the Events of the Present Times   (1798-1800)
British Mercury; or, Wednesday Evening Post   (1806-1825)
The British Press or Morning Literary Advertiser   (1803-1826)
The British Review, and London Critical Journal   (1811-1825)
The Builder   (1842-)
Bulletin universel des sciences et de l'industrie   (1824-1831)
The Cabinet   (1803)
The Cabinet, or, Monthly Report of Polite Literature   (1807-1808)
The Caledonian Mercury   (1720-1867)
The Cambridge Chronicle   (1762-)
The Cambridge Intelligencer   (1793?)
The Cap of Liberty, a Political Publication   (1819-1820)
Censura Literaria. Containing Titles, Abstracts, and Opinions of Old English Books, with original Disquisitions, Articles of Biography, and other Literary Antiquities   (1805-09)
The Century Magazine   (1881-1925)
Chambers's Edinburgh Journal   (1832-1956)
The Champion   (1814-22)
The Chat of the Week, or Compendium of all Topics of Public Interest, Original and Select   (1830)
The Chelmsford Chronicle   (1764-)
The Christian Observer   (1802-1874)
The Christian Reformer; or New Evangelical Miscellany   (1815-1833)
The Christmas Box; an Annual for Children   (1828-1829)
The Co-operator   (1828-1830)
Cobbett's Political Register   (1802-1836)
The Commercial and Agricultural Magazine   (1799-1802)
The Companion   (1828)
The Companion to the Newspaper   (1833-1837)
The Connoisseur. By Mr. Town, Critic and Censor-general   (1755-1757)
The Contemporary Review   (1866-)
The Correspondent   (1817)
The Cottager's Monthly Visitor   (1821-1856)
The Courier   (1792-1842)
Court Journal: Gazette of the Fashionable World, Literature, Music and the Fine Arts   (1829-1925)
The Critical Review, or, Annals of Literature   (1756-1817)
The Daily Advertiser   (1730-1798)
The Daily News   (1846-1870)
The Daily Post   (1855-)
The Daily Telegraph   (1855-)
The Day   (1809-1817)
Dejuné or, Companion for the Breakfast Table   (1820)
Douglas Jerrold's Shilling Magazine   (1845-1848)
Douglas Jerrold's Weekly Newspaper   (1846)
The Dramatic Review, and Register of the Fine Arts   (1814)
Dublin Evening Mail   (1823-1928)
Dublin Journal   (1734-1825)
Durham Chronicle   (1800s-1832)
The Eclectic Magazine of Foreign Literature, Science, and Art   (1844-1898)
The Eclectic Review   (1805-1868)
Edinburgh Annual Register   (1808-1826)
Edinburgh Christian Instructor   (1810-1835)
Edinburgh Evening Courant   (1718-)
Edinburgh Literary Gazette   (1829)
The Edinburgh Literary Journal, or, Weekly Register of Criticism and Belles Lettres   (1828-1832)
The Edinburgh Magazine and Literary Miscellany   (1817-1826)
The Edinburgh Magazine and Review   (1773-76)
The Edinburgh Philosophical Journal   (1819-1864)
The Edinburgh Review, or Critical Journal   (1802-1929)
The Edinburgh Weekly Journal   (1798-)
The English Journal: a Miscellany of Literature, Science, and the Fine Arts   (1841)
The English Review, or an Abstract of English and Foreign Literature   (1783-96)
The Englishman   (1713-1714)
The Englishman   (1803-1834)
The Englishman's Magazine   (1831)
The Englishman's Register   (1831)
The Enniskillen Chronicle, and Erne Packet   (1808-1849)
The Era   (1838-1939)
Essex Herald and Weekly Advertiser   (1800-)
The Etonian   (1820-1821)
The European Magazine   (1782-1825)
The Evangelical Magazine   (1793-1904)
The Examiner   (1710-1714)
The Examiner   (1808-1881)
The Farmer's Magazine: a Periodical Work exclusively devoted to Agriculture and Rural Affairs   (1800-1825)
Felix Farley's Bristol Journal   (1743-)
The Flagellant. (Avowedly written by Westminster Boys.)   (1792)
The Foreign Literary Gazette: and Weekly Epitome of Continental Literature, Sciences, Arts   (1830)
The Foreign Quarterly Review   (1827-1846)
The Foreign Review   (1828-1830)
Fortnightly Review   (1865-1954)
Fraser's Magazine for Town and Country   (1830-1882)
The Freeholder's Magazine, or, Monthly Chronicle of Liberty   (1769-1770)
The Freeman's Journal   (1763-1924)
The Friend: a Literary, Moral, and Political Weekly Paper, excluding personal and party Politics and the Events of the Day   (1809-1810)
Galignani's Messenger   (1814-95)
The Gazeteer and London Daily Advertiser   (1753-1764)
The Gazette of Fashion, and Magazine of the Fine Arts and Belle Lettres   (1822)
Gazzetta Ticinese   (1799-)
General Magazine of Arts and Sciences   (1755-1765)
The Gentleman's Magazine   (1731-1905)
Glasgow Courier   (1791-)
Glasgow Herald   (1805-)
Glasgow Sentinel   (1821-1823)
The Globe   (1803-1922)
Globe and Traveller   (1803-1922)
The Gloucester Journal   (1722-)
The Gospel Magazine; or Treasury of Divine Knowledge   (1774-1783)
The Graphic   (1869-1932)
The Guardian   (1713)
The Guardian   (1819-1825)
Harper's Magazine   (1850-)
Hellenica Chronica   (1824-26)
The Hereford Independent   (1824-1828)
Hood's Magazine and Comic Miscellany   (1844-49)
Household Words   (1850-1859)
The Idler   (1758-1760)
The Illustrated London News   (1842-1971)
The Independent Whig   (1806-21)
The Indicator   (1820-1821)
The Iris, or Norwich and Norfolk Weekly Advertiser   (1803-1804)
The Iris or, the Sheffield Advertiser   (1787-1856)
Java Govt. Gazette   (1812-1816)
John Bull   (1820-1892)
The John Bull Magazine, and Literary Recorder   (1824)
Journal of the Women's Education Union   (1873-)
Journal des sçavans   (1665-)
The Journal of Science and the Arts   (1816-1819)
The Juvenile Forget Me Not: a Christmas and New Year's Gift, or Birthday Present   (1829-1836)
The Kaleidoscope; or, Literary and Scientific Mirror   (1818-1831)
The Kelso Mail and Border Gazette   (1797-)
The Knickerbocker: or, New-York Monthly Magazine   (1833-1862)
Knight's Quarterly Magazine   (1823-1824)
Knight's Penny Magazine   (1846)
Knight's Weekly Volume   (1844)
The Lady's Magazine or Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex   (1770-1847)
The Lady's Monthly Museum: or Polite Repository of Amusement and Instruction   (1798-1832)
The Lancet   (1823-)
The Leeds Mercury   (1718-1939)
The Liberal: Verse and Prose from the South   (1822-1823)
The Library, or, Moral and Critical Magazine   (1761-1762)
The Literary Chronicle and Weekly Review   (1819-1828)
The Literary Examiner   (1823)
Literary Gazette, and Journal of Belles Lettres, Arts, Sciences, etc   (1817-1862)
The Literary Journal, and General Miscellany of Politics, Science, Arts, Morals, and Manners   (1803-1806)
The Literary Journal, and General Miscellany of Politics, Science, Arts, Morals, and Manners   (1818-1819)
The Literary Magnet of the Belles Lettres, Science, and the Fine Arts. Edited by Tobias Merton, Gent.   (1824-1828)
The Literary Museum, and Register of Arts, Sciences, Belles-lettres, &c.   (1823-1824)
Liverpool Courier and Commercial Advertiser   (1808-1929)
Liverpool Herald   (1788-1792[?])
Liverpool Mercury   (1811-1904)
Livourna Gazette   (1773-)
London Chronicle   (1757-1823)
The London Evening Post   (1727-1797)
The London Gazette   (1665-)
The London Journal   (1845-1912)
The London Magazine   (1732-1785)
The London Magazine   (1820-1829)
London Mercury   (1780-83)
London Review   (1809)
London Review   (1829)
The London Weekly Review, and Journal of Literature and the Fine Arts   (1827-1829)
The London and Paris Observer; or Weekly Chronicle of News, Science, Literature and the Fine Arts   (1825-1848)
The Lowell Offering: a Repository of Original Articles on Various Subjects   (1840-1845)
Macmillan's Magazine   (1859-1907)
Medical and Philosophical Commentaries   (1773-97)
The Medusa; or, Penny Politician   (1819-1820)
Memoirs of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Manchester   (1785-1879)
Mercure de France   (1724-1825)
The Metropolitan: a Monthly Journal of Literature, Science, and the Fine Arts   (1831-50)
The Microcosm: a Periodical Work   (1787-1788)
La Minerve Française   (1818-)
The Miniature, a Periodical Paper   (1804-1805)
The Mirror   (1779-80)
The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction   (1822-1847)
The Mirror of Parliament   (1828-1840)
Le Moniteur Universel   (1789-1901)
Monthly Chronicle: a National Journal of Politics, Literature, Science, and Art   (1838-41)
Monthly Literary Recreations; or, Magazine of General Information and Amusement   (1806-07)
The Monthly Magazine   (1796-1843)
Monthly Mirror   (1795-1811)
The Monthly Repository   (1806-1838)
The Monthly Review   (1749-1844)
Morning Advertiser   (1794-)
Morning Chronicle   (1769-1862)
Morning Herald   (1780-1869)
Morning Post   (1772-1937)
Murray's Magazine   (1887-1891)
Musen-Almanach   (1802-1803)
Musical Times   (1844-)
The National Gazette and Literary Register   (1820-1841)
The Naval Chronicle   (1799-1818)
The New Annual Register, or General Repository of History, Politics, Arts, Sciences, and Literature   (1781-1826)
The New Literary Gazette   (1833)
New Monthly Magazine   (1814-1884)
New Review   (1889-1897)
The New Times   (1817-1828)
The New-York Mirror   (1823-1842)
New-York Enquirer   (1826-1829)
New-York Evening Post   (1801-1832)
The News   (1805-1839)
The Nineteenth Century   (1877-1900)
The North American Review   (1821-)
Northampton Mercury   (1720-1901)
Notes and Queries   (1849-)
The Observator   (1684-1687)
The Observer   (1791-)
The Oracle   (1789-1809)
The Penny Magazine   (1832-1846)
The Philanthropist: or, Repository for Hints and Suggestions calculated to promote the Comfort and Happiness of Man   (1811-1830)
The Philosophical Magazine: comprehending the various Branches of Science, the Liberal and Fine Arts, Geology, Agriculture, Manufactures and Commerce   (1798-1813)
The Phrenological Journal and Miscellany   (1824-1837)
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London   (1666-1886)
Pic-Nic   (1803)
The Pilot   (1807-1815)
The Plain Englishman: comprehending Original Compositions, and Selections from the Best Writers   (1820-1823)
Plymouth Chronicle and General Advertiser for the West of England   (1808-1816)
Polonia; or Monthly reports on Polish affairs   (1832)
The Porcupine   (1800-1801)
The Printing Machine, or Companion to the Library, and Register of Progressive Knowledge   (1834-1835)
Public Advertiser   (1752-1794)
The Public Ledger   (1760-)
The Publishers Circular   (1837-)
Punch: or the London Charivari   (1841-1992)
The Quarterly Journal of Agriculture   (1829-1868)
The Quarterly Journal of Education   (1831-1835)
The Quarterly Review   (1809-1967)
La Quotidienne   (1790-1847)
The Rambler   (1750-1752)
The Rambler   (1750-1752)
The Rambler's Magazine; or, Fashionable Emporium of Polite Literature, the Fine Arts, Politics, Theatrical Excellencies, Wit, Humour, Genius, Taste, Gallantry, and all the gay Variety of supreme Bon Ton   (1822-1823)
The Reading Mercury   (1723-?)
The Record   (1828-1848)
Recreations in Agriculture, Natural-History, Arts, and Miscellaneous Literature   (1799-1802)
The Reflector, a Quarterly Magazine, on Subjects of Philosophy, Politics, and the Liberal Arts   (1811)
The Rejected Theatre, or a Collection of Dramas, which have been offered for representation but declined by the Managers of the Playhouses   (1814)
The Representative   (1826)
The Republican   (1819-1826)
The Retrospective Review   (1820-1828)
Revue des deux mondes   (1829-)
Revue Encyclopédique   (1820-35)
Rural Rides: in the Counties of Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Somersetshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, and Hertfordshire: with Economical and Political Observations relative to matters applicable to, and illustrated by, the State of the Counties respectively   (1830)
St James's Chronicle   (1762-1866)
The Sale-Room   (1817)
The Salisbury Journal   (1729-)
The Satirist, or, Monthly Meteor   (1807-1814)
The Satirist: or Censor of the Times   (1831-1849)
The Saturday Review   (1856-1938)
Saunder's News-Letter   (1774-1879)
The Saunterer; a Periodical Paper   (1806)
The Scots Magazine   (1739-1803)
The Scots Magazine and Edinburgh Literary Miscellany   (1804-17)
The Scourge, or, Monthly Expositor of Imposture and Folly   (1811-13)
Scribner's Monthly: An Illustrated Magazine for the People   (1870-1881)
The Selector, or Cornish Magazine; devoted to original and select Articles on Literary Subjects, etc.   (1826-1829)
The Sheffield Courant   (1793-?)
The Sheffield Mercury   (1807-1848)
The Shrewsbury Chronicle and Public Advertiser   (1772-)
Somerset House Gazette, and Literary Museum: or Weekly Miscellany of Fine arts, Antiquites, and Literary Chit Chat   (1823-1824)
The South African Journal   (1824)
The Southern Review   (1828-32)
The Spectator   (1711-1714)
The Spectator   (1828-)
The Sphynx   (1827-1829)
The Spy   (1810-1811)
Stamford News   (1809)
The Standard   (1827-)
The Star   (1788-1831)
The Star Chamber   (1826)
The Statesman   (1806-1824)
The Sun   (1792-1876)
The Sunday Monitor and British Gazette   (1780-1829)
The Sunday School Teachers' Magazine and Journal of Education   (182[?]-1843)
Sunday Times   (1822-)
The Tablet   (1842-)
Tait's Edinburgh Magazine   (1832-1861)
The Tatler   (1709-11)
The Taunton Courier, and Western Advertiser   (1808-1865)
Telegrafo Greco   (1824)
The Telegraph   (1794-1797?)
Temple Bar   (1860-1906)
The Ass, or, Weekly Beast of Burden   (1826)
The Scotsman   (1817-)
The Wasp. A Literary Satire, containing an Expose of some of the most notorious Literary and Theatrical Quacks of the Day   (1826)
The Theological Repository; consisting of Original Essays, Hints, Queries, &c. calculated to promote Religious Knowledge   (1769-1795)
The Tickler, or, Monthly Compendium of Good Things, in Prose and Verse   (1818-1824)
The Times   (1785-)
The Town and Country Magazine   (1769-1796)
The Town and Country Newspaper   (1855)
The Traiteur   (1780-1781)
Transactions of the Linnean Society of London   (1804-1875)
The Traveller   (1801-1822)
The Trifler. A New Periodical Miscellany by Timothy Touchstone of Saint Peter's College, Westminster   (1788-89)
The Tripod, or, New Satirist   (1814)
The True Briton   (1793-1803)
The True Sun   (1832-1837)
The United Service Gazette, and Naval and Military Chronicle   (1833-1921)
The United Service Journal and Naval and Military Magazine   (1829-1841)
The United States Gazette   (1823-1847)
The Universal Magazine of Knowledge and Pleasure   (1747-1814)
The Universal Review; or Chronicle of the Literature of all Nations   (1824-1825)
The Voice of the People   (1848)
The Watchman   (1817)
The Weekly Dispatch   (1801-1928)
The Weekly Entertainer; or Agreeable and Instructive Repository   (1783-1819)
The Weekly Magazine, or, Edinburgh Amusement   (1768-1784)
The Wesleyan Methodist Magazine   (1822-1913)
The West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser   (1810-1927)
The Westminster Review   (1824-1914)
The Whitehall Evening Post   (1718-1801)
The Windsor and Eton Express   (1812-1908)
The Wonderful Magazine and Marvellous Chronicle   (1793)
Wooler's British Gazette   (1819-1823)
The Working Men's College Magazine   (1859-1862)
The World   (1753-56)
The World   (1787-94)
The Yellow Dwarf: a Weekly Miscellany   (1787-94)