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“The Abbé Georgel”, Edinburgh Review (September 1818) [Smith]
L'Abbesse de Castro [Vittoria Accaramboni, duchesse de Bracciano. Les Cenci.] (1840) [Stendhal]
“Abbot M'Kinnon”, The Queen's Wake (1813) [Hogg]
The Abbot (1820) [Scott]
“Abbotsford Notanda”, Life of Sir Walter Scott: with Abbotsford Notanda by Robert Carruthers (1871) [Carruthers]
Abbotsford and Newstead Abbey (1835) [Irving]
“The Abencerrages”, Tales, and Historic Scenes, in Verse (1819) [Hemans]
The Aboriginal Britons, a Poem (1791) [Richards]
An Abridgment of Mr. Baxter's History of his Life and Times: with an Account of many others of those Worthy Ministers who were ejected after the Restauration of King Charles the Second (1702) [Calamy]
An Abridgment of The Light of Nature pursued (1807) [Hazlitt]
Absalom and Achitophel: a Poem (1681) [Dryden]
“Absence”, New Monthly Magazine (February 1821) [Campbell]
“Absence. A Farewell Ode on Quitting School for Jesus College, Cambridge”, Poems on Various Subjects (1796) [Coleridge]
The Absent Apothecary: a Farce in Two Acts (1813) [Smith]
“The Absentee”, Tales of Fashionable Life (1809-1812) [Edgeworth]
“Absenteeism”, New Monthly Magazine (June-August 1824) [Morgan]
Abuses Stript, and Whipt. Or, Satirical Essayes (1613) [Wither]
Academic Annals, 1804-5 (1805) [Hoare]
Academical Questions (1805) [Drummond]
An Account of the Last Illness, Decease, and post mortem Appearances of Napoleon Bonaparte. To which is added a Letter from Dr. Arnott to Lieutenant-General Sir Hudson Lowe, giving a succinct Statement of Napoleon Bonaparte's Disease and Demise (1822) [Arnott]
An Account of Travels into the Interior of southern Africa, in the years 1797 and 1798 (1801-1804) [Barrow]
An Account of the War in India, between the English and French, on the coast of Coromandel, from 1750 to the year 1760 (1761) [Cambridge]
An Account of the English Colony in New South Wales: with Remarks on the Dispositions, Customs, Manners, &c. of the Native Inhabitants of that Country (1798-1802) [Collins]
An Account of the Kingdom of Caubul, and its Dependencies in Persia, Tartary, and India; comprising a View of the Afghaun Nation, and a History of the Dooraunee Monarchy (1815) [Elphinstone]
An Account of Discoveries in Lycia, being a Journal kept during a second Excursion in Asia Minor (1841) [Fellows]
An Account of the Life and Writings of James Beattie, including many of his Original Letters (1807) [Forbes]
“An Account of the Revolution of Naples during the Years 1798, 1799”, New Monthly Magazine (January 1821) [Foscolo]
An Account of the Origin, Principles, Proceedings, & Results, of an Institution for Teaching Adults to Read: established in the contiguous parts of Bucks and Berks, in 1814 (1814) [Goddard]
An Account of the Seminary that will be opened on Monday the fourth day of August: At Epsom in Surrey, for the Instruction of Twelve Pupils in the Greek, Latin, French, and English Languages (1783) [Godwin]
An Account of some of the most important Diseases peculiar to Women (1829) [Gooch]
Account of a Voyage of Discovery to the West Coast of Corea, and the great Loo-Choo Island: with an Appendix, containing Charts, and various Hydrographical and Scientific Notices (1818) [Hall]
An Account of the Voyages undertaken by the Order of His present Majesty for making Discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere: and successively performed by Commodore Byron, Captain Wallis, Captain Carteret, and Captain Cook, in the Dolphin, the Swallow, and the Endeavor, drawn up from the Journals which were kept by the several Commanders, and from the Papers of Joseph Banks, Esq. (1773) [Hawkesworth]
An Account of the Empire of Marocco, and the District of Suse; compiled from Miscellaneous Observations made during a long Residence in and various Journies through, these Countries (1809) [Jackson]
“Account of the Pindarries”, Quarterly Review (January 1818) [Jerdan]
An Account of the Life of Mr Richard Savage, son of the Earl Rivers (1744) [Johnson]
An Account of the Kingdom of Nepaul, being the Substance of Observations made during a Mission to that Country, in the year 1793 (1811) [Kirkpatrick]
An Account of the Remains of the Worship of Priapus: lately existing at Isernia, in the Kingdom of Naples: in two Letters, one from Sir William Hamilton, K.B. His Majesty's Minister at the Court of Naples, to Sir Joseph Banks, Bart. President of the Royal Society, and the other from a Person residing at Isernia: to which is added, A Discourse on the Worship of Priapus, and its connexion with the Mystic Theology of the Ancients (1786) [Knight]
An Account of the Manners and Customs of the Modern Egyptians written in Egypt during the years 1833-34, and-35 (1836) [Lane]
An Account of the Natives of the Tonga Islands in the South Pacific Ocean: with an original Grammar and Vocabulary of their Language (1817) [Mariner]
“Account of a MS History of Scotland; by Sir George Mackenzie”, Blackwood's Magazine (June 1817) [McCrie]
An Account of Denmark, as it was in the Year 1692 (1694) [Molesworth]
Account of the Life and Writings of James Bruce (1808) [Murray]
An Account of the Cape of Good Hope: containing an Historical View of its Original Settlement by the Dutch, its Capture by the British in 1795, and the different Policy pursued there by the Dutch and British Governments (1804) [Percival]
“Account of the Steam Engine”, Edinburgh Review (January 1809) [Playfair]
An Account of some of the Statues, Bas-reliefs, Drawings and Pictures in Italy, &c. with Remarks (1722) [Richardson]
“Account of the Poems of Patrick Carey, a Poet of the 17th Century”, Edinburgh Annual Register (1810) [Scott]
“Periodical Accounts relative to the Baptist Missionary Society”, Quarterly Review (February 1809) [Southey]
Account of the Life and Writings of Thomas Reid, D.D. F.R.S (1802) [Stewart]
Account of the Life and Writings of William Robertson, D.D., F.R.S.E. late Principal of the University of Edinburgh, and Historiographer to His Majesty for Scotland (1801) [Stewart]
Account of the Numbers and Sufferings of the Clergy of the Church of England, Heads of Colleges, Fellows, Scholars, &c., who were sequester'd, harrass'd, &c. in the late times of the Grand Rebellion (1714) [Walker]
“An Account of the Life of Mr. Park”, The Journal of a Mission to the Interior of Africa in the Year 1805 (1815) [Whishaw]
“Accounts of the Tonga Islands”, Quarterly Review (April 1817) [Southey]
The Accusations of History against the Church of Rome: examined in Remarks on the Principal Observations in the work of Mr. Charles Butler, entitled the Book of the Roman Catholic Church (1825) [Townsend]
“Acerbi's Travels”, Annual Review for 1802 (1803) [Southey]
Acta Sanctorum Ordinis S. Benedicti (1668-1701) [Mabillon]
Actes and Monuments of these latter and perillous Dayes, touching Matters of the Church, wherein ar comprehended and described the great Persecutions & horrible Troubles, that have bene wrought and practised by the Romishe Prelates (1563) [Foxe]
The Actis and Deidis of Schir W. Wallace, Knicht (1570) [Hary]
Ad viri reverendi Conier. Middletoni S.T.P. de medicorum apud veteres romanos degentium conditione dissertationem, qua servilem atque ignobilem eam fuisse contendit, responsio (1727) [Ward]
Ada Reis: a Tale (1823) [Lamb]
Adam, the Gardener (1834) [Clarke]
Adam Bede (1859) [Eliot]
“Adam Blair”, Blackwood's Magazine (March 1822) [Mackenzie]
Adam Brown, the Merchant (1843) [Smith]
L'Adamo (1613) [Andreini]
Additional Observations on Penal Jurisprudence, and the Reformation of Criminals; containing Remarks on Prison Discipline, in reply to an Article in the Edinburgh Review, and on the Punishment of Criminals by Solitary Confinement, as proposed in some of the United States of America (1823) [Roscoe]
“Additional Observations on the Greek Accents”, Two tracts on the following subjects: I. Additional Observations on the Greek Accents: by the late Edward Spelman, Esq. II. The Voyage of Æneas from Troy to Italy: by the Rev. Mr. Lemon (1773) [Spelman]
“Address to the Unco Guid”, Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect (1787) [Burns]
“Address, Spoken at the Opening of Drury-lane Theater Saturday, October 10th, 1812”, Childe Harold (1812-1818) [Byron]
“Address intended to be recited at the Caledonian Meeting”, Moore, Letters and Journals of Lord Byron (1830) [Byron]
Address to the Students of the Royal Academy, delivered before the General Assembly at the annual distribution of Prizes, 10th December, 1823 (1824) [Lawrence]
“Address of G.. H. to the last Lamp of Grafton's Alley in the City of Cork”, Literary Gazette (24 June 1820) [Maginn]
An Address to the Senate of the University of Cambridge: occasioned by the Proposal to introduce in that place an Auxiliary Bible Society ([1811]) [Marsh]
Address delivered at the Anniversary Meeting of the Geological Society of London, on the 17th of February, 1843 (1843) [Murchison]
Address to the English Nation (1791) [Rabaut]
An Address, delivered before the Proprietors of the Botanic Garden in Liverpool, previous to opening the Garden, May 3, 1802 (1802) [Roscoe]
An Address to the Clergy of the United Church of England and Ireland, on behalf of the Roman Catholic Claims, exposing the Culpability and Danger of resisting those Claims and suggesting a Plan for their immediate Settlement (1829) [Shannon]
An Address, to the Irish People (1812) [Shelley]
“Address from the Society for the Suppression of Vice”, Annual Review for 1804 (1805) [Southey]
An Address to the Right Reverend Dr. Samuel Horsley, Bishop of St. David's, on the Subject of An Apology for the Liturgy and Clergy of the Church of England (1790) [Wakefield]
“Address to a Child”, Poems by William Wordsworth (1815) [Wordsworth]
“Addressed to Haydon”, Poems by John Keats (1817) [Keats]
Adelaide, or, the Emigrants a Tragedy (1814) [Sheil]
Adèle et Théodore ou lettres sur l'éducation: contenant tous les principes relatifs aux trois différens plans d'éducation des princes, des jeunes personnes, & des hommes (1782) [Genlis]
Adèle de Sénange, ou, Lettres de Lord Sydenham (1794) [Souza]
Adelgitha; the Fruits of a Single Error: a Tragedy in Five Acts (1806) [Lewis]
Adeline Mowbray: or, the Mother and Daughter: a Tale (1805) [Opie]
“The Adieu. Written under the impression that the author would soon die”, Moore, Letters and Journals of Lord Byron (1830) [Byron]
“Admiral Lord St. Vincent”, Edinburgh Review (April 1844) [Barrow]
Adolphe (1816) [Constant]
Adonais. An Elegy on the Death of John Keats (1821) [Shelley]
“Adriani morientis ad Animam”, Miscellaneous Poems, by Several Hands. Published by D. Lewis. (1730) [Pope]
The Adventures of Abdallah Son of Hanif, who was sent by the Sultan of the Indies to discover the Fountain of Borico, which restores past Youth. Intermix’d with several curious and instructive Histories (1729) [Bignon]
Adventures of Susan Hopley, or, Circumstantial Evidence (1841) [Crowe]
The Adventures of Ulysses (1808) [Lamb]
The Adventures of Hajji Baba, of Ispahan (1824) [Morier]
The Adventures of Hajji Baba, of Ispahan, in England (1828) [Morier]
The Adventures of Ferdinand Count Fathom (1753) [Smollett]
The Adventures of Roderick Random (1748) [Smollett]
The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle. In which are included, Memoirs of a Lady of Quality (1751) [Smollett]
Advice to Young Men, and (incidentally) to Young Women, in the Middle and Higher Ranks of life: in a Series of Letters, addressed to a Youth, a Bachelor, a Lover, a Husband, a Father, a Citizen or a Subject (1829) [Cobbett]
Advice to a Young Reviewer, with a Specimen of the Art (1807) [Copleston]
Advice to Julia, a Letter in Rhyme (1820) [Luttrell]
Advice to Young Mothers on the Physical Education of their Children (1823) [Moore]
“Advice to the Clergy, by the Rev. Sydney Smith”, Monthly Magazine (January 1826) [Ogle]
Advice addressed to the Young Clergy of the Diocese of Carlisle: in a Sermon (1781) [Paley]
Aeneid (1st cent. BC) [Virgil]
The Aeneis of Virgil (1817) [Symmons]
Aeschyli, quae supersunt, fabulae et fragmenta: Eumenides (1822) [Burges]
Æschyli quae supersunt: Fabulæ et fragmenta supplices (1821) [Burges]
Aeschyli Tragoediae quae supersunt, deperditarum fabularum fragmenta (1809-1816) [Butler]
Aethiopica (250 c.) [Heliodorus]
“Affairs d'Espagne”, Quarterly Review (February 1809) [Ellis]
Africa (1341) [Petrarch]
African Memoranda: relative to an Attempt to establish a British Settlement on the Island of Bulama, on the Western Coast of Africa, in the year 1792: with a Brief Notice of the Neighbouring Tribes, Soil, Productions, &c. and some Observations on the Facility of colonizing that part of Africa, with a View to Cultivation and the Introduction of Letters and Religion to its Inhabitants, but more particularly as the Means of gradually abolishing African Slavery (1805) [Beaver]
“The African”, Sonnets, and Other Poems (1796) [Bowles]
The African Slave Trade (1839) [Buxton]
African Sketches (1834) [Pringle]
Agamemnon (450 BC c.) [Aeschylus]
The Agamemnon of Æschylus (1812) [Symmons]
The Age of Bronze; or, Carmen seculare et annus haud mirabilis (1823) [Byron]
“The Age Reviewed”, Literary Gazette (9 June 1827) [Jerdan]
“Mont Blanc, and other Poems”, Literary Gazette (18 August 1827) [Jerdan]
The Age reviewed: a Satire: in Two Parts (1827) [Montgomery]
The Age of Reason (1794) [Paine]
“Agostino della Monterosa”, Knight's Quarterly Magazine (June 1823) [Malden]
Agricola (1st c.) [Tacitus]
“Agriculture of Scotland”, Edinburgh Review (November 1814) [Cleghorn]
“Agrigentum”, New Monthly Magazine (1825) [Redding]
Ahasuerus, the Wanderer: a Dramatic Legend, in Six Parts (1823) [Medwin]
Aids to Reflection in the formation of a Manly Character: on the several Grounds of Prudence, Morality, and Religion, illustrated by select Passages from our Elder Eivines, especially from Archbishop Leighton (1825) [Coleridge]
Ajace; tragedia (1829) [Foscolo]
Ajax (440 BC c.) [Sophocles]
Alaric, ou, Rome vaincuë: poëme heroïque (1659) [Scudery]
Alasco, a Tragedy in Five Acts (1823) [Shee]
Alastor or, the Spirit of Solitude, and other Poems (1816) [Shelley]
“Album Verses by Charles Lamb”, Literary Gazette (10 July 1830) [Jerdan]
Album Verses, with a few others (1830) [Lamb]
Albyn's Anthology; or, a Select Collection of the Melodies and Vocal Poetry peculiar to Scotland & the Isles, hitherto unpublished (1816-1818) [Campbell]
“Alcaic Ode”, The Poems of Mr. Gray (1775) [Gray]
The Alchemist (1612) [Jonson]
Alciphron, or, the Minute Philosopher, in Seven Dialogues: containing an Apology for the Christian Religion, against those who are called Free-thinkers (1732) [Berkeley]
Alciphron's Epistles: in which are described the Domestic Manners, the Courtesans, and Parasites of Greece (1791) [Monro]
“The Alderman's Funeral, an English Eclogue”, Edinburgh Annual Register for 1808 (1810) [Southey]
Alexander's Feast; or The Power of Musique. An Ode, in honour of St. Cecilia's Day (1697) [Dryden]
“Alfieri's Life and Writings”, Quarterly Review (January 1816) [Southey]
Alfred, an Epic Poem, in Twenty-four Books (1800) [Cottle]
Alfred; an Epic Poem, in Six Books (1801) [Pye]
The Alhambra: a Series of Tales and Sketches of the Moors and Spaniards (1832) [Irving]
Ali Pacha; or, the Signet Ring; a Melo-drama, in Two Acts ([1822]) [Payne]
Ali-Pacha: melodrame en trois actes et a grand spectacle (1822) [Pichat]
“Alison on Taste”, Edinburgh Review (May 1811) [Jeffrey]
“Alison's History of Europe”, Edinburgh Review (October 1842) [Phillipps]
All for Love, or, the World well lost (1697) [Dryden]
All the Odes of Pindar, translated from the original Greek (1810) [Girdlestone]
All the Orations for Demosthenes, pronounced to excite the Athenians against Philip King of Macedon (1756) [Leland]
All in the Wrong: a Comedy (1761) [Murphy]
All's Well that Ends Well (1623) [Shakespeare]
All for Love; and The Pilgrim to Compostella (1829) [Southey]
De l'Allemagne (1810) [Stael]
The Alliance between Church and State or, the Necessity and Equity of an Established Religion and a Test-law demonstrated (1736) [Warburton]
“Alma; or, the Progress of the Mind”, Poems on Several Occasions (1718) [Prior]
Almack's; a Novel (1826) [Hudson]
Alnwick Castle, with other Poems (1827) [Halleck]
“Alonzo the Brave, and Fair Imogene”, The Monk: a Romance (1796) [Lewis]
Altham and his Wife: a Domestic Tale (1818) [Ollier]
“To Althea, from Prison”, Lucasta; Epodes, Odes, Sonnets, Songs, etc. To which is added Aramantha, a Pastorall (1649) [Lovelace]
Altrive Tales (1832) [Hogg]
Alwyn; or, the Gentleman Comedian (1780) [Holcroft]
Amadis de Gaul, a Poem in Three Books, freely translated from the First Part of the French Version of Nicholas de Herberay, Sieur des Essars (1803) [Rose]
“Amadis de Gaul, by Southey and by Rose”, Edinburgh Review (October 1803) [Scott]
Amadis of Gaul (1803) [Southey]
Ambrose Gwinett, or, a Sea-side Story: a Melo-drama in Three Acts ([1828?]) [Jerrold]
Amelia (1752) [Fielding]
Amélie Mansfield ([1802]) [Cottin]
“Amelie Mansfield”, Quarterly Review (May 1809) [Greenfield]
“America”, Edinburgh Review (January 1820) [Smith]
“America”, Edinburgh Review (July 1824) [Smith]
American Notes for General Circulation (1842) [Dickens]
American Annals: or, a Chronological History of America, from its Discovery in MCCCCXCII to MDCCCVI (1805) [Holmes]
L'ami des enfans (1783-1784) [Berquin]
“Amicus Redivivus”, London Magazine (December 1823) [Lamb]
Aminta (1580) [Tasso]
“l’Amitié est l’Amour sans ailes”, Moore, Letters and Journals of Lord Byron (1830) [Byron]
Among the Isles of Shoals (1873) [Thaxter]
Amoretti and Epithalamion. Written not long since by Edmunde Spenser (1595) [Spenser]
Amourettes du duc de Nemours et princesse de Clèves (1695) [La Fayette]
Amours des dames illustres de notre siècle et histoire amoureuse des Gaules (1680) [Bussy]
Amphitruo (2nd cent. BC) [Plautus]
Amyntas, a Tale of the Woods; from the Italian (1820) [Hunt]
Amyntor and Theodora: or, the Hermit; a Poem in Three Cantos (1747) [Mallet]
Anabasis (4th century BC) [Xenophon]
“Anacreontic”, Cobbett's Weekly Political Register (9 April 1803) [Canning]
Analekta Hellēnika sive Collectanea græca: ad usum academicæ juventutis accommodata (1785) [Dalzel]
The Analogy of Religion, Natural and Revealed, to the Constitution and Course of Nature (1736) [Butler]
“Roscoe's Life of Lorenzo de' Medici”, The Analytical Review (April, December 1796) [Fuseli]
An Analytical Inquiry into the Principles of Taste (1805) [Knight]
Anastasius: or, Memoirs of a Greek; written at the close of the Eighteenth Century (1819) [Hope]
The Anatomy of Melancholy, what it is. With all the Kindes, Causes, Symptomes, Prognostickes, and severall Cures of it. In three maine Partitions with their severall Sections, Members, and Subsections. Philosophically, medicinally, historically, opened and cut up (1621) [Burton]
“Ancient Song of a Greek Exile”, New Monthly Magazine (September 1823) [Hemans]
Ancient Mysteries described, especially the English Miracle Plays, founded on Apocryphal New Testament story, extant among the unpublished Manuscripts in the British Museum (1823) [Hone]
Ancient Spanish Ballads: Historical and Romantic (1823) [Lockhart]
“Ancient and Modern Greenland”, Quarterly Review (January 1818) [Palgrave]
Ancient English Metrical Romances. Selected and published by Joseph Ritson (1802) [Ritson]
“Ancient History of Scotland”, Quarterly Review (July 1829) [Scott]
“Anderson's Mission to Sumatra”, Quarterly Review (June 1826) [Barrow]
Andromaque (1668) [Racine]
“Anecdote for Fathers”, Lyrical Ballads with a few other Poems (1798) [Wordsworth]
Anecdotes of Literature and Scarce Books (1807-1812) [Beloe]
Anecdotes and History of Cranbourn Chase (1818) [Chafin]
Anecdotes, Biographical Sketches and Memoirs (1822) [Hawkins]
Anecdotes of Lord Byron: from Authentic Sources with Remarks illustrative of his Connection with the Principal Literary Characters of the Present Day (1825) [Kilgour]
“Anecdotes of Curran”, Literary Gazette (18 November 1820) [Maginn]
Anecdotes of Actors: with other desultory Recollections (1844) [Mathews]
Anecdotes of the late Samuel Johnson, LL. D. during the last twenty years of his Life (1786) [Pillans]
Anecdotes of Painting in England: with some Account of the Principal Artists: and Incidental Notes on other Arts (1782) [Walpole]
Anecdotes of Painters, who have resided or been born in England, with Critical Remarks on their Productions (1808) [Walpole]
Anecdotes of the Life of Richard Watson, Bishop of Landaff (1817) [Watson]
“The Angel of the World”, The Angel of the World; an Arabian Tale. Sebastian; a Spanish Tale: with other Poems (1822) [Croly]
“Angel Help”, New Monthly Magazine (June 1827) [Lamb]
Angelo's Pic Nic; or, Table Talk, including numerous Recollections of Public Characters, who have figured in some part or another of the Stage of Life for the last Fifty Years (1834) [Angelo]
Anglo-Catholicism: a short Treatise on the Theory of the English Church, with Remarks on its Peculiarities (1844) [Gresley]
The Anglo-Saxon Poem of Beowulf. The Travellers song and the Battle of Finnes-burh (1833) [Kemble]
Animadversions on Lord Bexley's Letter to the freeholders of Kent (1829) [Holland]
Animadversions upon the Remonstrants Defence against Smectymnuus (1641) [Milton]
Animal Mechanics: or Proofs in Design in the Animal Frame (1827-1829) [Bell]
Animal Biography, or, Anecdotes of the Lives, Manners, and Economy, of the Animal Creation: arranged according to the System of Linnaeus (1803) [Bingley]
Animal Magnetism. A Farce: of Three Acts (1789) [Inchbald]
Gli animali parlanti; poema epico diviso in ventisei canti (1802) [Casti]
Anna St. Ives: a Novel (1792) [Holcroft]
“Anna Seward on Mr. Southey's Madoc”, Gentleman's Magazine (July 1808) [Seward]
Annales typographici: ab artis inventae origine ad annvm MD post Maittairii Denisii aliorvmqve doctissimorvm virorvm cvras in ordinem redacti emendati et avcti (1793-1803) [Panzer]
Annales Minorum: in quibus res omnes trium ordinum a S. Francisco institutorum ex fide ponderosius asseruntur (1625-1654) [Wadding]
Annals of Great Britain: from the Ascension of George III, to the Peace of Amiens (1807) [Campbell]
Annals of the French Revolution; or, A chronological Account of its principal Events; with a variety of Anecdotes and Characters hitherto unpublished (1800-1802) [Dallas]
Annals of Scotland. From the Accession of Malcolm III. surnamed Canmore, to the Accession of Robert I (1776) [Dalrymple]
Annals of the Parish; or, the Chronicle of Dalmailing; during the Ministry of the Rev. Micah Balwhidder (1821) [Galt]
Annals of Ireland, Ecclesiastical, Civil and Military (1819) [Graham]
Annals of the Peninsular Campaigns from 1808 to 1814 (1829) [Hamilton]
Annals of Commerce, Manufactures, Fisheries, and Navigation: with brief Notices of the Arts and Sciences connected with them: containing the Commercial Transactions of the British Empire and other Countries (1805) [Macpherson]
Annals of the Bodleian Library, Oxford, A. D. 1598-A. D. 1867, with a Preliminary Notice of the earlier Library founded in the Fourteenth Century (1868) [Macray]
Annals (1st c.) [Tacitus]
Annals of Windsor, being a History of the Castle and Town; with some Account of Eton and Places adjacent (1858) [Tighe]
Annals and Antiquities of Rajast'han, or the Central and Western Rajpoot States of India (1829-1832) [Tod]
Anne of Geierstein: or, the Maiden of the Mist (1829) [Scott]
Anne Boleyn: a Dramatic Poem (1826) [Milman]
Annette, a Tale; with a Memoir of the Author (1852) [Deacon]
“The Anniversary”, Knight's Quarterly Review (October 1823) []
Annus Mirabilis: the Year of Wonders, 1666. An Historical Poem (1667) [Dryden]
“Anstey’s Poetical Works”, Monthly Review (June 1810) [Hodgson]
“An Answer to the Question of a Critic”, Lady Jane Grey: a Tale (1809) [Hodgson]
An Answer to a Letter to the Reverend Doctor Thomas Leland, containing, an Examination of the Criticism on a late Dissertation on the Principles of Eloquence (1765) [Leland]
The Answer given by the Gospel to the Atheism of all Ages: being Strictures suggested chiefly by the Works, styled theological of the late Thomas Paine (1819) [Mulock]
An Answer to Mr. Paine's Age of Reason, being a Continuation of Letters to the Philosophers and Politicians of France, on the Subject of Religion (1795) [Priestley]
An Answer to a Letter from Mr. John Merritt, on the Subject of Parliamentary Reform (1812) [Roscoe]
Antar, a Bedoueen Romance (1820) [Hamilton]
Anti-Tooke; or an Analysis of the Principles and Structure of Language: exemplified in the English Tongue (1824-1827) [Fearn]
The Antient and Modern State of the Parish of Cramond: to which are added, Biographical and Genealogical Collections (1794) [Wood]
Antigone (440 BC c.) [Sophocles]
The Antiquary (1816) [Scott]
The Architectural Antiquities of Great Britain, represented and illustrated in a series of Views, Elevations, Plans, Sections, and Details of various ancient English Edifices; with historical and descriptive Accounts of each (1807-1826) [Britton]
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Aonian Hours: and other Poems (1819) [Wiffen]
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Apicus redivivus; or, The Cook's Oracle (1817) [Kitchiner]
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The Apocryphal New Testament, being all the Gospels, Epistles, and other Pieces now extant (1820) [Hone]
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An Apology for the True Christian Divinity (1678) [Barclay]
An Apology for the Life of Mr. Colley Cibber, Comedian, and late Patentee of the Theatre-Royal (1740) [Cibber]
An Apology for the Disbelief of Revealed Religion: being a Sequel to Sober and Serious Reasons for Scepticism, &c. (1799) [Hollis]
Apology (399 BC c.) [Plato]
Apology addressed to the Traveller's Club; or, Anecdotes of Monkeys (1825) [Rose]
An Apology for Tales of Terror (1799) [Scott]
An Apology for Christianity, in a Series of Letters, addressed to Edward Gibbon, Esq; Author of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (1776) [Watson]
An Apology for the Bible: in a Series of Letters addressed to Thomas Paine (1796) [Watson]
The Apostate: a Tragedy in Five Acts (1817) [Sheil]
Les apôtres (1866) [Renan]
Apparatus ad origines ecclesiasticas collectore (1635) [Montagu]
An Appeal from the New to the Old Whigs: in consequence of some late Discussions in Parliament relative to the Reflections on the French Revolution (1791) [Burke]
“An Appeal from the Shades”, London Magazine (August 1826) [Lamb]
An Appeal to the Serious and Candid Professors of Christianity: On the following Subjects. I. The Use of Reason in Matters of Religion. II. The Power of Man to do the Will of God. III. Original Sin. IV. Election and Reprobation. V. The Divinity of Christ, and VI. Atonement for Sin by the Death of Christ. (1784) [Priestley]
Appeal of One Half the Human Race, Women, against the Pretensions of the other Half, Men, to retain them in Political, and thence in Civil and Domestic, Slavery in reply to a Paragraph of Mr. Mill's celebrated “Article on Government.” (1825) [Thomson]
Appel a l'impartiale postérité, par la citoyenne Roland, femme du ministre de l'intérieur; ou Recueil des ecrits qu'elle a rédigés, pendant se détention, aux prisons de l'Abbaye et de Sainte-Pélagie (1795) [Roland]
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Arabian Tales; or, a Continuation of the Arabian Nights Entertainments (1792) [Cazotte]
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Archibald Constable and his Literary Correspondents (1873) [Constable]
“Architettura campestre”, displayed in Lodges, Gardeners' Houses, and other Buildings, composed of simple and economical Forms, in the modern or Italian Style; introducing a Picturesque Mode of Wofing (1827) [Hunt]
The Arctic Expeditions. A Poem (1818) [Porden]
Areopagitica; a Speech of Mr. John Milton for the Liberty of unlicenc'd Printing, to the Parliament of England (1644) [Milton]
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Argonautica (250 BC c.) [Apollonius]
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The Art of Preserving Health: a Poem (1744) [Armstrong]
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The Art of invigorating and prolonging Life: by Food, Clothes, Air, Exercise, Wine, Sleep, &c. and Peptic Precepts: pointing out agreeable and effectual Methods to prevent and relieve Indigestion, and to regulate and strengthen the Action of the Bowels (1821) [Kitchiner]
The Art of Deer-stalking; illustrated by a Narrative of a few Days' Sport in the Forest of Atholl, with some Account of the Nature and Habits of Red Deer, and a short Description of the Scotch Forests; Legends, Superstitions, Stories of Poachers and Freebooters (1838) [Scrope]
Arthur; or, the Northern Enchantment. A Poetical Romance, in Seven Books (1789) [Hole]
The Artificial Clock-maker: a Treatise of Watch, and Clock-work, wherein the Art of calculating Numbers for most sorts of Movements is explained to the Capacity of the Unlearned (1696) [Derham]
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Aspersions answered: an Explanatory Statement, addressed to the Public at large, and to every Reader of the Quarterly Review in particular (1824) [Hone]
“The Assassins. A Fragment of a Romance”, Essays, Letters from Abroad, Translations and Fragments (1840) [Shelley]
Astarte: a Fragment of Truth concerning George Gordon Byron, sixth Lord Byron (1905) [Milbanke]
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The Atheist's Tragedie, or, the Honest Man's Revenge (1611) [Tourneur]
The Atheniad (1810) [Galt]
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An Attempt to ascertain and illustrate the Authority, Nature and Design of the Institution of Christ commonly called the Communion and the Lord's supper (1780) [Bell]
An Attempt to explain on Natural Principles, the Cures, alleged to be Miraculous, of Miss Lalor and Mrs. Stuart (1823) [Crampton]
An Attempt toward revising our English Translation of the Greek Scriptures, or the New Covenant of Jesus Christ, and toward illustrating the Sense by Philological and Explanatory Notes (1796) [Newton]
Attempts in Verse, by John Jones, an Old Servant: with some Account of the Writer, written by himself: and an Introductory Essay on the Lives and Works of our Uneducated Poets (1831) [Jones]
The Attic Nights of Aulus Gellius (1795) [Beloe]
Aubrey: a Novel (1804) [Dallas]
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Augustus and Mary; or, the Maid of Buttermere. A Domestic Tale (1803) [Mudford]
Aulicus Coquinariæ: or a Vindication in Answer to a Pamphlet, entituled The Court and Character of King James (1650) [Sanderson]
Aurora Leigh (1857) [Browning]
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Authentic Memoirs of Captain Paul Jones, the American Corsair (1779) [Smart]
An Author’s Conduct to the Public, stated in the Behaviour of Dr. William Cullen, His Majesty’s Physician at Edinburgh (1784) [Murray]
“The Author's Mediation upon Sight of his Picture”, A Collection of Emblemes, Ancient and Moderne (1635) [Wither]
An Auto-biographical Memoir of Sir John Barrow, Bart., late of the Admiralty (1847) [Barrow]
Autobiographic Sketches: with Recollections of the Lakes (1854) [De Quincey]
Autobiography of Anna Eliza Bray (1884) [Bray]
L'avocat Patelin, comédie ([1706]) [Brueys]
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Autobiography of Mrs. Fletcher, of Edinburgh, with Selections from her Letters and other Family Memorials (1874) [Fletcher]
“Autobiography”, The Satires of Decimus Junius Juvenalis (1802) [Gifford]
The Autobiography of Leigh Hunt (1850) [Hunt]
The Autobiography of William Jerdan, with his Literary, Political and Social Reminiscences and Correspondence during the last Fifty Years (1852-1853) [Jerdan]
“Autobiography of Mr. Munden: in a letter to the Editor”, London Magazine (February 1825) [Lamb]
Autobiography (1840) [Rowan]
Autobiography of Henry Taylor. 1800-1875 (1885) [Taylor]
The Autobiography of an Artisan (1847) [Thomson]
The Capacity and Extent of the Human Understanding; exemplified in the extraordinary Case of Automathes; a young Nobleman, who was accidentally left in his Infancy, upon a Desolate Island, and continued nineteen years in that Solitary State (1745) [Kirkby]
An Autumn in Greece; comprising Sketches of the Character, Customs, and Scenery of the Country; with a View of its present Critical State (1826) [Bulwer]
An Autumn near the Rhine; or Sketches of Courts, Society, and Scenery in Germany; with a Tour in the Taunus Mountains in 1820 (1821) [Dodd]
The Autumnal Excursion, or, Sketches in Teviotdale: with other Poems (1819) [Pringle]
Les avantures de Télémaque, fils d'Ulysse, ou Suite du quatrième livre de l'Odyssée d'Homère (1699) [Fenelon]
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The Ayrshire Legatees or, the Pringle Family (1821) [Galt]