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“Baby: an Autobiographical Memoir”, The Keepsake (1832) [Jerdan]
“The Baby's Debut”, Rejected Addresses: or the New Theatrum Poetarum (1812) [Smith]
Babylon; and other Poems (1811) [Hawke]
Babylon the Great: a Dissection and Demonstration of Men and Things in the British Capital (1825) [Mudie]
Bacchus in Tuscany. A Dithyrambic Poem, from the Italian of Francesco Redi, with Notes original and select (1825) [Hunt]
Bacco in Toscana (1685) [Redi]
“A Bachelor's Complaint of the Behavior of Married People”, The Reflector (1811) [Lamb]
“Badham's Translation of Juvenal”, Quarterly Review (July 1814) [Gifford]
Bakhtyar nameh or Story of Prince Bakhtyar and the Ten Viziers: a Series of Persian Tales (1801) [Ouseley]
La balia; poemetto (1767) [Tansillo]
“Ballad on Metaphysics”, Lady Jane Grey: a Tale (1809) [Hodgson]
“A Ballad Denoting the Difference between the Rich and the Poor”, John Woodvil; a Tragedy. To which are added Fragments of Burton, the Author of the Anatomy of Melancholy (1802) [Lamb]
“A Ballad: Shewing how an old Woman rode Double, and who rode before her”, Poems: by Robert Southey. The Second Volume (1799) [Southey]
“Ballad on Charlotte Lynes”, Memoirs of the Life of Dr. Darwin chiefly during his Residence at Lichfield (1804) [Vyse]
Old Ballads, Historical and Narrative, with some of Modern Date; now first collected, and reprinted from Rare Copies. With Notes (1777) [Evans]
Ballads: founded on Anecdotes relating to Animals, with Prints designed and engraved by William Blake (1805) [Hayley]
Ballads and Lyrical Pieces (1806) [Scott]
The Ballantyne-Humbug handled: in a Letter to Sir Adam Fergusson (1839) [Lockhart]
Ballantyne's Novelist's Library (1821-1824) [Scott]
“Ballidehob”, Literary Gazette (22 July 1820) [Maginn]
Ballot (1839) [Smith]
The Banks of Tamar, a Poem, with other Pieces (1820) [Carrington]
“The Bannatyne Club”, Poetical Works (1833-34) [Scott]
“Barante—Histoire des Ducs de Bourgogne”, The Foreign Review (1828) [Southey]
“Barbara S——”, London Magazine (April 1825) [Lamb]
“The Bard. A Pindaric Ode”, Odes, by Mr. Gray (1757) [Gray]
“The Bard's Incantation”, Edinburgh Annual Register (1808) [Scott]
“Barère's Memoirs”, Edinburgh Review (April 1844) [Macaulay]
Barnabees Journall, under the Names of Mirtilus & Faustulus shadowed (1634) [Brathwaite]
“Barnham Water”, Wild Flowers or, Pastoral and Local Poetry (1806) [Bloomfield]
The Baronage of Scotland; containing an Historical and Genealogical Account of the Gentry of that Kingdom (1798) [Douglas]
“Barrow's Travels in Southern Africa”, Annual Review for 1804 (1805) [Southey]
“Barrow's Travels in China”, Annual Review for 1804 (1805) [Southey]
“[Barton's Poems]”, Literary Gazette (22 April 1820) [Jerdan]
Basil: a Story of Modern Life (1852) [Collins]
“Battle of Gibeon”, A New Year's Eve and other Poems (1828) [Barton]
“Battle of the Baltic”, Gertrude of Wyoming; a Pennsylvanian Tale. And other Poems (1809) [Campbell]
The Battle of the Bards. An Heroic Poem. In Two Cantos (1800) [Dermody]
“Battle of the Bridal Ring”, (1800 ca.) [Hunt]
The Battle of Bosworth-Field, between Richard the Third, and Henry Earl of Richmond, August 22, 1485 (1788) [Hutton]
“Battle of Algiers”, The Harp of the Desert, containing the Battle of Algiers with other Pieces in Verse (1818) [Macken]
“The Battle of Blenheim”, Morning Post (9 August 1798) [Southey]
“The Battle of the Books”, A Tale of a Tub. Written for the Universal Improvement of Mankind. To which is added, an Account of a Battel between the Antient and Modern Books in St. James’s Library (1704) [Swift]
The Battles of Talavera: a Poem (1810) [Croker]
The Baviad, a paraphrastic Imitation of the First Satire of Persius (1791) [Gifford]
“Bayley's Poems”, Annual Review for 1803 (1804) [Southey]
“The Beacon: a Serious Musical Drama”, A Series of Plays: in which it is attempted to delineate the stronger Passions of the Mind: each Passion being the Subject of a Tragedy and a Comedy. Vol. III (1812) [Baillie]
“Beau Miser”, (1800 ca.) [Hunt]
Beau Nash: the King of Bath: a Comedy in Three Acts (1834) [Jerrold]
Beaumaris Bay: a Poem: with Notes descriptive and explanatory (1800) [Llwyd]
The Beauties of England and Wales: or, Delineations, Topographical, Historical, and Descriptive of each County: embellished with Engravings (1801-1802) [Britton]
The Beauties of Shakespear: regularly selected from each Play (1752) [Dodd]
“Beauty; a Lyrical Poem”, Knight's Quarterly Magazine (June 1823) [Coleridge]
The Beaux Stratagem. A Comedy (1707) [Farquhar]
“The Beggar's Petition”, Poems on Several Occasions (1769) [Moss]
The Beggar Girl & her Benefactors (1797) [Bennett]
The Beggar's Opera (1728) [Gay]
Behemoth, or, an Epitome of the Civil Wars of England, from 1640 to 1660 (1679) [Hobbes]
Belford Regis: or, Sketches of a Country Town (1835) [Mitford]
Belgium and Western Germany in 1833; including Visits to Baden-Baden, Wiesbaden, Cassel, Hanover, the Harz Mountains, &c &c. (1834) [Trollope]
Belinda (1801) [Edgeworth]
Bélisaire, tragédie en cinq actes et en vers (1818) [Jouy]
Bell's Edition: the Poets of Great Britain complete from Chaucer to Churchill (1777-1780) [Bell]
“Bell and Lancaster's Systems of Education”, Quarterly Review (August 1811) [Southey]
“Bellamy's Reply to the Quarterly Review”, Quarterly Review (July 1818) [D'Oyly]
The Belle of a Season (1840) [Blessington]
The Belle's Stratagem: a Comedy (1782) [Cowley]
“La Belle Tryamour, a Metrical Romance”, Knight's Quarterly Magazine (June 1823) [Moultrie]
Bellum Iudaicum (75) [Josephus]
“Beloe's Sexagenarian”, Monthly Review (February 1818) [Butler]
Belshazzar: a Dramatic Poem (1822) [Milman]
“Benediction on Children”, Metropolitan Magazine (March 1832) [Campbell]
“Benlomond”, The Pilgrim of Glencoe: and other Poems (1842) [Campbell]
“Bentham, Principes de Législation par Dumont”, Edinburgh Review (April 1804) [Jeffrey]
“Bentham's Book of Fallacies”, Edinburgh Review (August 1825) [Smith]
Beppo a Venetian Story (1818) [Byron]
Bertha's Visit to her Uncle in England (1830) [Marcet]
Bertram, or, the Castle of St. Aldobrand: a Tragedy in Five Acts (1816) [Maturin]
Beth-Gêlert or The Grave of the Greyhound (1796) [Spencer]
The Bethel Flag, or Sermons to Seamen (1823) [Philip]
The Betrothed Lovers: a Milanese Tale of the XVIIth Century (1828) [Manzoni]
“The Betrothed”, Tales of the Crusaders (1825) [Scott]
The Bible in Spain, or, the Journeys, Adventures, and Imprisonments of an Englishman in an Attempt to circulate the Scriptures in the Peninsula (1843) [Borrow]
Bible Stories. Memorable Acts of the Ancient Patriarchs, Judges and Kings (1803) [Godwin]
Biblical Researches in Palestine, Mount Sinai and Arabia Petraea: a Journal of Travels in the Year 1838 (1841) [Robinson]
A Bibliographical, Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour in France and Germany (1821) [Dibdin]
The Bibliographical Decameron: or, Ten Days pleasant Discourse upon Illuminated Manuscripts, and Subjects connected with early Engraving, Typography, and Bibliography (1817) [Dibdin]
The Bibliomania; or, Book-madness; containing some Account of the History, Symptoms and Cure of this Fatal Disease, in an Epistle addressed to Richard Heber, esq. (1809) [Dibdin]
Bibliotheca classica; or, a Classical Dictionary, containing a full Account of all the Proper Names mentioned in antient Authors (1788) [Lempriere]
Bibliotheca Parriana. A Catalogue of the Library of the late reverend and learned Samuel Parr (1827) [Parr]
Bibliotheca Sussexiana: a Descriptive Catalogue, accompanied by Historical and Biographical Notices, of the Manuscripts and Printed Books contained in the Library of His Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex in Kensington Palace (1827-1839) [Pettigrew]
Bibliotheca politica, or, A Discourse by way of Dialogue whether Monarchy be jure divino (1691) [Tyrell]
Bibliotheca Britannica, or, a General Index to British and Foreign Literature (1824) [Watt]
“Bill Jones”, Romantic Tales (1808) [Lewis]
Biographia Literaria, or, Biographical Sketches of my Literary Life and Opinions (1817) [Coleridge]
Biographia Dramatica; or, a Companion to the Playhouse (1812) [Jones]
Biographia Britannica, or, the Lives of the Most Eminent Persons who have flourished in Great Britain and Ireland, from the Earliest Ages, to the Present Times (1778-93) [Kippis]
Biographia Dramatica, or, a Companion to the Playhouse: containing Historical and Critical Memoirs, and Original Anecdotes, of British and Irish Dramatic Writers, from the Commencement of our Theatrical Exhibitions (1782) [Reed]
Biographia Britannica Literaria; or, Biography of Literary Characters of Great Britain and Ireland, arranged in Chronological Order (1842-1846) [Wright]
Biographical Memoirs of extraordinary Painters: exhibiting not only Sketches of their principal Works and professional Characters; but a variety of romantic Adventures and original Anecdotes (1780) [Beckford]
A Biographical Dictionary of the Celebrated Women of every Age and Country (1804) [Betham]
“Biographical Memoir of James Elphinston”, Gentleman's Magazine (Npvember 1809) [Dallas]
A Biographical History of England, from Egbert the Great to the Revolution (1769) [Granger]
“Biographical Memoir of Mr. Liston”, London Magazine (January 1825) [Lamb]
A Biographical History of Philosophy (1845) [Lewes]
Biographical Sketches (1869) [Martineau]
Biographical Anecdotes of William Hogarth: and a Catalogue of his Works chronologically arranged; with Occasional Remarks (1781) [Nichols]
“Biographical Sketch of Sir Walter Scott”, The Penny Magazine (31 October 1832) [Pringle]
“Biographical Memoirs”, The Miscellaneous Prose Works of Sir Walter Scott, Bart (1827) [Scott]
A Biographical Dictionary containing an Historical Account of all the Engravers, from the Earliest Period of the Art of Engraving to the Present Time; and a Short List of their most esteemed Works (1785-1786) [Strutt]
A Biographical Dictionary of the Living Authors of Great Britain and Ireland; comprising Literary Memoirs and Anecdotes of their Lives, and a Chronological Register of their Publications (1816) [Watkins]
Biographical Memoirs of the late Rev. Joseph Warton, to which are added, a Selection from his Works; and a Literary Correspondence between eminent Persons, reserved by him for publication (1806) [Wooll]
“Biographical Memoir of John Leyden, M.D.”, Edinburgh Annual Register (1813) [Scott]
The Bioscope, or Dial of Life, explained: to which is added, a Translation of St. Paulinus's Epistle to Celantia, on the Rule of Christian Life: and an elementary View of general Chronology, with a perpetual solar and lunar Calendar (1812) [Penn]
Birds (414 BC) [Aristophanes]
“Birkbeck's Notes on America”, Quarterly Review (April 1818) [Barrow]
“Birth of a Poet”, Specimens of American Poetry, with Critical and Biographical Notices (1828) [Neal]
“Bishop Heber's Indian Journals, etc.”, Quarterly Review (January 1828) [Lockhart]
“Bishop Horsley's Edition of Euclid”, Edinburgh Review (July 1804) [Playfair]
“The Bishop of Peterborough and his Clergy”, Edinburgh Review (November 1822) [Smith]
“Bishop Bruno”, The Annual Anthology (1799) [Southey]
“The Black Cock”, Fugitive Verses (1840) [Baillie]
“The Black Dinner”, The Tatler (30 September 1830) [Heywood]
Black-eyed Susan! or, All in the downs! a Nautical Drama in Three Acts ([1829?]) [Jerrold]
The Black Mantle, or, The Murder at the Old Ferry: a Romance (1846) [Rymer]
“The Black Dwarf”, Tales of my Landlord (1816) [Scott]
“Blackwood's Magazine”, London Magazine (November 1820) [Scott]
“Blakesmoor in H——shire”, London Magazine (September 1824) [Lamb]
Blank Verse, by Charles Lloyd and Charles Lamb (1798) [Lamb]
Bleak House (1853) [Dickens]
“Blind Kate”, Rosamond: a Sequel to Early Lessons (1821) [Edgeworth]
The Blind Boy: a Melo-drama, in Two Acts (1808) [Kenney]
“The Blind Highland Boy”, Poems in Two Volumes (1807) [Wordsworth]
Blue-Stocking Hall (1827) [Scargill]
Blue Devils, a farce, in One Act (1808) [Colman]
Blue-beard, or, Female Curiosity: a Dramatick Romance (1798) [Colman]
Bluebeard's Keys, and other Stories (1874) [Ritchie]
“Bluebeard”, The Iris (17 March 1804) [Taylor]
“The Blues: a Literary Eclogue”, The Liberal (1823) [Byron]
“The Boat on the Serchio”, Posthumous Poems of Percy Bysshe Shelley (1824) [Shelley]
A Body of Theology, principally Practical: in a Series of Lectures (1807) [Fellowes]
A Bold Stroke for a Wife: a Comedy (1714) [Centlivre]
Bombastes furioso; a Tragic Burlesque Opera; in One Act (1813) [Rhodes]
“Bonduca”, Comedies and Tragedies written by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher Gentlemen (1647) [Fletcher]
The Book of Fallacies: from Unfinished Papers of Jeremy Bentham (1824) [Bentham]
The Book of the Roman-Catholic Church: in a Series of letters addressed to Robt. Southey, esq., LL.D., on his Book of the Church (1825) [Butler]
The Book of Common Prayer reformed: according to the Plan of the late Dr. Samuel Clarke. Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David (1774) [Clarke]
A Book of Memories of Great Men and Women of the Age, from Personal Acquaintance (1871) [Hall]
The Book of the Boudoir (1829) [Morgan]
The Book without a Name (1841) [Morgan]
“The Book of the Boudoir, by Lady Morgan”, Blackwood's Magazine (October 1829) [Mudford]
The Book of the Church (1824) [Southey]
“[Books with One Idea in them]”, The Examiner (18 July 1813) [Lamb]
The Border Antiquities of England and Scotland: comprising Specimens of Architecture and Sculpture, and other Vestiges of former Ages, accompanied by Descriptions. Together with Illustrations of remarkable Incidents in Border History and Tradition, and Original Poetry (1814-1817) [Scott]
“The Borderers, a Tragedy”, Poems, chiefly of Early and Late Years: including The Borderers, a Tragedy (1842) [Wordsworth]
The Borough: a Poem in Twenty-four Letters (1810) [Crabbe]
“Borrow's Bible in Spain”, Quarterly Review (December 1842) [Lockhart]
“Boswell redivivus”, New Monthly Magazine (August 1826-March 1827) [Hazlitt]
Bosworth-field: with a Taste of the Variety of other Poems (1629) [Beaumont]
The Botanic Garden: a Poem in Two Parts (1789-1791) [Darwin]
“Botany Bay”, Edinburgh Review (July 1819) [Smith]
“Botany Bay Eclogues”, Poems (1797) [Southey]
“Bothwell Castle”, Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, bart. (1837-38) [Scott]
“La bottega del caffè”, Le Commedie, del dottore Carlo Goldoni (1756-58) [Goldoni]
Boucher's Glossary of Archaic and Provincial Words: a Supplement to the Dictionaries of the English Language, particularly those of Dr. Johnson and Dr. Webster (1832-1833) [Boucher]
Le Bourgeois gentilhomme (1670) [Moliere]
“Bowles’s Spirit of Discovery”, Annual Review for 1805 (1806) [Southey]
“The Boy of Egremond”, Human Life: a Poem (1819) [Rogers]
“Boyd’s Penance of Hugo.”, Annual Review for 1805 (1806) [Southey]
The Boyne Water: a Tale (1826) [Banim]
Bozzy and Piozzi, or the British Biographers: a Town Eclogue (1786) [Wolcot]
Bracebridge Hall; or, the Humorists (1822) [Irving]
“The Bracelet of Memory”, Rosamond: a Sequel to Early Lessons (1821) [Edgeworth]
“The Braes of Yarrow”, Poems: by the Rev. Mr. Logan, one of the Ministers of Leith (1781) [Logan]
Brambletye House: or, Cavaliers and Roundheads: a Novel (1825) [Smith]
“Die Braut von Korinth”, Musen-Almanach (1798) [Goethe]
Braut von Messina (1803) [Schiller]
The Bravo: a Tale (1831) [Cooper]
The Bravo of Venice, a Romance (1805) [Lewis]
“The Bridal of Triermain, or, the Vale of St. John”, Quarterly Review (July 1813) [Ellis]
The Bridal of the Isles: a Mask (1817) [Knight]
The Bridal of Triermain, or, the Vale of St. John: in Three Cantos (1813) [Scott]
“The Bride”, Literary Gazette (11 September 1819) [Croly]
The Bride of Ludgate: a Comic Drama, in Two Acts ([1829?]) [Jerrold]
The Bride of Abydos, a Turkish Tale (1813) [Byron]
“The Bride of Lammermoor”, Tales of my Landlord: third series (1819) [Scott]
“The Bridge of Sighs”, Hood's Magazine and Comic Miscellany (May 1844) [Hood]
Brief Observations on the Address to His Majesty proposed by Earl Grey in the House of Lords: 13th June, 1810 (1810) [Roscoe]
A Brief Statement of the Causes which have led to the Abandonment of the Celebrated System of Penitentiary Discipline: in some of the United States of America. In a Letter to the Hon. Stephen Allen, of New-York ([1827]) [Roscoe]
Britannia sive Florentissimorvm regnorvm, Angliæ, Scotiæ, Hiberniae, et invlarvm adiacentium ex intima antiquitate chorographica descriptio (1586) [Camden]
Britannia: eine Auswahl englischer Dichtungen alter und neuer Zeit (1843) [Ploennies]
Britannicus (1670) [Racine]
British Anthologies (1899) [Arber]
The British Novelists; with an Essay, and Prefaces, biographical and critical (1810) [Barbauld]
Bell's British Theatre, consisting of the most esteemed English Plays (1776) [Bell]
The British and French Expeditions to Teembo, with Remarks on Civilization in Africa (1821) [Bowdich]
The British Gallery of Contemporary Portraits: accompanied by short Biographical Notices of a series of Portraits of the most eminent Persons now living, or lately deceased, in Great Britain and Ireland (1812-1816) [Caulfield]
Cooke's Pocket Edition of the original & complete Works of select British Poets (1795-1796) [Cooke]
British Georgics (1809) [Grahame]
The British Librarian: exhibiting a Compendious Review or Abstract of our most Scarce, Useful, and Valuable books in all Sciences, as well in Manuscript as in Print (1738) [Oldys]
“British Monachism”, Quarterly Review (July 1819) [Southey]
The British Eclogue for the year 1805: a Satirical Poem; with Notes; to which are added, The Lord Mayor's Day; and A Tale for the Benefit of the Ugly, in imitation of the inimitable George Colman the younger (1806) [Jerdan]
The British Essayists: with Prefaces, Historical and Biographical (1802-1803) [Chalmers]
“British Policy”, Quarterly Review (October 1839) [Head]
“Britton's Cathedral Antiquities”, Quarterly Review (September 1826) [Southey]
The Broken Heart: a Tragedy (1633) [Ford]
“My Brother's Grave”, Poetry of the College Magazine (1819) [Moultrie]
The Brothers: a Comedy (1770) [Cumberland]
The Brothers: a Monody, and other Poems (1820) [Elton]
“The Brothers”, Lyrical Ballads with a few other Poems (1798) [Wordsworth]
“The Brown Beauty”, Poems on Various Subjects (1802) [Dermody]
The Brownie of Bodsbeck, and other Tales (1818) [Hogg]
“The Brownie's Cell”, The River Duddon: a Series of Sonnets; Vaudracour and Julia: and other Poems; to which is annexed, a topographical Description of the country of the Lakes, in the north of England (1820) [Wordsworth]
The Bruce (1375) [Barclay]
The Bruce; or, the History of Robert I. King of Scotland. Written in Scotish Verse by John Barbour. The first genuine edition, published from a MS. dated 1489; with Notes and a Glossary by J. Pinkerton (1790) [Pinkerton]
“Bruce’s Travels to the Source of the Nile”, Annual Review for 1805 (1806) [Southey]
Bubbles from the Brunnens of Nassau (1834) [Head]
“Buonaparte's Appeal to the British Nation”, Quarterly Review (January 1817) [Croker]
Buonparte: a Poem (1814) [Canning]
“The Burial of Sir John Moore”, Newry Telegraph (1817) [Wolfe]
“Table-talk (No. IV): Burleigh House”, New Monthly Magazine (May 1822) [Hazlitt]
“Burlesque. By an admirer of man that are no egoists”, The Literary Gazette (16 May 1818) [Dibdin]
“Burnet—History of his Own Times”, Quarterly Review (April 1823) [Southey]
“Burney's Discoveries in the South Sea”, Annual Review for 1803 (1804) [Southey]
“The Butterfly”, Poems by Samuel Rogers (1812) [Rogers]
“The Butterfly's Ball, and the Grasshopper's Feast”, Gentleman's Magazine (November 1806) [Roscoe]
“Hans Roth”, The Literary Panorama (February 1818) [Southey]
Byron: the Last Phase (1909) [Edgecumbe]
“The Byron Mystery”, Quarterly Review (October 1869) [Hayward]
“Byron and Mary Chaworth”, Fortnightly Review (August 1910) [Lang]
Byron (1912) [Mayne]
“Byron's Manfred”, Blackwood's Magazine (June 1817) [Wilson]