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“M. Carnot's Memorial”, Edinburgh Review (November 1814) [Brougham]
“M. Parseval, Philippe-Auguste, Poëme Héroïque”, Quarterly Review (September 1826) [Lockhart]
M.P., or The Blue-Stocking, a Comic Opera, in Three Acts (1811) [Moore]
MacFlecknoe, or a Satyr upon the True-Blew-Protestant Poet, T. S (1682) [Dryden]
“M'Kinnen's Tour through the British West Indies”, Annual Review for 1804 (1805) [Southey]
Macaulay, the Historian, Statesman, and Essayist: Anecdotes of his Life and Labours, with some Account of his Early and Unknown Writings; with a Photographic Portrait (1860) [Hotten]
“Macaulay's Lays of Ancient Rome”, Quarterly Review (March 1843) [Milman]
Macbeth reconsidered: an Essay intended as an Answer to part of the Remarks on some of the Characters of Shakspeare (1786) [Kemble]
Macbeth (1623) [Shakespeare]
“Macduff's Cross, a Drama”, A Collection of Poems, chiefly manuscript, and from Living Authors (1823) [Scott]
“Mackenzie's Voyages”, Annual Review for 1802 (1803) [Southey]
“Mackery End in Hertfordshire”, London Magazine (July 1821) [Lamb]
The Maclise Portrait-gallery of "Illustrious Literary Characters". With Memoirs Biographical, Critical, Bibliographical & Anecdotal Illustrative of the Literature of the Former Half of the Present Century (1883) [Bates]
“Macpherson's Annals of Commerce”, Edinburgh Review (July 1806) [Ellis]
“The Mad Banker of Amsterdam”, Blackwood's Magazine (1818) [Lockhart]
“Mad. Cottin, Elisabeth, ou les Exilés de Sibérie”, Edinburgh Review (January 1808) [Playfair]
“The Mad Mother”, Lyrical Ballads with a few other Poems (1798) [Wordsworth]
“Madam Dacier and Pope”, Literary Gazette (25 January 1823) [M'Quin]
“Madame de Fleury”, Tales of Fashionable Life (1809-1812) [Edgeworth]
Madame Bovary; moeurs de province (1857) [Flaubert]
“Madame de Staël, Sur la Littérature”, Edinburgh Review (February 1813) [Jeffrey]
“Madame de Staël”, Edinburgh Review (October 1821) [Jeffrey]
“Madame D'Arblay”, Edinburgh Review (January 1843) [Macaulay]
“Madame de Staël, Sur le Suicide”, Edinburgh Review (July 1813) [Mackintosh]
“Madame de Stael's Delphine”, Edinburgh Review (April 1803) [Smith]
Madame de Staël (1890) [Sorel]
Mademoiselle de Clermont, nouvelle historique, par Mme. de Genlis (1802) [Genlis]
Madoc (1805) [Southey]
Mador of the Moor, a Poem (1816) [Hogg]
The Mæviad. By the Author of the Baviad (1796) [Gifford]
The Magic Lantern, or, Sketches of Scenes in the Metropolis (1822) [Blessington]
“Magic”, Literary Gazette (23 May 1818) [Procter]
The Magic Mirror: addressed to Walter Scott, Esq. (1812) [Wilson]
“The Magnetic Lady to her Patient”, Athenaeum (11 August 1832) [Shelley]
The Magpie, or, the Maid of Palaiseau: a Melo-dramatic Romance: in Three Acts (1815) [Dibdin]
“Mahmoud”, The Liberal (1823) [Hunt]
The Maid of the Oaks: a new Dramatic Entertainment (1774) [Burgoyne]
“The Maid's Remonstrance. From an unpublished Opera”, New Monthly Magazine (February 1821) [Campbell]
The Maid of Elvar: a Poem in Twelve Parts (1832) [Cunningham]
“The Maid of Lodi”, The Siege of Belgrade (1791) [Dibdin]
“The Maid of Orkney”, New Monthly Magazine (November 1824) [Johnson]
“Maid of Toro”, A Collection of Scottish Airs (1806) [Scott]
“My Maiden Brief”, Knight's Quarterly Review (October 1823) []
The Maides Tragedy (1619) [Beaumont]
“Maimoune: A Poem”, The Etonian (1821) []
Malade imaginaire (1673) [Moliere]
“Malcolm on India”, Edinburgh Review (July 1812) [Mill]
“To a Malignant Critic”, Poems (1849) [Fields]
“Malthus's Essay on Population”, Annual Review for 1803 (1804) [Southey]
Malvern Hills: a Poem (1798) [Cottle]
Malvina (1800) [Cottin]
Malvina, ou, Un mariage d'inclination: comédie-vaudeville en deux actes (1828) [Scribe]
Man as he is: a Novel (1792) [Bage]
The Man of Feeling (1771) [Mackenzie]
The Man in the Moon, or Travels into the Lunar Regions, by the Man of the People (1783) [Thomson]
Man in Quest of Himself: or, a Defence of the Individuality of the Human Mind, or Self. Occasioned by some Remarks in the Monthly Review for July 1763. on a Note in Search's Freewill (1763) [Tucker]
Mandeville. A Tale of the Seventeenth Century in England (1817) [Godwin]
Manfred, a Dramatic Poem (1817) [Byron]
“Manoeuvring”, Tales of Fashionable Life (1809-1812) [Edgeworth]
Mansfield Park: a Novel. In Three Volumes (1814) [Austen]
A Manual of Comparative Anatomy (1827) [Blumenbach]
Manuel du voyageur, ou Recueil de dialogues, de lettres, etc., suivi d'un itinéraire raisonné, à l'usage des François en Allemagne et des Allemands en France (1799) [Genlis]
Manuel: a Tragedy in Five Acts (1817) [Maturin]
The Manuscript of 1814: a History of Events which led to the Abdication of Napoleon (1823) [Fain]
Manuscript transmitted from St. Helena (1817) [Lullin]
“Many Friends”, New Times (7 January 1825) [Lamb]
“The March to Moscow”, The Antijacobin Review (June 1814) [Southey]
Marcian Colonna: an Italian Tale with three Dramatic Scenes and other Poems (1820) [Procter]
“Marco Bozzaris”, Alnwick Castle, with other Poems (1827) [Halleck]
“Marenghi”, Posthumous Poems of Percy Bysshe Shelley (1824) [Shelley]
Margaret of Anjou: a Poem; in Ten Cantos (1816) [Holford]
Margites (800 BC c.) [Homer]
Maria Stuart, ein Trauerspiel (1801) [Schiller]
Le mariage de raison: comédie-vaudeville en deux actes (1826) [Scribe]
“Mariana in the South”, Poems (1833) [Tennyson]
“Marina on the Ancient Legislation of Spain”, Edinburgh Review (October 1813) [Allen]
“Marino Faliero”, Marino Faliero, Doge of Venice: An Historical Tragedy, in Five Acts. With Notes. The Prophecy of Dante, a Poem (1821) [Byron]
Marius the Epicurean: his Sensations and Ideas (1885) [Pater]
Marmion; a Tale of Flodden Field (1808) [Scott]
The Marriage of Figaro (1784) [Beaumarchais]
Marriage: a Novel (1818) [Ferrier]
Marriage in May Fair; or, the Comedy of Real Life (1853) [Patmore]
“The Marriage of Peleus and Thetis”, Literary Gazette (4 April 1818) [Procter]
The Martyr: a Drama in Three Acts (1826) [Baillie]
The Martyr of Antioch: a Dramatic Poem (1822) [Milman]
Mary De-Clifford. A Story. Interspersed with many Poems (1792) [Brydges]
Mary Barton: a Tale of Manchester Life (1848) [Gaskell]
Mary Lamb (1883) [Gilchrist]
Mary and Charles Lamb; Poems, Letters, and Remains, now first collected (1874) [Hazlitt]
Mary and Charles Lamb: Poems, Letters, and Remains: now first collected, with Reminiscences and Notes (1874) [Lamb]
“Mary the Maid of the Inn”, The Oracle (11 February 1797) [Southey]
Mary, a Fiction (1788) [Wollstonecraft]
The Mask of Anarchy (1832) [Shelley]
A Maske Presented at Ludlow Castle, 1634: on Michaelmasse Night (1637) [Milton]
“The Massacre”, Memoirs of Mrs. Inchbald (1833) [Inchbald]
Master's Rival; or, a Day at Boulogne: a Farce, in Two Acts ([1829]) [Peake]
Master Clarke: a Play in Five Acts (1840) [Serle]
Master Humphrey's Clock (1840) [Dickens]
Materia Hieroglyphica containing the Egyptian Pantheon, and the Succession of the Pharaohs, from the Earliest Times, to the conquest by Alexander, and other Hieroglyphical Subjects (1828) [Wilkinson]
Materials for Thinking (1803) [Burdon]
“Mathias's Italian Translation of Spenser”, London Magazine (July 1826) [Macfarlane]
Matilda and Malek Adhel, the Saracen: a Crusade-romance ([1806?]) [Cottin]
Matilda: a Tale of the Day (1825) [Phipps]
“Maud”, Maud, and other Poems (1855) [Tennyson]
Maurice and Berghetta; or the Priest of Rahery. A Tale (1819) [Parnel]
Maxwell. By the author of "Sayings and Doings" (1830) [Hook]
May you like it (1823) [Tayler]
Mazeppa: A Poem (1819) [Byron]
“McCrie's Life of John Knox”, Edinburgh Review (July 1812) [Jeffrey]
“Meadows in Spring”, The Year Book of Daily Recreation and Information (30 April 1831) [Fitzgerald]
“Measure of Value”, London Magazine (December 1823) [De Quincey]
The Measure of Value: stated and ill. with an Application of it to the Alterations in the Value of the English Currency since 1790 (1823) [Malthus]
Measure for Measure (1623) [Shakespeare]
Mechanism of the Heavens (1831) [Somerville]
Le mechant. Comedie en cinq actes en vers (1747) [Gresset]
Medea (450 BC c.) [Euripides]
Le Médecin malgré lui (1666) [Moliere]
Shakespeare's Medical Knowledge (1865) [Stearns]
Meditations among the Tombs in a Letter to a Lady (1746) [Hervey]
Méditations poétiques (1820) [Lamertine]
Medora Leigh: a History and an Autobiography: with an Introduction, and a Commentary on the Charges brought against Lord Byron by Mrs. Beecher Stowe (1869) [Leigh]
Medulla Poetarum Romanorum, or, the most Beautiful and Instructive Passages of the Roman Poets (1737) [Baker]
“Medwin and Byron”, The Courier (7 December 1824) [Southey]
“Meeting of the Ships”, A Set of Glees (1820) [Moore]
“Melancholy: a Fragment”, Morning Post (12 December 1797) [Coleridge]
“The Melancholy Man”, Poems on Various Subjects (1795) [Lloyd]
“Melancholy Hours. No. X”, Monthly Mirror (1805) [White]
Melincourt (1817) [Peacock]
Melmoth the Wanderer: a Tale (1820) [Maturin]
A Melo-dramatic Piece, being an occasional attempt to commemorate the Death and Victory of Lord Viscount Nelson ([1805?]) [Cumberland]
Memoir of Thomas, first Lord Denman, formerly Lord Chief Justice of England (1873) [Arnould]
Memoir (1824: destroyed) [Byron]
Memoir of the Rev. Henry Francis Cary, M.A., Translator of Dante: with his Literary Journal and Letters (1847) [Cary]
Memoir of the Life, Writings and Correspondence of James Currie, M.D., F.R.S., of Liverpool (1831) [Currie]
Memoir of the Rev. Francis Hodgson, B.D., Scholar, Poet, and Divine, with numerous Letters from Lord Byron and others (1878) [Hodgson]
“Memoir of the Author's Life”, Altrive Tales (1832) [Hogg]
Memoir of De Witt Clinton: with an Appendix, containing numerous Documents, illustrative of the Principal Events of his Life (1829) [Hosack]
Memoir of Mrs. Barbauld: including Letters and Notices of her Family and Friends (1874) [Le Breton]
“Memoir of Shelley”, The Athenaeum (8 September 1832-20 April 1833) [Medwin]
Memoir of the Life and Character of the Right Hon. Edmund Burke; with Specimens of his Poetry and Letters, and an Estimate of his Genius and Talents, compared with those of his great Contemporaries (1724) [Prior]
Memoir of the Life and Public Services of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, F.R.S. &c. particularly in the Government of Java, 1811-1816, and of Bencoolen and its Dependencies, 1817-1824 with Details of the Commerce and Resources of the Eastern Archipelago, and Selections from his Correspondence (1830) [Raffles]
Memoir of Richard Roberts Jones of Aberdaron: in the County of Carnarvon, in North Wales; exhibiting a remarkable instance of a Partial Power and Cultivation of Intellect (1822) [Roscoe]
Memoir on the Geology of Central France including the Volcanic Formations of Auvergne, the Velay, and the Vivarais (1827) [Scrope]
Memoir and Correspondence of the late Sir James Edward Smith (1832) [Smith]
Memoir and Letters of Charles Sumner (1877-1893) [Sumner]
A Memoir of the Life and Writings of the late William Taylor of Norwich, containing his Correspondence of many years with the late Robert Southey, Esq., and Original Letters from Sir Walter Scott, and the other eminent Literary Men (1843) [Taylor]
“Memoir of William Roscoe, Esq.”, (October 1832) [Traill]
Memoir of Sir William Hamilton, bart. (1869) [Veitch]
Memoires du mareschal de Bassompierre: contenant l'histoire de sa vie et de ce qui s'est fait de plus remarquable à la cour de France pendant quelques années (1665) [Bassompierre]
Mémoires des sages et royales oeconomies d'estat, domestiques, politiques et militaires de Henry le Grand (1638) [Berry]
Mémoires de Brissot, sur ses contemporains, et la révolution française: Publiés par son fils (1830) [Brissot]
Mémoires d'outre-tombe (1849-50) [Chateaubriand]
Mémoires d'Hyppolite Clairon et réflexions sur la déclamation théatrale (1798) [Clairon]
Mémoires pour servir à l'histoire des événemens de la fin du dix-huitième siècle depuis 1760 jusqu'en 1806 - 1810 (1818) [Georgel]
Mémoires d'une femme de qualité, sur Louis XVIII, sa cour et son règne (1829-1830) [Lamothe]
Mémoires de Mademoiselle Bertin sur la reine Marie-Antoinette: Avec des notes et des éclaircissements (1824) [Peuchet]
Mémoires de Madame de Staal (1755) [Staal]
Mémoires du baron de Tott, sur les Turcs et les Tartares (1784) [Tott]
Mémoires du Colonel Voutier sur la guerre actuelle des grecs (1823) [Voutier]
Mémoires de Constant, premier valet de chambre de l'empereur, sur la vie privée de Napoléon, sa famille et sa cour (1830) [Wairy]
Memoires of the last Ten Years of the Reign of George the Second (1822) [Walpole]
Memoirs of the Life of Peter Daniel Huet, Bishop of Avranches (1810) [Aikin]
Memoirs of the Court of King Charles the First (1833) [Aikin]
Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth (1818) [Aikin]
Memoirs of the Court of King James the First (1822) [Aikin]
Memoirs and Correspondence of Dr. H. Bathurst, Bishop of Norwich (1853) [Bathurst]
Memoirs of Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia, Daughter of King James the First. Including Sketches of the State of Society in Holland and Germany, in the 17th Century (1825) [Benger]
Memoirs of Mr. John Tobin, Author of The Honey-moon: with a Selection from his Unpublished Writings (1820) [Benger]
Memoirs of the Life of Anne Boleyn, Queen of Henry VIII (1821) [Benger]
Memoirs of the Life of Mary Queen of Scots: with Anecdotes of the Court of Henry II. during her Residence in France (1823) [Benger]
Memoirs of the late Mrs. Elizabeth Hamilton, with a Selection from her Correspondence, and other Unpublished Writings (1818) [Benger]
Memoirs of Adam Black (1885) [Black]
Memoirs of the Life of John Philip Kemble, esq., including a History of the Stage, from the Time of Garrick to the Present Period (1825) [Boaden]
Memoirs of Mrs. Inchbald: including her Familiar Correspondence with the most distinguished Persons of her Time (1833) [Boaden]
Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte (1829-1831) [Bourrienne]
Memoirs of the Life, Writings, and Discoveries of Sir Isaac Newton (1855) [Brewster]
Memoirs of Dr. Burney, arranged from his own Manuscripts, from Family Papers, and from Personal Recollections (1832) [Burney]
“Memoirs of the Lives and Characters of the Right Honourable George Baillie of Jerviswood and of Lady Grisell Baillie”, New Monthly Magazine (May 1823) [Campbell]
“Memoirs of the late Sir James Mackintosh”, Metropolitan Magazine (July 1832) [Campbell]
The Military Memoirs of Capt. George Carleton (1728) [Carleton]
Memoirs of Capt. George Carleton, an English Officer: including Anecdotes of the War in Spain under the Earl of Peterborough and many interesting Particulars relating to the Manner of the Spaniards in the beginning of the last Century (1808) [Carleton]
“Memoirs of the Life of Scott”, Westminster Review (January 1838) [Carlyle]
Memoirs of the Life of the Rev. Charles Simeon, M.A.: late Senior Fellow of Kings College and Minister of Trinity Church, Cambridge (1848) [Carus]
Memoirs of a Working Man (1845) [Carter]
“Memoirs of Madame de Genlis”, Quarterly Review (September 1826) [Chenevix]
Memoirs of the Private and Public Life of William Penn (1813) [Clarkson]
Memoirs of the House of Medici, from its Origin to the Death of Francesco, the second Grand Duke of Tuscany (1797) [Clayton]
Memoirs of Charles Macklin, Comedian, with the Dramatic Characters, Manners, Anecdotes, etc. of the age in which he lived: forming an History of the Stage during almost the whole of the last century (1804) [Cooke]
“Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott”, Knickerbocker Magazine (October 1838) [Cooper]
Memoirs of John, Duke of Marlborough: with his original Correspondence, collected from the Family Records at Blenheim (1818-1819) [Coxe]
Memoirs of the Life and Administration of Sir Robert Walpole, earl of Orford. With Original Correspondence and Authentic Papers, never before published (1798) [Coxe]
“Memoirs of Dr. Burney”, Quarterly Review (April 1833) [Croker]
“Memoirs of R. L. Edgeworth, Esq.”, Quarterly Review (July 1820) [Croker]
Memoirs of the Protector, Oliver Cromwell, and of his Sons, Richard and Henry: illustrated by Original Letters and other Family Papers (1820) [Cromwell]
Memoirs, containing an Account of his Life and Writings, interspersed with Anecdotes and Characters of several of the most distinguished Persons of his Time (1806) [Cumberland]
Memoirs of the Life of Sir Humphry Davy, Bart. (1836) [Davy]
Memoirs of a Cavalier: or a Military Journal of the Wars in Germany, and the Wars in England (1720) [Defoe]
“Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Sir Philip Sidney”, Quarterly Review (February 1809) [D'Israeli]
Memoirs of the Life of George Frederick Cooke, late of the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden Composed principally from Journals and other authentic Documents, left by Mr. Cooke, and the personal Knowledge of the Writer (1813) [Dunlop]
Memoirs by a celebrated Literary and Political Character: from the Resignation of Sir Robert Walpole in 1742 to the Establishment of Lord Chatham's Second Administration in 1757: containing Strictures on some of the most distinguished Men of that Time (1814) [Duppa]
Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Robert Robinson: late Minister of the Dissenting Congregation, in Saint Andrew's Parish, Cambridge (1796) [Dyer]
Memoirs of the Secret Societies of the South of Italy, particularly the Carbonari (1821) [Eastlake]
Memoirs of Richard Lovell Edgeworth, Esq. begun by himself and concluded by his Daughter (1820) [Edgeworth]
Memoirs of Richard Lovell Edgeworth begun by himself and concluded by his Daughter, Maria Edgeworth (1820) [Edgeworth]
Memoirs, illustrative of the Life and Writings of John Evelyn: comprising his Diary, from the Year 1641 to 1705-6, and a Selection of his Familiar Letters (1818) [Evelyn]
Memoirs of the Public Life of the late Rt. Hon. Charles James Fox (1808) [Fell]
Memoirs of James Hardy Vaux (1819) [Field]
Memoirs of the Life, Writings, and Opinions of the Rev. Samuel Parr, LL.D.; with Biographical Notice of many of his Friends, Pupils, and Contemporaries (1828) [Field]
Memoirs of the Private Life, Return, and Reign of Napoleon in 1815 (1820) [Fleury]
The Memoirs of Joseph Fouché, Duke of Otranto, Minister of the General Police of France (1825) [Fouche]
Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Benjamin Franklin (1818) [Franklin]
Memoirs of the Life of Simon Lord Lovat (1785) [Fraser]
“Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Edward Gibbon, Esq.”, The Miscellaneous Works (1796) [Gibbon]
Memoirs and Posthumous Works of Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin (1798) [Godwin]
Memoirs of Goethe: written by himself (1824) [Goethe]
Memoirs of an American Lady: with Sketches of Manners and Scenery in America, as they existed previous to the Revolution (1808) [Grant]
Military Memoirs of the great Civil War. Being the Military Memoirs of John Gwynne (1822) [Gwynne]
Memoirs of the Life of Count de Grammont: containing, in particular, the amorous Intrigues of the Court of England in the Reign of King Charles II (1713) [Hamilton]
Memoirs of the Political and Private Life of James Caulfield, Earl of Charlemont (1810) [Hardy]
Memoirs of the Life and Writings of William Hayley, esq. the Friend and Biographer of Cowper (1823) [Hayley]
Memoirs of Emma Courtney (1796) [Hays]
Memoirs of the late Thomas Holcroft (1816) [Hazlitt]
Memoirs of William Hazlitt. With Portions of his Correspondence (1867) [Hazlitt]
Memoirs of the Reign of George the Second: from his Accession to the Death of Queen Caroline (1848) [Hervey]
Memoirs of the late Thomas Holcroft (1816) [Holcroft]
Memoirs and Correspondence (1853) [Horner]
Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson (1806) [Hutchinson]
Memoirs of Sir Elijah Impey, knt. first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Judicature, at Fort William, Bengal; with Anecdotes of Warren Hastings, Sir Philip Francis, Nathaniel Brassey Halhed, esq., and other Contemporaries; compiled from Authentic Documents, in refutation of the Calumnies of the Right Hon. Thomas Babington Macaulay (1846) [Impey]
Memoirs, Correspondence, and Private Papers of Thomas Jefferson: late President of the United States (1829) [Jebb]
Memoirs of the Rebellion in 1745 and 1746: containing a Narrative of the Progress of the Rebellion from its Commencement to the Battle of Culloden (1820) [Johnstone]
Memoirs of John lord de Joinville, Grand Seneschal of Champagne (1807) [Joinville]
Memoirs (1833) [Lee]
“Memoirs of Sheridan, by Dr. Watkins and Mr. Moore”, Quarterly Review (March 1826) [Lockhart]
Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, bart. (1837-38) [Lockhart]
Memoirs of the Affairs of Scotland from the Restoration of King Charles II. A.D. MDCLX (1821) [Mackenzie]
Memoirs of the Life of Sir James Mackintosh (1836) [Mackintosh]
Memoirs and Correspondence illustrative of the History of the French Revolution (1852) [Mallet]
Memoirs of Charles Mathews, Comedian (1838-1839) [Mathews]
Memoirs of the Author of Indian Antiquities: comprehending the History of the Progress of Indian Literature, in Britain, during a period of Thirty Years (1819-1822) [Maurice]
Memoirs of Mr. William Veitch, and George Brysson: with other Narratives illustrative of the History of Scotland, from the Restoration to the Revolution (1825) [McCrie]
Memoirs of William Paley. (1809) [Meadley]
Memoirs of his own Life by Sir James Melville of Halhill, 1549-1593 (1827) [Melville]
Memoirs, Journal, and Correspondence (1853) [Moore]
Lady Morgan's Memoirs: Autobiography, Diaries and Correspondence (1862) [Morgan]
“Memoirs of the Macaw of a Lady of Quality”, The Metropolitan (May-June 1831) [Morgan]
Memoirs of the Lives and Characters of the Right Honourable George Baillie of Jerviswood and of Lady Grisell Baillie (1822) [Murray]
Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Lindley Murray: in a Series of Letters, written by himself (1826) [Murray]
Memoirs of the different Rebellions in Ireland, from the Arrival of the English: also a particular detail of that which broke out the XXIIId of May, MDCCXCVIII, with the History of the Conspiracy which preceded it, and the Characters of the principal Actors in it (1818) [Musgrave]
Memoirs of the Protectorate-house of Cromwell; deduced from an early period, and continued down to the present time (1784) [Noble]
Memoirs of the Illustrious House of Medici, from Giovanni, the Founder of their Greatness, who died in the year 1428, to the Death of Giovanni-Gaston, the last Grand Duke of Tuscany, in 1737 (1797) [Noble]
Memoirs of Sir Joshua Reynolds, Knt. comprising original Anecdotes of many Persons, his Contemporaries; and a brief Analysis of his Discourses, to which are added, Varieties on Art (1813) [Northcote]
Memoirs of Monkeys, &c. &c. (1825) [Ogle]
Memoirs of the legal, literary, and political Life of the late the Right Honourable John Philpot Curran, once Master of the Rolls in Ireland: comprising copious Anecdotes of his Wit and Humour; and a Selection of his Poetry. Interspersed with occasional Biography of his distinguished Contemporaries in the Senate and at the Bar (1817) [O'Regan]
Memoirs of James Robert Hope-Scott of Abbotsford: with Selections from his Correspondence (1884) [Ornsby]
Memoirs of Samuel Pepys, Esq., F.R.S., Secretary to the Admiralty in the Reigns of Charles II and James II, comprising his Diary from 1659 to 1669, deciphered by the Rev. John Smith (1825) [Pepys, Samuel]
Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the late John Coakley Lettsom, with a Selection of his Correspondence (1817) [Pettigrew]
Memoirs of the Political and Literary Life of Robert Plumer Ward, Esq.: author of "The Law of Nations", "Tremaine", "De Vere", etc., etc.: with Selections from his Correspondence, Diaries, and Unpublished Literary Remains (1850) [Phipps]
Memoirs of the extraordinary Life, Works, and Discoveries of Martinus Scriblerus (1742) [Pope]
“Memoirs of P. P., Clerk of this Parish”, Miscellanies in Prose and Verse (1727-28) [Pope]
Memoirs of Dr. Joseph Priestley, to the Year 1795 (1806-1807) [Priestley]
Memoirs of the Public Life of John Horne Took, Esq. (1812) [Reid]
Memoirs of Madame de Rémusat, 1802-1808 (1880) [Remusat]
Memoirs of the Life and Correspondence of Mrs. Hannah More (1834) [Roberts]
Memoirs of the Marchioness de Laroche Jaquelein, with a map of the theatre of war in La Vendée (1817) [Rochejacquelein]
Memoirs of the Life of Sir Samuel Romilly (1840) [Romilly]
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La methode nouvelle et invention extraordinaire de dresser les chevaux, les travailles selon la nature, et parfaire la nature par la subtilité de l'art la quelle n'a jamais eté trouvée que par le Prince Guillaume Marquis et, Comte de Newcastle (1658) [Cavendish]
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A Myrrovr for Magistrates. Wherein maye be seen by example of other, with howe greuous Plagues Vices are punished: and howe frayle and unstable worldly Prosperity is founde, when of those whom Fortune seemeth most highly to fauour (1563) [Sackville]
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