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“[R. C. Dallas]”, The John Bull Magazine, and Literary Recorder (August 1824) [Byron]
Racine et Shakespeare: études sur le romantisme (1823-25) [Stendhal]
“The Radical's Saturday Night”, Blackwood's Magazine (December 1819) [Wilson]
“Railroads in Ireland”, Quarterly Review (January 1839) [Head]
Raising the Wind: a Farce, in two Acts (1803) [Kenney]
Les raisons des forces mouuantes, auec diuerses machines tant vtilles que plaisantes: aus quelles sont adioints plusieurs desseings de grotes et fontaines (1615) [Caus]
Ralph Earl of Lovelace; a Memoir (1920) [Milbanke]
“The Ramayuna of Valmeeki”, Quarterly Review (May 1810) [Turner]
The Rambler (1750-1752) [Johnson]
Rambles by Rivers (1844-1849) [Thorne]
Rank and Talent: a Novel (1829) [Scargill]
The Rape of the Lock. An Heroi-Comical Poem (1714) [Pope]
The Rape of Lucrece (1594) [Shakespeare]
The Prince of Abissinia. A tale [Rasselas] (1759) [Johnson]
A Rational Primer (1799) [Edgeworth]
Rattlin, the reefer (1836) [Howard]
Die Räuber (1781) [Schiller]
“[The Raven. A Christmas Tale]”, Morning Post (10 March 1798) [Coleridge]
Ravenshoe (1862) [Kingsley]
“Raymond's Life of Dermody”, Critical Review (March 1806) [Hodgson]
De re publica (54 BC c.) [Cicero]
The Reason of Church-governement urg’d against Prelaty (1641) [Milton]
Reasons for Contentment: addressed to the Labouring Part of the British Public (1793) [Paley]
The Recess: or, a Tale of Other Times (1785) [Lee]
Recherches historiques et critiques sur les mystères du paganisme (1817) [Sainte Croix]
Recherches nouvelles sur l'histoire ancienne (1814-15) [Volney]
“The Recluse”, The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth (1881) [Wordsworth]
“Recollection”, The Watchman (2 April 1796) [Coleridge]
Recollections of an Excursion to the Monasteries of Alcobaça and Batalha (1835) [Beckford]
The Recollections of the Very Rev. G. D. Boyle, Dean of Salisbury (1895) [Boyle]
Recollections of Hyacinth O'Gara (1828) [Brittaine]
“Recollections of John Keats”, Gentleman's Magazine (February 1874) [Clarke]
Recollections of Writers (1878) [Clarke]
Recollections of a Chaperon (1833) [Brand]
Recollections of the Life of Lord Byron, from the Year 1808 to the end of 1814; exhibiting his early Character and Opinions, detailing the Progress of his Literary Career, and including various unpublished Passages of his Works. Taken from authentic Documents, in the possession of the Author (1824) [Dallas]
“Recollections of Charles Lamb”, Love's Last Labour not Lost (1863) [Daniel]
Recollections of Mirabeau, and of the two first Legislative Assemblies of France (1832) [Dumont]
Recollections of the Table-Talk of Samuel Rogers; to which is added Porsoniana (1856) [Dyce]
Recollections of Seventy Years (1866) [Farrar]
Recollections of the Last Ten Years, passed in Occasional Residences and Journeyings in the Valley of the Mississippi (1826) [Flint]
Recollections of Sir Walter Scott, bart. (1837) [Gillies]
Recollections of Japan; comprising a Particular Account of the Religion, Language, Government, Laws and Manners of the People with Observations on the Geography, Climate, Population & Productions of the Country (1819) [Golovnin]
“Recollections of Dr. Parr, by a Pupil”, New Monthly Magazine (July-September 1826) [Hargrave]
“On Christ's Hospital, and the Character of the Christ's Hospital Boys”, Gentleman's Magazine (June 1813) [Lamb]
“Recollections of the South-Sea House”, London Magazine (August 1820) [Lamb]
“Recollections of a Chaperon, Aims and Ends”, Quarterly Review (April 1833) [Lockhart]
Recollections of Curran and some of his Contemporaries (1818) [Phillips]
The Recollections and Reflections of J. R. Planché, (Somerset herald). A Professional Autobiography (1872) [Planche]
“Recollections of the Author of Vathek”, New Monthly Magazine (June, July 1844) [Redding]
Recollections (1859) [Rogers]
Recollections of the Last Days of Shelley and Byron (1858) [Trelawny]
Recollections of a Tour made in Scotland, A.D. 1803 (1874) [Wordsworth]
The Reconciliation, or, Birth-day: a Comedy in Five Acts (1799) [Kotzebue]
Records of Woman, with other Poems (1828) [Hemans]
Records of my Life (1832) [Taylor]
Records of Later Life (1882) [Kemble]
Records of a Girlhood (1879) [Kemble]
Recreations with the Muses (1637) [Alexander]
The Recreations of Christopher North (1842) [Wilson]
The Recruiting Officer. A Comedy ([1706]) [Farquhar]
Recueil des éloges historiques lus dans les séances publiques de l'Institut de France (1819-1827) [Cuvier]
“The Red Fisherman”, Friendship's Offering (1828) [Praed]
“The Red King”, Partenopex de Blois: a Romance in four cantos. Freely translated from the French of M. Le Grand (1807) [Rose]
The Red Rover: a Tale (1828) [Cooper]
Redgauntlet. A Tale of the Eighteenth Century (1824) [Scott]
Reflections on the Revolution in France, and on the Proceedings in certain Societies in London relative to that Event. In a Letter intended to have been sent to a Gentleman in Paris (1790) [Burke]
“Reflections on a Plum Pudding”, New Monthly Magazine (January 1822) [Campbell]
“Reflections on having left a Place of Retirement”, Monthly Magazine (October 1796) [Coleridge]
“Reflections of a Dead Body”, Gentleman's Magazine (December 1837) [Hunt]
“Reflections”, Poems by Samuel Rogers (1834) [Rogers]
Reflections on Suicide (1813) [Stael]
The Reflector, a Quarterly Magazine, on Subjects of Philosophy, Politics, and the Liberal Arts (1811) [Hunt]
Reflexions ou sentences et maximes morales (1665) [Rochejacquelein]
“The Reform”, The Rights of Justice; or, Rational Liberty (1793) [Dermody]
The Refugee in America: a Novel (1832) [Trollope]
Refutatio Alcorani in qua ad Mahumetanicae superstitionis radicem securis apponitur & Mahometus ipse gladio suo jugulatur (1698) [Marryat]
Refutation of the Mistatements and Calumnies contained in Mr Lockhart's Life of Sir Walter Scott, Bart.: respecting the Messrs Ballantyne (1838) [Ballantyne]
The Regent: a Tragedy (1788) [Greatheed]
Le régime moderne (1891-1894) [Taine]
Reginald Dalton (1823) [Lockhart]
The Rehearsal (1672) [Villiers]
“Reid—On Nervous Affections”, Quarterly Review (April 1822) [Gooch]
“Reid's Memoirs of the Public Life of John Horne Tooke”, Quarterly Review (June 1812) [Ward]
Reise nach Brasilien in den Jahren 1815 bis 1817 (1820-1821) [Wied]
“The Reiver's Wedding”, Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, bart. (1837-38) [Scott]
Rejected Articles (1826) [Patmore]
Rejected Addresses: or the New Theatrum Poetarum (1812) [Smith]
“Rejoicings upon the New Year's coming of Age”, London Magazine (November 1820) [Lamb]
The Relapse, or, Virtue in Danger: being the Sequel of The Fool in Fashion: a Comedy (1697) [Vanbrugh]
Religio medici (1642) [Browne]
Religio laici, or, A Laymans Faith: a Poem (1682) [Dryden]
Religio clerici: a Churchman's Epistle (1818) [Smedley]
“The Religion of Actors”, New Monthly Magazine (April 1826) [Lamb]
“Religious Musings: a Desultory Poem”, Poems on Various Subjects (1796) [Coleridge]
“Religious Controversy in France—Relation of the Clergy to the People”, Quarterly Review (September 1845) [Milman]
Religious Discourses. By a Layman (1828) [Scott]
Reliques of Irish Poetry: consisting of Heroic Poems, Odes, Elegies, and Songs, translated into English Verse: with Notes Explanatory and Historical, and the Originals in the Irish Character (1789) [Brooke]
Reliques of Robert Burns: consisting chiefly of original Letters, Poems, and Critical Observations on Scottish Songs (1808) [Burns]
“Reliques of Burns”, Edinburgh Review (January 1809) [Jeffrey]
Reliques of Ancient English Poetry: consisting of Old Heroic Ballads, Songs, and other Pieces of our Earlier Poets, (chiefly of the Lyric Kind.) Together with some few of Later Date (1765) [Percy]
“Reliques of Robert Burns”, Quarterly Review (February 1809) [Scott]
The Remains of Joseph Blacket, consisting of Poems, Dramatic Sketches, The Times, an Ode, and a Memoir of his Life (1811) [Blacket]
Remains of Nithsdale and Galloway Song: with Historical and Traditional Notices relative to the Manners and Customs of the Peasantry (1810) [Cunningham]
The Remains of Hesiod the Ascraean: translated from the Greek into English Verse (1809) [Elton]
Remains of the late Reverend Richard Hurrell Froude (1838-1839) [Froude]
Remains of the Rev. Edmund D. Griffin (1831) [Griffin]
Remains, in Verse and Prose (1834) [Hallam]
Herbert's Remains: or, Sundry Pieces of that Sweet Singer of the Temple, Mr. George Herbert, sometime Orator of the University of Cambridge (1652) [Herbert]
Remains of Alexander Knox, Esq. (1834) [Knox]
“Remains of Lucretia Davidson”, Quarterly Review (November 1829) [Southey]
Prolusiones juveniles præmiis academicis dignatæ (1793) [Twining]
Remains of the late John Tweddell, being a Selection of his Letters written from Various Parts of the Continent, together with a republication of his Prolusiones Juveniles (1815) [Twining]
The Remains of Henry Kirke White, of Notingham, late of St. John's College, Cambridge: with an Account of his Life (1807) [White]
Remains of Nithsdale and Galloway Song: with historical and traditional Notices relative to the Manners and Customs of the Peasantry (1810) [Cromek]
“Remarkable Correspondent”, The Every Day Book (1 May 1825) [Lamb]
Remarks on the Blair-Adam Estate: with an Introduction and Appendix (1834) [Adam]
Remarks on the Life and Writings of Dr. Jonathan Swift (1751) [Boyle]
Remarks in the Grand Tour of France and Italy. Perform'd by a Person of Quality (1692) [Bromley]
Remarks on the Greek Verses of Milton (1790) [Burney]
Remarks occasioned by Mr. Moore's Notices of Lord Byron's Life (1830) [Byron]
“Remarks on the Geography of the Ancients”, Metropolitan Magazine (May 1832) [Campbell]
Remarks, Critical and Moral, on the Talents of Lord Byron, and the Tendencies of Don Juan (1819) [Colton]
Remarks on the Review of Inchiquin's Letters, published in the Quarterly Review: addressed to the Right Honourable George Canning (1815) [Dwight]
Remarks on the Internal Evidence for the Truth of Revealed Religion (1820) [Erskine]
Remarks on Antiquities, Arts, and Letters, during an Excursion in Italy in the Years 1802 and 1803 (1813) [Forsyth]
Remarks on the Writings and Conduct of J. J. Rousseau (1767) [Fuseli]
Remarks on the Bishop of Peterborough's Comparative View of the Churches of England and Rome (1821) [Glover]
Remarks on Ecclesiastical History (1751-1773) [Jortain]
“Remarks on the State of the Two Universities”, Liberal Education, or, a Practical Treatise on the Methods of acquiring Useful and Polite Learning (1781) [Knox]
“Remarks on Don Juan”, Blackwood's Magazine (August 1818) [Lockhart]
“Remarks on the Periodical Criticism of England”, Blackwood's Magazine (March 1818) [Lockhart]
Remarks on the Epistles of Cicero to Brutus, and of Brutus to Cicero: in a Letter to a Friend. With a Dissertation upon Four Orations ascribed to M. Tullius Cicero (1745) [Markland]
Remarks illustrative of the Scope and Influence of the Philosophical Writings of Lord Bacon. From the Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, read February 16, 1818 ([1818]) [Napier]
Remarks on the Statement of Dr. Charles Combe. By an Occasional Writer in the British Critic (1795) [Parr]
Remarks on the Proposals made to Great Britain for opening Negotiations for Peace in the year 1807 (1808) [Roscoe]
“The Battle of Sempach”, Blackwood's Magazine (February 1818) [Scott]
Remarks on Local Scenery & Manners in Scotland during the Years 1799 and 1800 (1801) [Stoddart]
Remarks on some of the Characters of Shakespeare (1785) [Whately]
“Remarks on Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus”, Blackwood's Magazine (March 1818) [Scott]
“Remarks on Gourgaud's Account of the Campaign of 1815”, Blackwood's Magazine (November 1818) [Scott]
“Remember thee, remember thee”, Conversations of Lord Byron (1824) [Byron]
Reminiscences of Charles Butler, Esq., of Lincoln's-Inn (1822-1827) [Butler]
Reminiscences (1881) [Carlyle]
Reminiscences of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Robert Southey (1847) [Cottle]
The Reminiscences of Thomas Dibdin, of the Theatres Royal, Covent-Garden, Drury-Lane, Haymarket, &c., and author of The Cabinet, &c. (1827) [Dibdin]
Reminiscences and Opinions (1886) [Doyle]
“Reminiscences of Samuel Rogers”, Quarterly Review (October 1888) [Eastlake]
Reminiscences of Michael Kelly, of the King's Theatre, and Theatre Royal Drury Lane, including a Period of nearly Half a Century; with Original Anecdotes of many Distinguished Persons, Political, Literary, and Musical (1826) [Kelly]
“Reminiscences of Elliston”, Englishman's Magazine (August 1831) [Lamb]
Macready's Reminiscences, and Selections from his Diaries and Letters (1875) [Macready]
“Reminiscences of Talma, by one of his friends”, New Monthly Magazine (December 1844) [Redding]
A Remonstrance addressed to Mr. John Murray, respecting a recent Publication (1822) [Todd]
Remorse: a Tragedy in Five Acts (1813) [Coleridge]
The Rent Day: a Drama in Two Acts ([1832?]) [Jerrold]
René, ou, Les effets des passions (1802) [Chateaubriand]
“Replies to Calumnies against Oxford”, Quarterly Review (August 1810) [Davison]
Reply to Mr Lockhart's Pamphlet, entitled, “The Ballantyne-Humbug handled” (1839) [Ballantyne]
A Reply to the Calumnies of the Edinburgh review against Oxford. Containing an Account of Studies pursued in that University (1810) [Copleston]
A Reply to the Essay on Population: in a Series of Letters, to which are added, Extracts from the Essay, with Notes by the Rev. T. R. Malthus (1807) [Hazlitt]
Reply to "Some Remarks (by George Harrison) on a Communication from William Roscoe to the Duke of Gloucester: President of the African Institution, dated March 20, 1809" ([1811]) [Roscoe]
“[Reply to Lord Byron]”, The Courier (5 January 1822) [Southey]
“Reply to the Quarterly Review”, Morning Chronicle (19 December 1816) [Webster]
“Reply to Blackwood's”, Works of Lord Byron with his Letters and Journals (1833) [Byron]
“Reply to Byron”, The Courier (5 January 1822) [Southey]
Réponse à Sir Walter Scott, sur son histoire de Napoléon (1828) [Bonaparte]
Report of the Commissioner of Inquiry into the State of the Colony of New South Wales (1822) [Bigge]
The Report and Despatches of the Earl of Durham, Her Majesty's High Commissioner and Governor-general of British North America (1839) [Lambton]
A Report of the Arguments of counsel in the Case of the Queen at the Prosecution of the Rev. Richard Quail Shannon versus the Churchwardens of the Parish of St. Nicholas within Dublin, and the Unanimous Judgment of the Court (1841) [Shannon]
“Report on the Poems of Ossian.”, Annual Review for 1805 (1806) [Southey]
Reports of Cases argued and determined in the High court of Chancery, during the time of Lord Chancellor Eldon (1821-1823) [Jacob]
Repository of Arts, Literature, Fashions &c. (1809-1829) [Ackermann]
The Reprobate: a Novel (1802) [Lafontaine]
Histoire des républiques italiennes du moyen âge (1807-1818) [Sismondi]
A Sermon preached before the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, in the Abbey Church of St. Peter, Westminster, on Friday, April 19, 1793 (1793) [Beadon]
Rerum Hispanicarum scriptores aliquot, quorum nomina versa pagina indicabit (1579) [Beale]
Rerum hibernicarum scriptores veteres (1814-26) [O'Conor]
Researches into the History of Playing Cards; with Illustrations of the Origin of Printing and Engraving on Wood (1816) [Singer]
“Resentment”, Tales (1812) [Crabbe]
“Residence at Tongataboo”, Quarterly Review (May 1810) [Southey]
“Resolution and Independence”, Poems in Two Volumes (1807) [Wordsworth]
“The Resolve”, English Minstrelsy. Being a Selection of Fugitive Poetry from the best English Authors; with some Original Pieces, hitherto unpublished (1810) [Scott]
The Restoration of the Works of Art to Italy; a Poem (1816) [Hemans]
The Results of Machinery, namely, Cheap Production and Increased Employment, exhibited: being an Address to the Working-men of the United Kingdom (1831) [Knight]
Retaliation: a Poem (1774) [Goldsmith]
Retirement, and other Poems (1809) [Redding]
Retribution, or, the Chieftain's Daughter: a Tragedy in Five Acts (1818) [Dillon]
Retrospect of a Long Life: from 1815 to 1883 (1883) [Hall]
“The Retrospect”, Poems: containing The Retrospect, Odes, Elegies, Sonnets, &c. By Robert Lovell, and Robert Southey (1795) [Southey]
“Retrospective Criticism”, New Monthly Magazine (May 1832) [Lytton]
“On Returning a Ring to a Lady”, The Life of the Right Honourable John Philpot Curran, late Master of the Rolls in Ireland (1819) [Curan]
Reuben Apsley (1827) [Smith]
“Reullura”, Theodric; a Domestic Tale; and other Poems (1824) [Campbell]
“Rev. John Bartlam”, Gentleman's Magazine (March 1823) [Parr]
“Le revenant”, Blackwood's Magazine (April 1827) [Thompson]
The Revenge: a Tragedy (1721) [Young]
Reverendi admodum in Christo patris, Samuelis Parkeri, episcopi non ita pridem Oxoniensis, De rebus sui temporis commentariorum. Libri quatro (1726) [Parker]
Reveries, or, Memoirs upon the Art of War (1757) [Fawcett]
“Rèveries du promeneur solitaire.”, Les confessions de J. J. Rousseau: suivies des Rèveries du promeneur solitaire (1782) [Rousseau]
“Reverses; a Tale of the Past Season”, Blackwood's Magazine (August 1827) [Harness]
The Review, or, Wags of Windsor: a Musical Farce, in Two Acts (1801) [Colman]
Review (1704-1713) [Defoe]
“Review of Tales of My Landlord”, Edinburgh Christian Instructor (1817) [McCrie]
A Review of the Speeches of the Right Hon. George Canning on the Late Election for Liverpool as far as they relate to the Questions of Peace and Reform (1812) [Roscoe]
“Review Extraordinary”, The Satirist (September 1812) [Jerdan]
“Review of Auto-biography of Edmund Kean, Esq.”, Blackwood's Magazine (September 1824) [Maginn]
“Review of The Crusaders”, Monthly Review (May 1810) [Hodgson]
The Reviewer Reviewed, being an Examination of a Critical Notice in "The Edinburgh Review" of Mr. Plumer Ward's Historical Essay on the Revolution of 1688, addressed to the Editor of "The Quarterly Review" (1839) [Ward]
Reviewers Reviewed: including an Enquiry into the moral and intellectual Effects of Habits of Criticism, and their Influence on the General Interests of Literature; to which is subjoined a Brief History of the Periodical Reviews published in England and Scotland (1811) [Conder]
“Revival of the Slave Trade”, Edinburgh Review (April 1814) [Brougham]
The Revolt of the Angels and the Fall from Paradise. An Epic Drama (1830) [Reade]
The Revolt of Islam: a Poem, in Twelve Cantos (1818) [Shelley]
The Revolutionary Epick (1834) [Disraeli]
“The Rhedycinian Barbers, an Ode”, Monthly Magazine (May 1797) [Bedford]
Rhoda: a Novel (1816) [Jacson]
Rhododaphne: or, the Thessalian Spell. A Poem (1818) [Peacock]
“Rhyme and Reason”, The Liberal (1822) [Hunt]
“Rhymes on the Road”, Fables for the Holy Alliance, Rhymes on the Road, etc. etc. (1823) [Moore]
Rhymes (1837) [Rose]
Rhymes on Art; or, the Remonstrance of a Painter: in two parts. With Notes, and a Preface, including Strictures on the State of the Arts, Criticism, Patronage, and Public Taste (1805) [Shee]
Ricciarda: tragedia (1820) [Foscolo]
Ricciardetto (1738) [Forteguerri]
“Rich Auld Willie's Farewell”, Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border, consisting of Historical and Romantic Ballads, collected in the Southern Counties of Scotland, with a few of modern date, founded upon Local Tradition (1802-1803) [Seward]
King Richard II (1597) [Shakespeare]
King Richard III (1597) [Shakespeare]
Richard the First, a Poem: in Eighteen Books (1801) [Burges]
The Two First Cantos of Richardetto (1820) [Merivale]
Richardi Bentleii et doctorum virorum Epistolæ: partim mutuæ (1807) [Bentley]
Riche his Farewell to Militarie Profession (1581) [Rich]
Richelieu: a Tale of France (1829) [James]
The Riches of Chaucer: in which his Impurities have been expunged; his Spelling modernised; his Rhythm accentuated; and his Obsolete Terms explained (1835) [Clarke]
Résultats extraits d'un ouvrage intitulé: De la richesse territoriale du royaume de France, ouvrage dont la rédaction n'est point encore achevée (1791) [Lavoisier]
Rienzi: a Tragedy in Five Acts (1828) [Mitford]
The Right of Protestant Dissenters to a Compleat Toleration asserted: containing an Historical Account of the Test Laws, and shewing the Injustice, Expediency, and Folly of the Sacramental Test, as now imposed, with respect to Protestant Dissenters (1789) [Heywood]
The Rights of Industry: addressed to the Working-men of the United Kingdom. I. Capital and Labour (1831) [Knight]
Rights of Man: being an Answer to Mr. Burke's attack on the French Revolution (1791) [Paine]
“The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”, Lyrical Ballads (1798) [Coleridge]
“Rise, Progress, Present State, and Prospects of the British Cotton Manufacture”, Edinburgh Review (June 1827) [McCulloch]
“Rise and Progress of Popular Disaffection”, Quarterly Review (January 1817) [Southey]
Ritratti scritti da Isabella Teotochi Albrizzi (1816) [Albrizzi]
“Ritson versus Scott the Quaker”, London Magazine (April 1823) [Lamb]
“Ritson's Metrical Romances”, Edinburgh Review (January 1806) [Scott]
“Ritson's Ancient English Romances”, Annual Review for 1803 (1804) [Southey]
“Ritter Bann”, Theodric; a Domestic Tale; and other Poems (1824) [Campbell]
The Rival Queens, or, the Death of Alexander the Great (1677) [Lee]
The Rivals: a Comedy (1775) [Sheridan]
The River Duddon: a Series of Sonnets; Vaudracour and Julia: and other Poems; to which is annexed, a topographical Description of the country of the Lakes, in the north of England (1820) [Wordsworth]
The Road to Ruin, a Comedy (1789) [Holcroft]
“Rob Donn's Poems”, Quarterly Review (July 1831) [Lockhart]
Rob Roy, the Gregarach. A Romantick Drama, in Three Acts (1818) [Soane]
“Rob Roy's Grave”, Poems in Two Volumes (1807) [Wordsworth]
Rob Roy (1818) [Scott]
Robert Macaire (1835) [Antier]
“Roberts's Letters and Miscellaneous Papers”, Quarterly Review (January 1815) [Southey]
“Robin Hood”, Robin Hood, a Fragment by the late Robert Southey and Caroline Southey: With other Fragments and Poems (1847) [Southey]
Roderic, dernier roi des Goths. Poème traduit de l'anglais de Robert Southey, esq.r, poète lauréat (1821) [Amillet]
Roderick: the Last of the Goths (1814) [Southey]
Rogers and his Contemporaries (1889) [Clayden]
“Rogers's Poems”, Edinburgh Review (October 1813) [Mackintosh]
“Rogers's Poems”, Quarterly Review (March 1813) [Ward]
Rogvald; an Epic Poem, in Twelve Books (1823) [Pennie]
Rokeby; a Poem (1813) [Scott]
A Roland for an Oliver. A Farce, in Two Acts (1826) [Morton]
Romæ antiquæ notitia: or, the Antiquities of Rome (1703) [Kennett]
Roman Antiquities, or, an Account of the Manners and Customs of the Romans. Designed chiefly to illustrate the Latin Classics (1791) [Adam]
“The Roman Catholic Question—Ireland”, Quarterly Review (October 1828) [Southey]
Romance and reality (1831) [Landon]
The Romance of the Forest: interspersed with some Pieces of Poetry (1792) [Radcliffe]
The Poetical Romances of Tristan in French, in Anglo-Norman and in Greek composed in the XII. and XIII. Centuries (1835) [Michel]
Romantic Tales (1808) [Lewis]
Rome, in the Nineteenth Century; containing a Complete Account of the Ruins of the Ancient City, the Remains of the Middle Ages, and the Monuments of Modern Times (1820) [Eaton]
“Rome”, Literary Gazette (11 March 1820) [Landon]
Rome, Naples et Florence, en 1817, ou esquisses sur l'état actuel de la société des moeurs, des arts, de la littérature, etc. de ces ville célèbres (1817) [Stendhal]
Romeo and Juliet (1597) [Shakespeare]
“Romish Priests in Ireland”, Quarterly Review (March 1841) [Sewell]
Romola: a Novel (1863) [Eliot]
Rona, a Poem, in Seven Books, illustrated with a correct Map of the Hebrides, and elegant Engravings (1777) [Ogilvie]
Rookwood: a Romance (1834) [Ainsworth]
Rosalind and Helen, a modern Eclogue, with other Poems (1819) [Shelley]
Rosalynde: Euphues Golden Legacie (1590) [Lodge]
“Rosamond”, Early Lessons (1809) [Edgeworth]
“Rosamund Gray”, Poems on Various Subjects (1795) [Lloyd]
“Rosamund to Henry. Written after she had taken the Veil”, Poems: containing The Retrospect, Odes, Elegies, Sonnets, &c. By Robert Lovell, and Robert Southey (1795) [Southey]
Rosanna; or, a Father's Labour lost (1814) [Hawkins]
The Rosciad (1761) [Churchill]
“Roscoe's Leo the Tenth”, Edinburgh Review (January 1806) [Laing]
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