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The Sabbath: a Poem (1804) [Grahame]
De sacra poesi Hebræorum: Prælectiones Academicæ Oxonii habitæ (1753) [Lowth]
Sacred and Legendary Art (1848) [Jameson]
Sacred Specimens: Selected from the Early English Poets; with Prefatory Verses (1827) [Mitford]
Sacred Dramas: chiefly intended for Young Persons: the Subjects taken from the Bible. To which is added, Sensibility, a Poem (1782) [More]
Sacred Sketches from Scripture History (1815) [Rolls]
Sacred Leisure, or, Poems on Religious Subjects (1820) [Hodgson]
Sacred Lyrics; or, Extracts from the Prophetical and other Scriptures of the Old Testament, adapted to Latin Versification (1842) [Hodgson]
“Sadler's State Papers”, Edinburgh Review (August 1810) [Napier]
Saeculomastix; or, the Lash of the Age we live in. A Poem in Two Parts (1819) [Hodgson]
Safie. An Eastern Tale (1814) [Reynolds]
De la sagesse (1604) [Charron]
“The Sailor's Mother”, Poems: by Robert Southey. The Second Volume (1799) [Southey]
“The Sailor who had served in the Slave Trade”, Poems: by Robert Southey. The Second Volume (1799) [Southey]
“Saint Crispin to Mr. Giffard”, The Examiner (3 October 1819) [Lamb, Charles, 1775-1834]
“Saint Cloud”, Poetical Works (1833-34) [Scott]
Sally in our Alley: a Drama, in Two Acts ([1830?]) [Jerrold]
Salmagundi, or, The Whim-whams and Opinions of Lancelot Langstaff, Esq. and Others (1807-1808) [Irving]
Salmonia; or, Days of Fly Fishing, in a Series of Conversations, with some Account of the Habits of Fishing belonging to the Genus Salmo (1828) [Davy]
“Salmonia, or Days of Fly-Fishing”, Quarterly Review (October 1828) [Scott]
Samor, Lord of the Bright City: an Heroic Poem (1818) [Milman]
Sampford ghost; a plain and authentic Narrative of those extraordinary Occurrences, hitherto unaccounted for, which have lately taken place at the House of Mr. Chave, in the Village of Sampford Peverell, in the County of Devon ([1810]) [Colton]
“Samson Agonistes”, Paradise Regained. A Poem written in Four Books (1671) [Milton]
Samuel Taylor Coleridge, a Narrative of the Events of his Life (1894) [Campbell]
Samuel Sharpe, Egyptologist and Translator of the Bible (1883) [Clayden]
“Samuel Rogers”, Edinburgh Review (July 1856) [Hayward]
“Samuel Parr”, Public Characters (1799) [Morley]
Sandoval; or, the Freemason. A Spanish Tale (1826) [Llanos]
“Sanscrit Poetry”, Quarterly Review (April 1831) [Milman]
“Sapphics. The Friend of Humanity and the Knife-Grinder”, The Anti-Jacobin (27 November 1798) [Canning]
Sappho (1819) [Grillparzer]
“Sardanapalus a Tragedy”, Sardanapalus a Tragedy. The two Foscari, a Tragedy. Cain, a Mystery (1821) [Byron]
Sartor Resartus: the Life and Opinions of Herr Teufelsdröckh, in Three Books (1831) [Carlyle]
Satan in Search of a Wife: with the whole Process of his Courtship and Marriage, and who danced at the Wedding (1831) [Lamb]
Satan: a Poem (1830) [Montgomery]
Satires (1524) [Ariosto]
The Satires of Juvenal, translated into English Verse (1814) [Badham]
The Satires of Persius translated: with Notes (1803) [Drummond]
The Satires of Decimus Junius Juvenalis (1802) [Gifford]
The Satires of Juvenal (1807) [Hodgson]
Satires (30 BC c.) [Horace]
The Satires of A. Persius Flaccus (1809) [Howes]
Satyricon (1st century AD) [Petronius]
Saudades de D. Ignes de Castro (1732) [Lara]
“Sauer’s account of Commodore Billing’s Expedition”, Annual Review for 1802 (1803) [Southey]
Saul, a Poem in 2 Parts (1807) [Sotheby]
The Saunterer; a Periodical Paper (1806) [Clarke]
“Savings Banks and Country Banks”, Quarterly Review (April 1824) [Taylor]
The Saxon and the Gael; or, the Northern Metropolis: including a View of the Lowland and Highland Character (1814) [Johnstone]
Sayings and Doings. A Series of Sketches from Life (1824) [Hook]
“A Scapegoat for Byron”, Morning Post (7 October 1910) [Lang]
The Scarlet Letter: a Romance (1850) [Hawthorne]
Scarronides, or Virgile travestie (1664) [Cotton]
Scenes written last Autumn during some solitary walks at the Lakes and in North Wales (1843) [Harness]
Scenes of Infancy: descriptive of Teviotdale (1803) [Leyden]
“Scenes from Athenian Revels”, Knight's Quarterly Magazine (January 1824) [Macaulay]
“Scenes and Incidents in the Wilds of N. America”, Quarterly Review (January 1830) [Southey]
Schacchia Ludus (1525) [Vida]
A Scheme of Scripture-Divinity, formed upon the Plan of the Divine Dispensations: With a Vindication of the Sacred Writings (1762) [Taylor]
“Schlegel on the Drama”, Edinburgh Review (February 1816) [Hazlitt]
Schloss Hainfeld; or, a Winter in Lower Styria (1836) [Hall]
The Scholar, the Jurist, the Artist, the Philanthropist: an Address before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Harvard University, at their Anniversary, August 27, 1846 (1846) [Sumner]
The School for Arrogance, a Comedy (1791) [Holcroft]
“School and Schoolfellows”, London Magazine (March 1829) [Praed]
The School-mistress: a Poem. In imitation of Spenser (1742) [Shenstone]
The School for Scandal: a Comedy (1781) [Sheridan]
The Schoolboy, a Poem in imitation of Mr. Phillip's. Splendid Shilling (1775) [Maurice]
“Scibile”, Knight's Quarterly Magazine (June 1823) [Coleridge]
“Scientific Institutions”, Quarterly Review (September 1826) [Lyell]
Scoti chronicon sive Scotorum historia (1690) [Fordun]
“Scott's Lady of the Lake”, Quarterly Review (May 1810) [Ellis]
“Scott's Lord of the Isles”, Quarterly Review (July 1815) [Ellis]
“Scott's edition of John Dryden”, Edinburgh Review (October 1808) [Hallam]
“Scott's Sir Tristrem”, Annual Review for 1804 (1805) [Southey]
“Scott's Lady of the Lake”, Monthly Review (June 1810) [Hodgson]
“Scott's Edition of Swift”, Edinburgh Review (September 1816) [Jeffrey]
“Scott's Lady of the Lake”, Edinburgh Review (August 1810) [Jeffrey]
“Scott's Lay of the Last Minstrel”, Edinburgh Review (April 1805) [Jeffrey]
“Scott's Lord of the Isles”, Edinburgh Review (February 1815) [Jeffrey]
“Scott's Marmion: a Poem”, Edinburgh Review (April 1808) [Jeffrey]
“Scott's Vision of Don Roderick”, Edinburgh Review (August 1811) [Jeffrey]
The Scottish Chiefs, a Romance (1810) [Porter]
De scriptis et scriptoribus anonymis atque pseudonymis syntagma (1674) [Placcius]
Scriptorum ecclesiasticorum historia literaria a Christo nato usque ad saeculum XIV. facili methodo digesta (1688) [Cave]
Scriptural Researches on the Licitness of the Slave-Trade: shewing its conformity with the Principles of Natural and Revealed Religion, delineated in the Sacred Writings of the word of God (1788) [Harris]
A Scriptural Refutation of a Pamphlet, lately published by the Rev. Raymund Harris: intitled, "Scriptural Researches on the Licitness of the Slave Trade": in Four Letters from the author to a Friend (1788) [Roscoe]
“Scrope's Geology of Central France”, Quarterly Review (October 1827) [Lyell]
“The Search after Happiness; or the Quest of Sultaun Solimaun. (In imitation of Byron)”, The Sale Room (1 February 1817) [Scott]
The Seasons (1726-1730) [Thomson]
“Sebastian: a Spanish Tale”, The Angel of the World; an Arabian Tale. Sebastian; a Spanish Tale: with other Poems (1822) [Croly]
Secchia Rapita (1615) [Tassoni]
“Second Epistle to J. L*****k”, Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect (1786) [Burns]
The Second Part of Absalom and Achitophel: a Poem (1682) [Dryden]
A Second Course of Letters on Baptism: to the Right Reverend Author of A Plain Account of the Nature and End of the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper (1758) [Foote]
“Secondary Scottish Novels”, Edinburgh Review (October 1823) [Jeffrey]
Secresy; or, the Ruin on the Rock ([1795]) [Fenwick]
The Secret History of the Cabinet of Bonaperte: including his Private Life, Character, Domestic Administration, and his Conduct to Foreign Powers, together with Secret Anecdotes of the different Courts of Europe, and of the French Revolution (1810) [Goldsmith]
The Secret and True History of the Church of Scotland, from the Restoration to the year 1678. By James Kirkton. To which is added, An Account of the Murder of Archbishop Sharp, by James Russell (1817) [Sharpe]
Secret History of the Court of James the First (1811) [Scott]
Sedgely Court; a Tale (1865) [Stirling]
Die Seherin von Prevorst: Eröffnungen über das innere Leben des Menschen und über das Hereintragen einer Geisterwelt in die unsere (1829) [Kerner]
A Select Collection of Old Plays (1744) [Dodsley]
Select Poets of Great Britain. To which are prefixed, Critical Notices of each Author (1825) [Hazlitt]
Select Beauties of Ancient English Poetry: with Remarks (1787) [Headley]
Select Icelandic Poetry, translated from the Originals (1804-1806) [Herbert]
Select Works of Mr. A. Cowley. With a Pref. and Notes (1772) [Hurd]
Select Works of the British Poets, from Chaucer to Jonson, with Biographical Sketches (1831) [Southey]
Select Views in Italy, with topographical and historical Descriptions in English and French (1792) [Smith]
A Selection from the Public and Private Correspondence of Vice-Admiral Lord Collingwood: interspersed with Memoirs of his Life (1828) [Collingwood]
A Selection from the Correspondence of Abraham Hayward, Q.C., from 1834 to 1884 (1886) [Hayward]
Selections from the Poems and Letters of Bernard Barton (1849) [Barton]
Selections from the Works of Taylor, Hooker, Hall, and Lord Bacon. With an Analysis of The Advancement of Learning (1805) [Montagu]
Selections from the Correspondence of the late Macvey Napier, Esq. (1879) [Napier]
Selections from the Poems of Robert Southey: chiefly for the use of Schools and Young Persons (1831) [Southey]
Selections from the Letters of Robert Southey (1856) [Southey]
Self-control: a Novel (1811) [Brunton]
“Self-Love and Benevolence”, New Monthly Magazine (October, December 1828) [Hazlitt]
Self-Help, with Illustrations of Character and Conduct (1859) [Smiles]
Sense and Sensibility: a Novel (1811) [Austen]
“The Sensitive Plant”, Prometheus unbound a Lyric Drama in four Acts with other Poems (1820) [Shelley]
Sentimental Tablets of the good Pamphile: written in the Months of August September, October, and November, 1789, by M. Gorjy (1795) [Dupuy]
A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy (1768) [Sterne]
Dei sepolcri: carme (1807) [Foscolo]
A Sequel to the Printed Paper lately circulated in Warwickshire by the Rev. Charles Curtis (1792) [Parr]
“Serenade—(Twilight.)”, Literary Gazette (6 February 1819) [Procter]
“Serenata, for two Voices”, Recollections of Writers (1878) [Lamb]
A Series of Plays: in which it is attempted to delineate the stronger Passions of the Mind (1798) [Baillie]
A Series of Plays: in which it is attempted to delineate the stronger Passions of the Mind: each Passion being the Subject of a Tragedy and a Comedy. Vol. III (1812) [Baillie]
“A Series of Plays. Vol II. By Joanna Baillie”, Annual Review (1802) [Barbauld]
A Series of Discourses on the Christian Revelation, viewed in connection with the Modern Astronomy (1817) [Chalmers]
Sermon preached in the Church of Hatton, near Warwick, at the Funeral of the Rev. Samuel Parr, LL.D., in obedience to his own Request, March 14, 1825, etc. (1825) [Butler]
A Sermon preached in the Cathedral Church of Chester, on Sunday, Nov. 5, 1826 (1826) [Copleston]
A Sermon, preached on the Late Fast day, Wednesday, Oct. 19, 1803, at the Parish Church of Hatton, Warwickshire (1804) [Parr]
A Sermon on those Rules of Christian Charity, by which our Opinions of other Sects should be formed: preached before the Mayor and Corporation, in the Cathedral Church of Bristol, on November 5, 1828 ([1828]) [Smith]
A Sermon preached and published by the desire of its Directors, for the benefit of the Asylum for the Blind (1802) [Smith]
A Sermon preached at the Temple, May 31st, and at Berkley Chapel, Berkeley Square, June 28th, upon the Conduct to be observed by the Established Church towards Catholics and other Dissenters (1807) [Smith]
A Sermon preached before his Grace the Archbishop of York, and the Clergy at Malton, at the Visitation, August, 1809 (1809) [Smith]
Sermons (1777-1801) [Blair]
Sermons by the late Rev. Joseph Buckminster. With a Memoir of his Life and Character (1821) [Buckminster]
Sermons to Young Women (1766) [Fordyce]
Sermons (1823) [WiHawke1820]
Sermons for the Use of Families (1808) [Hazlitt]
Sermons on Subjects chiefly practical; with illustrative Notes, and an Appendix, relating to the Character of the Church of England, as distinguished both from other Branches of the Reformation, and from the modern Church of Rome (1815) [Jebb]
Sermons on Various Subjects (1818) [Lindsay]
Sermons (1819-1822) [Maltby]
Sermons intended to show a Sober Application of Scriptural Principles to the Realities of Life: with a Preface addressed to the Clergy (1830) [Miller]
Sermons on Several Subjects (1770-1771) [Porteus]
Sermons on Different Subjects, left for publication by J. Taylor (1788-92) [Taylor]
Sermons preached before the University of Oxford, in the year 1784 at the Lecture founded by the Rev. John Bampton (1784) [White]
Servian Popular Poetry (1827) [Bowring]
“Session of the Poets”, Fragmenta Aurea (1646) [Suckling]
Sethos: histoire ou vie tire'e des monumens anecdotes de l'ancienne Egypte (1731) [Terrasson]
The Settlers in Canada: written for Young People (1844) [Marryat]
Seven before Thebes (450 BC c.) [Aeschylus]
Seven Discourses delivered in the Royal Academy by the President (1778) [Reynolds]
The Seven Lamps of Architecture (1849) [Ruskin]
Several Cases of Conscience: discussed in Ten Lectures in the Divinity School at Oxford (1660) [Sanderson]
“Seward's Memoirs of the Life of Dr. Darwin”, Annual Review for 1804 (1805) [Southey]
The Sexagenarian; or, the Recollections of a Literary Life (1817) [Beloe]
The Shadow of the Pyramid, a Series of Sonnets (1847) [Fergusson]
The Shadow on the Wall: a Drama in Two Acts (1835) [Serle]
Shahnameh (11th cent. c.) [Ferdousi]
Shakespeare's Autobiographical Poems: being his Sonnets clearly developed: with his Character drawn chiefly from his Works (1836) [Brown]
Shakespeare Proverbs: or the Wise Saws of our Wisest Poet collected into a Modern Instance (1848) [Clarke]
Shakespeare and his Times: including the Biography of the Poet; Criticism on his Genius and Writings; a new Chronology of his Plays; a Disquisition on the Object of his Sonnets; and a History of the Manners, Customs, Amusement, Superstitions, Poetry, and elegant Literature of his Age (1817) [Drake]
Shakespeare amoureux: on la piéce à l'étude (1803) [Duval]
Shakespeare's Sonnets: never before interpreted: his Private Friends identified (1866) [Massey]
Shakespeare a Lawyer (1858) [Rushton]
“Shakespeare Night”, Punch: or the London Charivari (December 1847) [Jerrold]
Shakespeare-Characters: chiefly those subordinate (1863) [Clarke]
Shakspeare, the Seer—the Interpreter (1864) [Scadding]
The Shakspeare Treasury of Wisdom and Knowledge (1869) [Stearns]
She Stoops to Conquer: or, the Mistakes of a Night. A Comedy (1773) [Goldsmith]
“She Walks in Beauty”, Hebrew Melodies (1815) [Byron]
“She was a phantom of delight”, Poems in Two Volumes (1807) [Wordsworth]
“Shelley's Revolt of Islam”, Quarterly Review (April 1819) [Coleridge]
“Shelley's Posthumous Poems”, Edinburgh Review (July 1824) [Hazlitt]
Shelley Memorials: from Authentic Sources (1859) [Shelley]
Shelley, a Critical Biography (1877) [Smith]
“The Shepherd's Tale”, Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, bart. (1837-38) [Scott]
The Shepherd's Guide: being a Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Sheep, their Causes, and the best means of preventing them; with Observations on the most suitable Farm-stocking for the various Climates of this Country (1807) [Hogg]
The Shepherd's Calendar (1829) [Hogg]
The Faithfull Shepherdesse (1610) [Fletcher]
The Shepherds Hunting: being, certaine Eglogs written during the Time of the Authors Imprisonment in the Marshalsey (1615) [Wither]
“Sherwen”, Monthly Review (January 1810) [Hodgson]
The Shipwreck, a Poem. The Text illustrated by additional Notes, and corrected from the first and second Editions, with a Life of the Author (1804) [Clarke]
The Shipwreck. A Poem. In Three Cantos. By a Sailor (1762) [Falconer]
Shirley: a Tale (1849) [Bronte]
A Short History of Spain (1828) [Callcott]
A Short and Easie Method with the Deists; or, those who deny the Essence of God: wherein, the Truth of the Christian Religion is demonstrated, by such Rules as stand upon the conviction of the Outward Senses, and which are incompatible with the Fabulous Histories of the Heathen Deities, the Delusions of Mahomet, or any other Imposture whatsoever. Licensed according to order. In a Letter to a Friend (1698) [Leslie]
A Short Introduction to English Grammar: with Critical Notes (1762) [Lowth]
“The Show, an English Eclogue”, Annual Anthology (1800) [Taylor]
“Sibbald's Chronicle of Scotish Poetry”, Edinburgh Review (October 1803) [Scott]
Sibyl Leaves; to which is added A Vision of Eternity (1827) [Reade]
Sibylline Leaves: a Collection of Poems (1817) [Coleridge]
A Sicilian Story, with Diego de Montilla, and other Poems (1820) [Procter]
Sidelights on Charles Lamb (1903) [Dobell]
“The Siege: a Comedy”, A Series of Plays: in which it is attempted to delineate the stronger Passions of the Mind: each Passion being the Subject of a Tragedy and a Comedy. Vol. III (1812) [Baillie]
The Siege of Belgrade: a Comic Opera in Three Acts ([1791?]) [Cobb]
The Siege of Acre; an Epic Poem in Six Books (1801) [Cowley]
Le siége de la Rochelle, ou, Le malheur et la conscience (1808) [Genlis]
The Siege of Valencia: a Dramatic Poem; The Last Constantine: with other Poems (1823) [Hemans]
“The Siege of Corinth, a Poem”, The Siege of Corinth, a Poem; Parisina: a Poem (1816) [Byron]
“Sigismonda and Guiscardo”, Fables Ancient and Modern; translated into Verse, from Homer, Ovid, Boccace, & Chaucer: with Original Poems (1700) [Dryden]
Silas Marner: the Weaver of Raveloe (1861) [Eliot]
Silex Scintillans: or Sacred Poems and Priuate Eiaculations (1650) [Vaughan]
Silex Scintillans (1847) [Vaughan]
“The Siller Gun”, The Weekly Magazine (1780) [Mayne]
Silva critica: sive in auctores sacros profanosque commentarius philologus (1789-1797) [Wakefield]
Silvae (95 c.) [Statius]
“The Silver Thimble. The Production of a Young Lady”, Poems on Various Subjects (1796) [Coleridge]
“A Simile: written after a Walk before Supper”, Poems on Various Subjects (1796) [Coleridge]
“Simple Susan”, The Parent’s Assistant; or, Stories for Children (1800) [Edgeworth]
A Simple Story (1791) [Inchbald]
Simple Tales (1806) [Opie]
The Simpliciad: a Satirico-didactic Poem, containing Hints for the Scholars of the New School, suggested by Horace's Art of Poetry, and improved by a Contemplation of the Works of the First Masters (1808) [Mant]
The Sinecurist's Creed, or, Belief as used throughout the Kingdom: Quicunque vult; by authority (1817) [Hone]
The Sinner saved; or Memoirs of the Life of the Rev. W. Huntington, the Coal Heaver, late minister of Providence Chapel (1813) [Huntington]
“Sion”, The Temple: Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations (1633) [Herbert]
Sir Francis Darrell, or, the Vortex: a Novel (1820) [Dallas]
Sir Andrew Wylie, of that ilk (1822) [Galt]
Sir Edgar; a Tale, in Two Cantos: with serious Translations from the Ancients; and merry Imitations of a Modern (1810) [Hodgson]
Sir Ralph Esher, or, Adventures of a Gentleman of the Court of Charles II (1832) [Hunt]
Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France, Spain, and the adjoining Countries, from the latter part of the Reign of Edward II. to the Coronation of Henry IV: Newly translated from the French Editions, with Variations and Additions from many celebrated MSS (1805-1806) [Johnes]
“Sir Agilthorn”, Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border, consisting of Historical and Romantic Ballads, collected in the Southern Counties of Scotland, with a few of modern date, founded upon Local Tradition (1802-1803) [Lewis]
Sir Thomas Lawrence's Cabinet of Gems, with biographical and descriptive memorials by P. G. P. (1837) [Patmore]
Sir Walter Raleighs Instructions to his Sonne and to Posterity (1632) [Raleigh]
“Sir John Froissart’s Chronicles”, Annual Review for 1804 (1805) [Southey]
Sir Thomas More, or, Colloquies on the Progress and Prospects of Society (1829) [Southey]
“Sir Eustace Grey”, Poems (1807) [Crabbe]
“Sir J. Nicholl and Dr. Daubney, &c. on Lay Baptism”, Quarterly Review (March 1812) [Phillpotts]
Sir John Chiverton: a Romance (1826) [Ainsworth]
“Sir John Sinclair's Remarks, &c.”, Quarterly Review (February 1811) [Ellis]
Sir Marmaduke Maxwell, a Dramatic Poem; The Mermaid of Galloway; The Legend of Richard Faulder; and Twenty Scottish Songs (1822) [Cunningham]
Sir Michael Scott, a Romance (1828) [Cunningham]
“Sir P. Francis and Ricardo on Bullion”, Quarterly Review (February 1810) [Grant]
Sir Proteus: a Satirical Ballad (1814) [Peacock]
Sir Thomas Lawrence, with a Catalogue of the Artist's exhibited and Engraved Works (1900) [Gore]
Sir Tristrem; a Metrical Romance of the Thirteenth Century (1804) [Scott]
“Sir W. Scott, Lives of the Novelists”, Quarterly Review (September 1826) [Lockhart]
“Sir Walter Scott”, Quarterly Review (January 1868) [Gleig]
“Sir Walter Scott's Novels”, London Review (February 1829) [Senior]
“Sismondi's Literature of the South”, Edinburgh Review (June 1815) [Hazlitt]
Six Weeks at Long's. By a late Resident (1817) [Barrett]
Six Months in the West Indies, in 1825 (1826) [Coleridge]
Six Dissertations upon Different Subjects (1755) [Jortain]
Six Sermons (1800) [Smith]
Six Months with the Chinese Expedition, or, Leaves from a Soldier's Note-book (1841) [Jocelyn]
The Sixth Epistle of the First Book of Horace, imitated by Mr. Pope (1737) [Pope]
Le Siécle de Louis XIV (1751) [Voltaire]
“Skeptick”, Remains of Sir Walter Raleigh (1675) [Raleigh]
A Sketch of the State of Ireland, Past and Present (1808) [Croker]
Sketch of the Evidence from Prophecy; containing an Account of those Prophecies which were distinctly foretold, and which have been clearly or literally fulfilled (1823) [Keith]
Sketch of the Sikhs; a singular Nation, who inhabit the Provinces of the Penjab, situated between the Rivers Jumna and Indus (1812) [Malcolm]
The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent (1819-1820) [Irving]
“A Sketch from Private Life”, The Champion (14 April 1816) [Byron]
Sketches from Life; with a Memoir of the Author, by Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton, Bart. (1846) [Blanchard]
Sketches and Fragments (1822) [Blessington]
“Sketches of Society. The Tomb”, The Literary Gazette (9 March 1822) [Blessington]
Sketches by Boz: illustrative of Every-Day Life, and Every-Day People (1836) [Dickens]
Spanish Sketches (1843) [Field]
Sketches of History. In Six Sermons (1784) [Godwin]
Sketches of Irish Character (1829) [Hall]
Sketches of the history of man (1774) [Home]
Sketches of Persia, from the Journals of a Traveller in the East (1827) [Malcolm]
Sketches of the Poetical Literature of the past Half-Century in Six Lectures delivered at the Edinburgh Philosophical Association (1851) [Moir]
Sketches of the Philosophy of Life (1818) [Morgan]
“Sketches taken from Dover Castle during a Storm”, Literary Gazette (3, 10 October, 21, 28 November 1818) [Read]
Sketches of Manners, Scenery, &c. in the French Provinces, Switzerland, and Italy. With an Essay on French Literature (1821) [Scott]
Sketches of the Character, Manners, and Present State of the Highlanders of Scotland: with Details of the Highland Regiments (1822) [Stewart]
Sketches of the Coasts and Islands of Scotland and of the Isle of Man: descriptive of the Scenery and illustrative of the progressive Revolution in the economical, moral and social Condition of the Inhabitants of those Regions (1836) [Teignmouth]
Sketches of the Natural History of Ceylon: with Narratives and Anecdotes illustrative of the Habits and Instincts of the Mammalia, Birds, Reptiles, Fishes, Insects &c. (1861) [Tennent]
Sketches Descriptive of Italy in 1816–17; with a brief Account of Travels in various Parts of France and Switzerland (1820) [Watts]
Sketches and Essays (1839) [Hazlitt]
Sketches of the Principal Picture-Galleries in England, with a Criticism on Marriage a-la-mode (1824) [Hazlitt]
“Sketches of the Irish Bar”, New Monthly Magazine (1822-29) [Sheil]
“Sketches of the Irish bar: Mr. Leslie Foster”, New Monthly Magazine (February-March 1829) [Sheil]
“The sky is overcast”, Lyrical Ballads with a few other Poems (1800) [Wordsworth]
A Slap at Slop and the Bridge Street Gang (1821) [Hone]
The Sleeping Beauty: a Grand Legendary Melo Drama ([1805]) [Skeffington]
“The Sleepless Woman”, The Club-book: being Original Tales, &c. (1831) [Jerdan]
“The Snow Storm”, Blackwood's Magazine (April 1820) [Wilson]
The Snuff Box, or, a Trip to Bath: a Comedy of Two Acts (1775) [Heard]
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Substance of the Earl of Lauderdales's Speech in the House of Lords, on Thursday, the 2d of November, 1820: on the Second Reading of the Bill, entitled, An Act to deprive Her Majesty, Caroline Amelia Elizabeth, of the Titles, Prerogatives, Rights, Privileges, and Exemptions of Queen Consort of this Realm, and to dissolve the Marriage between His Majesty and the said Caroline Amelia Elizabeth (1820) [Maitland]
Substance of a Speech delivered in the House of Commons, by Mr. Whitbread, on Monday, Feb. 29, 1808: in moving certain Resolutions relative to the Offers of Mediation from Russia and Austria, &c. : with an Appendix, containing the Official Correspondence between the Courts of St. James's and Vienna, in French and English (1808) [Whitbread]
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