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The Waggoner: a Poem; to which are added, Sonnets (1819) [Wordsworth]
“Walcheren Expedition”, Edinburgh Review (February 1811) [Smith]
“Walks Home by Night in Bad Weather. Watchmen”, The Companion (6 February 1828) [Hunt]
Wallace; or, the Fight of Falkirk. A Metrical Romance (1809) [Holford]
Wallace: a Historical Tragedy, in Five Acts (1820) [Walker]
Walladmor (1825) [De Quincey]
Walladmor frei nach dem Englischen des Walter Scott (1823) [Haring]
The Death of Wallenstein. A Tragedy in Five Acts (1800) [Schiller]
Walpoliana (1799) [Walpole]
Walter Savage Landor: a Biography (1869) [Forster]
“Walton Redivivus”, Whims and Oddities: in Prose and Verse, with forty original Designs (1826) [Hood]
“Walton's Hispaniola”, Edinburgh Review (February 1811) [Smith]
“Walton's Present State of the Spanish Colonies”, Quarterly Review (June 1812) [White]
Waltz: an Apostrophic Hymn (1812) [Byron]
The Wanderer; or, Female Difficulties (1814) [Burney]
The Wanderer, a Poem (1820) [Macfarlane]
The Wanderer of Switzerland, and other Poems (1806) [Montgomery]
The Wanderer: a Poem. In Five Canto's (1729) [Savage]
The Wandering Jew: a Poem (1887) [Shelley]
“The Wanderings of Cain”, The Bijou, or Annual of Literature and the Arts (1828) [Coleridge]
“Wanderings in South America”, Edinburgh Review (February 1826) [Smith]
The Wanderings of Tom Starboard, or, the Life of a Sailor: his Voyages and Travels, Perils and Adventures, by Sea and Land (1830) [Towers]
Wanderings in South America, the North-west of the United States, and the Antilles, in the years 1812, 1816, 1820, and 1824: with Original Instructions for the Perfect Preservation of Birds, &c. for Cabinets of Natural History (1825) [Waterton]
Wanley Penson; or, the Melancholy Man: a Miscellaneous History (1791) [Sadler]
The War against Jugurtha (1st cent. BC) [Sallust]
“Warburton's Letters”, Edinburgh Review (January 1809) [Jeffrey]
“Warden's Conversations with Buonaparte”, Quarterly Review (October 1816) [Croker]
“A Warre Songe, by Thomas Rowlie”, The Cabinet (1803) [Croker]
“Warren Hastings”, Edinburgh Review (October 1841) [Macaulay]
The Earl of Warwick: a Tragedy (1766) [Francklin]
Washington (1840) [Guizot]
“Washington Irving's Tales”, Quarterly Review (March 1825) [Hughes]
Wat Tyler, a Dramatic Poem (1817) [Southey]
The Watchman (1817) [Coleridge]
Waterloo and other Poems (1816) [Webster]
“Waverley; or, 'tis Sixty Years since”, Quarterly Review (July 1814) [Croker]
“Waverley, a Novel”, Edinburgh Review (November 1814) [Jeffrey]
Waverley: or, 'Tis Sixty Years Since (1814) [Scott]
Waverley Novels (1829-33) [Scott]
“The Waves”, Literary Gazette (28 August 1819) [Jerdan]
The Way of the World, a Comedy (1700) [Congreve]
The Way to keep him. A Comedy in Three Acts (1760) [Murphy]
“We are Seven”, Lyrical Ballads with a few other Poems (1798) [Wordsworth]
The Weathercock: a Farce in two Acts (1805) [Allingham]
“Wedderburne Webster's Waterloo”, Quarterly Review (July 1816) [Croker]
The Wedding Gown: a Comedy in Two Acts (1834) [Jerrold]
“The Wedding”, London Magazine (June 1825) [Lamb]
“Eclogue. The Wedding”, The Annual Anthology (1800) [Southey]
Weir of Hermiston: an Unfinished Romance (1896) [Stevenson]
Welcome & Farewell, a Tragedy; with the Author's kind Regards (1837) [Harness]
“Welcome and Farewell”, Quarterly Review (January 1838) [Milman]
The Well-bred Scholar or Practical Essays on the Best Methods of improving the Taste, and assisting the Exertions of Youth in their Literary Pursuits (1794) [Milns]
“Well! Thou Art Happy”, Imitations and Translations from the ancient and modern Classics (1809) [Byron]
Werner: a Tragedy (1823) [Byron]
“Werner; a Tragedy”, New Monthly Magazine (December 1822) [Campbell]
The West Indies, and other Poems (1810) [Montgomery]
Westward ho!, or, the Voyages and Adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, Knight: of Burrough in the County of Devon in the Reign of Her Most Glorious Majesty, Queen Elizabeth (1855) [Kingsley]
“What is the People?”, The Champion (12, 19, 26 October 1817) [Hazlitt]
What will he do with it? (1858) [Lytton]
The Wheel of Fortune: a Comedy (1795) [Cumberland]
When we Dead awaken. A Dramatic Epilogue in Three Acts (1900) [Ibsen]
“When the Lamp is shattered”, Posthumous Poems of Percy Bysshe Shelley (1824) [Shelley]
“Whether Genius is Conscious of its Powers?”, The Plain Speaker: Opinions on Books, Men, and Things (1826) [Hazlitt]
“Whether the Fine Arts are promoted by Academies?”, The Champion (18 August, 11 September 1814) [Hazlitt]
Whims and Oddities: in Prose and Verse, with Forty Original Designs (1826) [Hood]
“The Whippiad, a Satirical Poem”, Blackwood's Magazine (July 1843) [Heber]
“The Whistle. A Ballad”, The Star (2 November 1791) [Burns]
Whistle Me First (1807) [Lamb]
“White's Clifton Grove”, Annual Review for 1803 (1804) [Southey]
The White Divel; or, the Tragedy of Paulo Giordano Vrsini, Duke of Brachiano, with the Life and Death of Vittoria Corombona the famous Venetian Curtizan (1612) [Webster]
White Doe of Rylstone, or, the Fate of the Nortons, a Poem (1815) [Wordsworth]
Whitehall; or, The days of George IV (September 1827) [Maginn]
“Whiter's Etymologicon Magnum”, Monthly Review (June 1802) [Jeffrey]
“Whittington on Gothic Architecture”, Quarterly Review (August 1809) [Whitaker]
“Who wrote Eikōn basilikē?” considered and answered, in Two Letters, addressed to His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury (1824) [Wordsworth]
The Whole Duty of Man laid down in a plain way for the use of the meanest Reader (1658) [Allestree]
The Whole Works of Homer: Prince of Poetts, in his Iliads, and Odysses ([1616]) [Chapman]
“Why Actors should not sit in the Boxes”, Table-talk, or, Original Essays (1821-1822) [Hazlitt]
A Widow's Tale, and other Poems (1827) [Barton]
“A Widow”, The Gem, a Literary Annual (1829) [Hood]
The Widow Queen ([1834?]) [Serle]
“A Wife for a Moneth”, Comedies and Tragedies written by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher Gentlemen (1647) [Fletcher]
The Wife: a Tale of Mantua: a Play in Five Acts (1833) [Knowles]
“The Wife's Trial; or The Intruding Widow. A Dramatic Poem”, Blackwood's Magazine (December 1828) [Lamb]
The Wild Sports of Southern Africa; being the Narrative of an Expedition from the Cape of Good Hope, through the Territories of the chief Moselekatse, to the Tropic of Capricon (1839) [Harris]
The Wild Irish Boy (1808) [Maturin]
The Wild Irish Girl; a National Tale (1806) [Morgan]
Wild Oats: or, the Strolling Gentlemen. A Comedy, in Five acts (1791) [O'Keeffe]
Wilhelm Meister (1777-1829) [Goethe]
“Wilkins's Sanscrit Grammar”, Edinburgh Review (January 1809) [Hamilton]
The Will: a Comedy in Five Acts (1797) [Reynolds]
William Hazlitt (1902) [Birrell]
William Caxton, the first English Printer: a Biography (1844) [Knight]
William the Conqueror. A Historical Romance (1858) [Napier]
“[William Parkes]”, Monthly Magazine (August 1806) [Parr]
William Godwin: his Friends and Contemporaries (1876) [Paul]
“William Grenville Graham”, Monthly Magazine (February 1828) [Redding]
“William and Helen”, The Chase and William and Helen. Two Ballads (1796) [Scott]
William Montgomery, or, the Young Artist (1829) [Stoddart]
“Sandy Tod. A Scottish Pastoral”, Edinburgh Magazine (May 1802) [Hogg]
“Willie and Keatie. A Pastoral”, Scottish Pastorals, Poems, Songs, &c. mostly written in the Dialect of the South (1801) [Hogg]
“Sir R. Wilson's Letter to the Borough Electors”, Quarterly Review (July 1818) [Beresford]
“Wilson's Life and Times of Daniel Defoe”, Edinburgh Review (January 1830) [Hazlitt]
The Windsor Guide: containing a Description of the Town and Castle (1795) [Knight]
Windsor-forest (1713) [Pope]
“Windsor Poetics”, English Bards and Scotch Reviewers . . . Suppressed Poems. (1818) [Byron]
Wine and Walnuts (1823) [Pyne]
“Winter”, Poems on Several Occasions. Written by Charles Cotton, Esq. (1689) [Cotton]
Winter Evening Tales collected among the Cottagers in the South of Scotland (1820) [Hogg]
“Winter”, (1800 ca.) [Hunt]
The Winter's Tale (1623) [Shakespeare]
A Winter in London; or, Sketches of Fashion: a Novel (1806) [Surr]
Winter. A Poem (1726) [Thomson]
Winterslow: Essays and Characters written there (1850) [Hazlitt]
Wise, Witty, and Tender Sayings, in Prose and Verse, selected from the Works of George Eliot (1875) [Main]
“A Wish”, An Ode to Superstition, with some other Poems (1786) [Rogers]
“Wishing Cap”, The Examiner (1824-1825) [Hunt]
Wit without Money: a Comedy (1639) [Fletcher]
“The Witch”, The Works of Charles Lamb (1818) [Lamb]
“The Witch”, Poems: by Robert Southey. The Second Volume (1799) [Southey]
“The Witch of Atlas”, Posthumous Poems of Percy Bysshe Shelley (1824) [Shelley]
The Witch-finder; or, the Wisdom of our Ancestors. A Romance (1824) [Gaspey]
“Witches, and other Night-Fears”, London Magazine (October 1821) [Lamb]
“With a Guitar”, Athenaeum (20 October 1832) [Shelley]
“Within the Chambers of this tomb”, The Autobiography of William Jerdan, with his Literary, Political and Social Reminiscences and Correspondence during the last Fifty Years (1853) [Gifford]
“Within this awful volume lies”, The Life, Writings, Opinions, and Times of the Right Hon. George Gordon Noel Byron, Lord Byron (1825) [Byron]
“Wittman's Travels in Turkey”, Annual Review for 1803 (1804) [Southey]
Woman, a Poem; Occasional Poems (1818) [Barrett]
The Woman in White (1860) [Collins]
“Woman: or Ida of Athens”, Monthly Review (February 1809) [Denman]
“Woman; or Ida of Athens”, Quarterly Review (February 1809) [Gifford]
A Woman kilde with Kindnesse (1607) [Heywood]
Woman, the Angel of Life. a Poem (1833) [Montgomery]
Woman; or, Ida of Athens (1809) [Morgan]
Woman and her Master (1840) [Morgan]
Women; or, Pour et Contre. A Tale (1818) [Maturin]
“Women; or Pour et Contre”, Edinburgh Review (June 1818) [Scott]
Women: their Condition and Influence in Society (1803) [Segur]
Women of Trachis (430 BC c.) [Sophocles]
The Wonder: a Woman keeps a Secret. A Comedy (1714) [Centlivre]
The Wonders of the Little World, or, a General History of Man: in Six Books, wherein by many thousand of Examples is shewed what Man hath been, from the First Ages of the World to these Times, in respect of his Body, Senses, Passions, Affections (1678) [Wanley]
Woodstock; or, the Cavalier. A Tale of the Year Sixteen Hundred and Fifty-one (1826) [Scott]
A Word to the Wise: a Comedy (1770) [Kelly]
A Word to the Ladies: a Comedy in Five Acts (1818) [Kenney]
“Wordsworth's Excursion”, Edinburgh Review (November 1814) [Jeffrey]
“Wordsworth's Excursion”, Quarterly Review (October 1814) [Lamb]
“Work”, The Examiner (29 August 1819) [Lamb]
“Workmen's Benefit Societies”, Quarterly Review (October 1864) [Smiles]
The Works of the British Poets: with Prefaces, Biographical and Critical (1795) [Anderson]
The Works of Beaumont and Fletcher, in Fourteen Volumes: with an Introduction and Explanatory Notes (1812) [Beaumont]
The Works of Alexander Pope, esq., in Verse and Prose, containing the principal Notes of Drs. Warburton and Warton (1806) [Bowles]
The Works of Robert Burns: with an Account of his Life, and a Criticism on his Writings: to which are prefixed, some Observation on the Character and Condition of Scottish Peasantry (1800) [Burns]
The Works of Lord Byron: with his Letters and Journals, and his Life (1832-1833) [Byron]
The Works of the English Poets, from Chaucer to Cowper; including the Series edited, with Prefaces, biographical and critical by Dr. Samuel Johnson (1810) [Chalmers]
The Works of Thomas Chatterton: containing his Life (1803) [Chatterton]
The Works of William Cowper, esq., comprising his Poems, Correspondence and Translations. With a Life of the Author (1836) [Cowper]
Works (1862-1878) [De Quincey]
The Works of Ben Jonson in Nine Volumes: with Notes Critical and Explanatory, and a Biographical Memoir (1816) [Gifford]
The Works of Sallust (1744) [Gordon]
The Works of Tacitus: with Political Discourses upon that Author (1753) [Gordon]
Works (1842-1843) [Griffin]
Works and Days (700 BC c.) [Hesiod]
The Works of John Home, esq. Now first collected. To which is prefixed an Account of his Life and Writings by Henry Mackenzie (1822) [Home]
The Works of Richard Hurd, Lord Bishop of Worcester (1811) [Hurd]
The Works Theological, Medical, Political, and Miscellaneous (1787) [Jebb]
The Works of the English Poets. With Prefaces, biographical and critical (1779-1781) [Johnson]
The Works of Sir William Jones (1807) [Jones]
The Works of Charles Lamb (1818) [Lamb]
The Works of Nathaniel Lardner, D.D. (1788) [Lardner]
The Works of Ossian, the Son of Fingal: translated from the Galic Language (1765) [Macpherson]
The Works of Thomas M'Crie, D.D. (1855-1857) [McCrie]
The Works of Francis Bacon, Lord Chancellor of England (1825-1834) [Montagu]
The Works of the Right Honourable Lady Mary Wortley Montagu: including her Correspondence, Poems, and Essays (1817) [Montagu]
The Works of Cornelius Tacitus (1793) [Murphy]
The Works: of the Right Reverend Thomas Newton, D.D. (1782) [Newton]
The Works of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, and of Sir Thomas Wyatt, the Elder (1815-1816) [Nott]
The Works, Literary, Moral, and Medical of Thomas Percival (1807) [Percival]
The Works of Alexander Pope, Esq. (1797) [Pope]
The Works of Alexander Pope, Esq. In Nine Volumes Complete. With his last Corrections, Additions, and Improvements. Published by Mr. Warburton (1751) [Pope]
The Works of Shakespear. In Six Volumes. Collated and corrected by the Former Editions, by Mr. Pope (1725) [Pope]
The Works of Shakespeare: revised from the best Authorities (1843) [Shakespeare]
The Works of the Rt. Rev. Jonathan Shipley (1792) [Shipley]
Works (1839-40) [Smith]
“Works of Richard Owen Cambridge”, Annual Review for 1803 (1804) [Southey]
“Works on England”, Quarterly Review (July 1816) [Southey]
The Works of Edmund Spenser: in Eight Volumes, with the principal Illustrations of various Commentators (1805) [Todd]
The Works of Virgil, in Latin and English (1753) [Virgil]
The Works of the Right Reverend William Warburton (1788) [Warburton]
The Works, of the Right Honourable Sir Chas. Hanbury Williams (1822) [Williams]
The Works of Alexander Pope, Esq. with Notes and Illustrations by himself and others. To which are added, a new Life of the Author, an Estimate of his Poetical Character and Writings, and Occasional Remarks (1824) [Roscoe]
The Works of John Dryden, now first collected (1808) [Scott]
“Works of John Home, Esq.”, Quarterly Review (June 1827) [Scott]
The Works of Jonathan Swift, D.D.: containing additional Letters, Tracts, and Poems, not hitherto published; with Notes, and a Life of the Author (1814) [Scott]
Works of Virgil: containing his Pastorals, Georgics, and Aeneis translated into English Verse (1697) [Dryden]
The Works of William Shakespeare: the Text formed from an entirely new Collation of the old Editions: with the various Readings, Notes, a Life of the Poet, and a History of the early English Stage (1842-1844) [Collier]
World-noted Women; or, Types of Womanly Attributes of all Lands and Ages (1858) [Clarke]
The World before the Flood, a Poem, in Ten Cantos: with other Occasional Pieces (1813) [Montgomery]
“The world is too much with us”, Poems in Two Volumes (1807) [Wordsworth]
“The Wounded Hussar”, Pleasures of Hope, with other Poems (1800) [Campbell]
“Wrangham's Poems”, Annual Review for 1802 (1803) [Southey]
“Wraxall's Posthumous Memoirs”, Quarterly Review (December 1836) [Croker]
The Wreath; composed of Selections from Sappho, Theocritus, Bion, and Moschus Accompanied by a Prose Translation, with Notes. To which are added Remarks on Shakespere, &c. And a Comparison between Horace and Lucian (1799) [DuBois]
“The Writer Tam”, Blackwood's Magazine (April 1824) [Maginn]
“Written Soon after the Preceding Poem”, Blank verse by Charles Lloyd and Charles Lamb (1798) [Lamb]
“Written in the Highlands of Scotland”, Poems by Samuel Rogers (1812) [Rogers]
“Written in Westminster Abbey”, Poems by Samuel Rogers (1812) [Rogers]
“Written Beneath a Picture”, Childe Harold (1812-1818) [Byron]
“Written at Dropmore, July, 1831”, Poems by Samuel Rogers (1834) [Rogers]
“Written at Strathfieldsaye”, The Poetical Works of Samuel Rogers (1860) [Rogers]
“Written in 1815”, Poems by Samuel Rogers (1834) [Rogers]
“Written in July, 1834”, Poems (1836) [Rogers]
“Written in a Sick Chamber”, Poems by Samuel Rogers (1812) [Rogers]
“Written on the Day that Mr. Leigh Hunt left Prison”, Poems by John Keats (1817) [Keats]
The Wrongs of Africa; a Poem (1787-1788) [Roscoe]
“The Wrongs of Woman, or, Maria”, Posthumous Works of the Author of A Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1798) [Wollstonecraft]
“The Wytch of Fife”, The Queen's Wake (1813) [Hogg]